Hart's Annual Army List, Militia List, and Imperial Yeomanry List

J. Murray., 1840

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Σελίδα 49 - Served also the campaign of 1815, including the battles of Quatre Bras and Waterloo, and capture of Paris.
Σελίδα 278 - Turner was at the capture of the Cape of Good Hope in 1806. Served also in the Peninsula from Dec. 1813 to the end of the war, including the battles of Orthes and Toulouse, and the affairs of Vic Bigorre and Tarbes.
Σελίδα 313 - M'Grigor entered the service in Sept. 1703, as Surgeon of the 88th Regt. ; he served in Holland and Flanders in 1794 and 5 ; in the West Indies in 1796 ; in the East Indies in 1798 ; in Egypt, as superintending Surgeon of the Anglo-Indian army in 1801 ; with the army at Walcheren in 1809; and in the Peninsula from 1811 to the end of the war.
Σελίδα 289 - Berbiee, and Surinam, at which latter he was severely wounded in successfully leading the storming party against the Redoubt Frederick and Fort Leyden. Was several times handsomely mentioned in the public dispatches for his conduct at Surinam ; and was on that occasion presented by the Committee of the Patriotic Fund with a sword of the value of one hundred pounds. He has since served several years in Bermuda and North America. 14 Sir Wm.
Σελίδα 342 - Burnaby served the campaign of 1815, and was present at the battle of Waterloo.
Σελίδα 291 - ... when on route to Salamanca (in consequence of the enemy's cavalry intercepting the communications through the Sierra-do-Gato) was commanded by written instructions from the commander of the Forces, to retire with the bridges on Alcantra de...
Σελίδα 313 - Mahony served in the Peninsula from April, 1809, to the end of the war, including the passage of the Douro...
Σελίδα 275 - Campbell served the Egyptian campaign of 1801, including the actions of the 8th, 13th, and 21st March, capture of Rosetta, several affairs on the march to, and capture of Cairo, and afterwards at the capture of Alexandria. Medal for services in Egypt.
Σελίδα 343 - Toulouse, besides numerous minor affairs. Served also the campaign of 1815, and was present at the battle...
Σελίδα 275 - Sir John received two musket-balls through the left thigh when charging the French rear guard on the morning after the battle of Salamanca, and a violent contusion at Vittoria ; medal and three clasps.

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