The Alchemist: A Comedy, First Acted in the Year 1610. by the King's Majesty's Servants. ... The Author Ben. Johnson

D. Midwinter, J. and P. Knapton, H. Knaplock, A. Ward, A. Bettesworth and C. Hitch [and 10 others in London], 1739 - 107 σελίδες

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Σελίδα 70 - Whose cream does look like opals ; and with these Delicate meats set ourselves high for pleasure, And take us down again, and then renew Our youth and strength with drinking the elixir, And so enjoy a perpetuity Of life and lust! And thou shalt ha...
Σελίδα 83 - I travail Of a young heir for you. Face. Good, sir. Sub. Off with your case, And greet her kindly, as a bridegroom should, After these common hazards. Face.
Σελίδα 92 - None else but thee i' the house. FACE. Yes, sir, my fellow, The cat that kept the buttery, had it on her A week before I spied it; but I got her Convey'd away i' the night : and so I shut The house up for a month LOVE.
Σελίδα 103 - The house is mine here, and the doors are open ; If there be any such persons as you seek for, Use your authority, search on o
Σελίδα 74 - FACE. Or what do you say to a collar of brawn, cut down Beneath the souse, and wriggled with a knife?
Σελίδα 67 - I'll be sworn, I heard it. MAM. I know not how ! it is not any one, But e'en the very choice of all their features. FACE. [Aside.] I'll in, and laugh. [Exit.] MAM. A certain touch, or air, That sparkles a divinity beyond An earthly beauty ! DOL. O, you play the courtier. MAM. Good lady, gi
Σελίδα 8 - You had raked and pick'd from dunghills, before day; Your feet in mouldy slippers, for your kibes ; A felt of rug, and a thin threaden cloak, That scarce would cover your no buttocks — Sub.
Σελίδα 97 - Sub. Your aunt's a gracious lady ; but in troth You were to blame. Dap. The fume did overcome me, And I did do't to stay my stomach. 'Pray you So satisfy her grace. Enter FACE in his uniform.
Σελίδα 19 - And I would know by art, sir, of your worship, Which way I should make my door, by necromancy, And where my shelves ; and which should be for boxes, And which for pots. I would be glad to thrive, sir : And I was wish'd* to your worship by a gentleman, One Captain Face, that says you know men's planets. And their good angels, and their bad.
Σελίδα 51 - Though not of mind, and hath her face decay'd Beyond all cure of paintings, you restore, With the oil of talc: there you have made a friend; And all her friends. A lord that is a leper, A knight that has the bone-ache, or a squire That hath both these, you make them smooth and sound, With a bare fricace of your med'cine: still You increase your friends.

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