A General Collection of Voyages and Travels from the Discovery of America to Commencement of the Nineteenth Century, Τόμος 10

R. Phillips & Company, 1809

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Σελίδα 395 - The rage with which our seamen were possessed to return to Cook's River, and, by another cargo of skins, to make their fortunes at one time, was not far short of mutiny...
Σελίδα 24 - It was ridiculous enough to see them stroking the sides, and patting the bellies of the sailors (who were certainly much improved in the sleekness of their looks, during our short stay in the island), and telling them, partly by signs, and partly by words, that it was time for them to go ; but if they would come again the next bread-fruit season, they should be better able to supply their wants.
Σελίδα 24 - Terreeoboo had no other view in his inquiries, at present, than a desire of making sufficient preparation for dismissing us with presents suitable to the respect and kindness with which he had received us. For, on our telling him we should leave the island on the next day but one, we observed, that a sort of proclamation was immediately made through the villages, to require the people to bring in their hogs and vegetables, for the king to present to the Orono on his departure.
Σελίδα 112 - Their hair is of a brownish black, and neither uniformly straight, like that of the Indians of America, nor uniformly .curling, as amongst the African negroes, but varying, in this respect, like the hair of Europeans. One striking peculiarity, in the features of every part of this great nation, I do not remember to have seen...
Σελίδα 183 - As we did not choose to trust to our own skill, we had each of us a man to drive and guide the sledge, which, from the state the roads were now in, proved a very laborious business. For, as the thaw had advanced very considerably...
Σελίδα 13 - During the rest of the time we remained in the bay, whenever Captain Cook came on shore he was attended by one of these priests, who went before him, giving notice that the Orono had landed, and ordering the people to prostrate themselves. The same person also constantly accompanied him on the water, standing in the bow of the boat with a wand in his hand...
Σελίδα 124 - It is a ruff, of the thickness of a finger, made in a curious manner, of exceedingly small feathers, woven so close together as to form a surface as smooth as that of the richest velvet. The ground was generally of a red colour, with alternate circles of green, yellow, and black.
Σελίδα 21 - They struck, in what appeared to our eyes an awkward manner, with a full swing of the arm ; made no attempt to parry, but eluded their adversary's attack by an inclination of the body, or by retreating. The battle was quickly decided ; for if either of them was knocked down, or even fell by accident, he was considered as vanquished, and the victor expressed his triumph by a variety of gestures, which usually excited, as was intended, a loud laugh among the spectators.
Σελίδα 4 - ... without risk of discovery, but our inferiority in number held forth a prospect of escaping with impunity in case of detection. Another circumstance, to which we attributed this alteration in their behaviour, was the presence and encouragement of their chiefs; for, generally tracing the booty into the possession of some men of consequence, we had the strongest reason to suspect that these depredations were committed at their instigation.
Σελίδα 362 - ... haziness of the weather precluded the use of our glasses. According to the best conjectures we were able to form, the vessel was about forty tons burthen. She had but one mast, on which was hoisted a square sail, extended by a yard aloft, the braces of which worked forward.

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