Navy of Alexander the Great - Ναυτικό Μεγάλου Αλεξάνδρου

Gregory Zorzos, 4 Ιουν 2009 - 388 σελίδες
At last a book about the navy and naval forces of Alexander the Great. This monumental work -long out of print, a very hard and rare book to find- was prepared by one of the foremost author, who writes history. This book describes the army, the navy, the different types of the warships, the mechanical, the inventions etc.It is the only complete book about Navy of Alexander the Great" anywhere. For information centres, students, teachers, collectors, libraries, museums, researchers, scientists, Universities, Academies, politicians, statesmen, authors, journalists or anyone seriously interested about the subject. This book is a source! The only authentic and real source anywhere. Don't miss it!

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Αθηναίος ακόμη Αλεξάνδρεια Αλεξάνδρεια ή έν Αλέξανδρος άλλα Αμφίπολη Ανάβαση αναφέρει αναφέρεται αναφορές άπό τήν Άρριανός αρχαία Αρχαία Ινδία άτομα αυτά Βαβυλώνα γιά τήν Γρηγόρης Ζώρζος δέ δεν δηλαδή διέκπλους δραχμές δύο είχαν είχε εκδόσεις ελληνικό πολεμικό ελληνικό πολεμικό ναυτικό έναν εποχή εφημερίδα έχει έχουμε έχουν ζις ζκ ζν ζς ζτη ήταν ίν Ινδική Ιστορία κ.λπ κάθε καράβια κοντά κωπηλάτες λιμάνι μαζί Μεγάλου Αλεξάνδρου Μέγας Αλέξανδρος μέτρα μέχρι μιν μισθοδοσίας νά ναυμαχία ναυτικό του Μεγαλέξανδρου Νέαρχος νοως οζ Οικονομίας οποία όπου όπως πάνω παρακάτω ΠΕΡΙΠΛΟΥΣ περίπου περσικό ΠΛΟΙΑ πλοίων Πλούταρχος πολεμικά πλοία πολεμικό ναυτικό πολεμικού ναυτικού πόλη πόλης Αλεξάνδρεια Πολυδεύκης πού σέ σέλ σήμερα Σογδιανή στά στατήρες στό στοιχεία στόλος Στράβων στρατός ξηράς συνέχεια συνολικά τά τάλαντα ΤΑΞΙΔΙ Τεχνικών Μεγάλου Αλεξάνδρου τζ τής εκστρατείας τό έργο τό κόστος τόν τοΰ τοϋ Μεγαλέξανδρου τριήραρχος τριήρεις τριήρης ττρος τών υπάρχουν υπήρχαν Φυλλάδα ώς Alexander the Great kaˆ Macedon t¾n Trireme vols

Σχετικά με τον συγγραφέα (2009)

Gregory Zorzos, a native Hellene, was born in Kallithea, Athens in Greece (Hellas) at 1958. Author and his research work have been distinguished by a lot of official organizations, and Ministries, in Greece and all over the world.The author has wrote more than 500 books, board games, DVDs and cdroms about ancient and modern history in the fields of economics, technical, board games, martial arts, software, love affairs, feasibilities studies, research, case studies etc. As a reporter, from his teens, the author has written many articles in many newspapers, magazines etc. and was editor in chief in some of them.Many awards and credits around the world. Member of the "Royal Society of Literature" (UK).Member of the "American Authors Association" (USA). Member of the "American Screenwriters Association" (USA).Member of the "Erotic Authors Association" (USA).Member of the "Erotic Literature League" (USA).Member of the ex-BOD of the "Hellenic Historical Author Association" (Greece).ex Member of the "Hellenic Literature Association" (Greece).member of the ex-BOD of the "Union of Correspondents of Greek Press Abroad" (Greece).ex Member of the "World Pan Hellenic United Martial Arts Foundation" (USA).Member of the "Hellenic Chamber of Economists" highest Professional Class as "Economist" and highest Professional Class as "Accountant" (Greece).Member of the "Hellenic Researcher in the Ministry of Constructions", highest Professional Class in "Economic Studies", highest Professional Class in "Research Studies" and highest Professional Class in "Organization Studies" (Greece).Writer of the year 2005 award as "Historian Author of The Hellenic Martial Arts Pammachon and Pankration".Writer of the year 2006 award as "International Historic Writer of Martial Arts". International Who's Who of Professionals. Greek Who's Who of Professionals.Researches have been approved/accepted from the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Culture, Hellenic Army, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Unesco (Piraeus & Islands), SAE, etc.Works have been register in Copyright Offices in Greece, USA and Canada.

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