First Steps Among Figures: A Drill Book in the Fundamental Rules of Arithmetic

C.W. Bardeen, 1877 - 335 σελίδες

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Σελίδα 150 - Law for Common School Teachers. A digest of the provisions of statute and common law as to the relations of the Teacher to the Pupil, the Parent, and the District. With 500 references to legal decisions in 28 different States.
Σελίδα 150 - BARDEEN. 16mo, cloth, pp. 120. Price 75 cts. The reason why the teacher should make this his first purchase is that •without a knowledge of his duties and his rights under the law he may fail either in securing a school, in managing it, or in drawing the pay for his services. The statute provisions are remarkably simple and uniform. The decisions of the Courts, except upon two points, here fully discussed, follow certain defined precedents. An hour to each of the eleven chapters...
Σελίδα 149 - S. Lectures on the Science and Art of Education. By JOSEPH PAYNE. Cloth, I6mo, pp. 384. Price, $1.00. The student is now ready to take up the Science of Education, which Is nowhere else so brilliantly and effectively presented. The lectures are singularly fascinating, and the full analysis and indexes in this edition make it easy to collate and compare all that the author has uttered upon any topic suggested.
Σελίδα 126 - Two men depart from the same place, and travel in opposite directions, one at the rate of...
Σελίδα 1 - By vote of the Board of Education a copy of the Teachers' Edition was placed on the desk of every primary teacher in the city.— Sup't Edward Smith, Syracuse, NY "I consider Beebe's First Steps the best work of the kind that I have ever seen, and I take every opportunity to recommend It."— Mary L. Sutlif, Haiku, Hani, Hawaicm Islands, Feb. 9, 1888. t The Pestalozzian Series of Arithmetics. Teachers' Manual and FirstTear Text-Book for pupils in the first grade.
Σελίδα 149 - This gives the application of the Science to the Art of Teaching, and is without a rival In its clear presentation and abundant illustrations. The author is not content with giving directions. He shows by specimens of class-work just what may be done and should be done.
Σελίδα 150 - Courts, except upon two points, here fully discussed, follow certain denned precedents. An hour to each of the eleven chapters of this little book will make the teacher master of any legal difficulties that may arise, while ignorance of it puts him at the mercy of a rebellious pupil, an exacting parent, or a dishonest trustee.
Σελίδα 151 - Unconscious Tuition. By Bishop HUNTING-TON. Pp. 45. " There is probably nothing finer in the whole range of educational literature."— Ohio Educational Monthly. " It cannot be read without a wholesome self- weighing, and a yearning -which develops true character."— The Schoolmaster, Chicago. 3. The Art of Questioning. By JG FITCH. Pp. 36. "Mr. Fitch is happily inside his subject, and as clear as a bell."— Christian Register.

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