The Clash of Ideologies: The Making of the Christian and Islamic Worlds

Salem Publishing Solutions, Incorporated, 2005 - 610 σελίδες
Ideology has become the new politicsIdeology is the emerging political language of our time. The tragedy of 9/11 was a wake up call to the world. In many ways, it was eerily similar to the warnings given to the Early Church in the Letters to the Seven Churches of the Apocalypse in the Book of Revelation. Wake up Strengthen what remains? (Rev. 3:2). David Jonsson, through the lens of the Holy Bible, the Qur?an, and five thousand years of history, brings a Christian perspective to understanding Middle Eastern politics. The Seven Churches of the Apocalypse provides a foundation for comparing the basic tenants and origin of Christianity and Islam. The comprehensive study of the setting and teaching from Revelation is presented in the context of the making of the worlds of Christianity and Islam.Jonsson received his undergraduate and graduate degrees in Physics. This education launched a career with major corporations in the United States and Japan and with multilateral agencies that brought him to more than fifteen countries with significant or majority populations who are Muslim. of Saudi Arabia to the private homes of Saudi princes and technocrats to the deepest jungles of Nigeria and the mountains of Western China. These exposures provided insight into the basic tenets of Islam as a political, economic, and religious system. He became proficient in Islamic law (Sharia) through contract negotiation and personal encounter.

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