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Σελίδα 3 - States, as a day of thanksgiving, or fasting and prayer, or other religious observance, shall, for all purposes whatever as regards the presenting for payment or acceptance, and of the protesting and giving notice of the dishonor of" bills of exchange, bank checks and promissory notes, made after the passage of this act, be treated and considered as the first day of the week, commonly called Sunday...
Σελίδα 4 - No person shall be eligible to any office who is not a qualified elector of the city or village, and who shall not have resided therein at least one year next preceding his election or appointment, nor shall any person be eligible to. any office who is a defaulter to the corporation.
Σελίδα 3 - If the first day of January, the twenty-second day of February, the thirtieth day of May, the fourth day of July, the ninth day of September or the twenty-fifth day of December fall upon a Sunday, the Monday following is a holiday.
Σελίδα 3 - The following days, viz. : the first day of January, commonly called new year's day, the twenty-second day of February, the fourth day of July, the twenty-fifth day of December, and any day appointed or recommended by the governor of this state, or...
Σελίδα 131 - Governor, in the sum of five thousand dollars, conditioned for the faithful performance of his duties.
Σελίδα 376 - One 1 Two 2 Three 3 Four 4 Five 5 Six 6 Seven 7 Eight 8 Nine 9 Ten 10 Eleven 11 Twelve 12 Thirteen 13 Fourteen 14 Fifteen 15 Sixteen 16 Seventeen 17...
Σελίδα 556 - It shall be the duty of such officials so notified to withhold a sufficient amount to pay such claim until it is admitted or by law established, and thereupon to pay the amount thereof to such person, and such payment shall be a credit on the contract price to be paid to such contractor.
Σελίδα 5 - The city council may, in its discretion, from time to time, by ordinance passed by a vote of two-thirds of all the aldermen elected, provide for the election by the legal voters of the city, or the appointment by the mayor, with the approval of the city council, of a city collector, a city marshal, a city superintendent of streets, a corporation counsel, a city comptroller, or any or either of them, and such...
Σελίδα 377 - ... township thirty-nine (39) north, range fourteen (14) east of the third principal meridian...
Σελίδα 166 - It shall be the duty of the parent or guardian of any child committed to this school to provide suitable clothing upon his or her entry into such school and from time to time thereafter as it may be needed, upon notice in writing from the superintendent or other proper officer of the school.

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