Εικόνες σελίδας
Ηλεκτρ. έκδοση

ABATE, to depress, sink, subdue.
ABC-book, a catechism.
Abjects, servile persons.
Able, to qualify or uphold.
Abortive, issuing before its time.
Absolute, highly accomplished,
Abused, deceived. [perfect.
Aby, to pay dear for.
Abysm, abyss.
Accuse, accusation.
Achieve, to obtain.
Acquittance, requital.


Approof, proof, approbation
Approve, to justify, to make good,
to establish, to recommend to

Approved, felt, experienced, con-
victed by proof
Approvers, persons who try
Aqua-vitæ, strong waters
Arbitrate, to determine
Arch, chief

Argentine, silver
Argier, Algiers

charge or accusation.
Action-taking, litigious.
Additions, titles or descriptions.
Address, to make ready.
Addressed, or addrest, ready.
Advance, to prefer, to raise to ho-
Adversity, contrariety. [nour.
Advertisement, admonition.
Advertising, attentive.
Advice, consideration, discretion,

Action, direction by mute signs, Argosies, ships of great burthen,
Argument, subject for conversa-
tion, evidence, proof
Arm, to take up in the arms
Aroint, avaunt, begone (another
A-row, successively, one after
Art, practice as distinguished
from theory, theory
Articulate, to enter into articles
Articulated, exhibited in articles
Artificial, ingenious, artful
As, as if

Aspect, countenance
Aspersion, sprinkling
Assay, test
Assinego, a he-ass

Advise, to consider, recollect.
Advised, not precipitant, cool,
Afeard, afraid." [cautious.
Affect, love.
Affection, affectation, imagina-
tion, disposition, quality.
Affectioned, affected."
Affections, passions, inordinate de-
Affeered, confirmed.
Affied, betrothed.
Affined, joined by affinity.
Affront, to meet or face.
Affy, to betroth in marriage.
Aglet-baby, a diminutive being.
Agnize, ackowledge, confess.
A-good, in good earnest.
Aiery, the nest of an eagle or hawk
Aim, guess, encouragement, sus-
Alder-liefest, beloved above all
Ale, a merry meeting [things
Allow, to approve
Allowance, approbation
Amaze, to perplex or confuse
Ames-ace, the lowest chance of Avaunt, contemptuous dismission
. the dice

Assurance, conveyance or deed
Assured, affianced
Astringer, a falconer
Ates, instigation from Ate, the
mischievous goddess that in-
cites bloodshed
Atomies, minute particles dis-
cernible in a stream of sun-
shine that breaks into a dark-
ened room, atoms
Atone, to reconcile
Attasked, reprehended,
Attended, waited for
Attent, attentive
Attorney, deputation
Attorneyship, the
agency of another
Attornied, supplied by substitu-
tion of embassies [or gives
Attributive, that which attributes


Amort, sunk and dispirited
An, as if

Anchor, anchoret

Averring, confirming
Audacious, spirited, animated
Audrey, a corruption of Ethel-
Augurs, auguries or prognostica-
Aukward, adverse [the learned
Authentic, an epithet applied to
Anful, reverend, worshipful
Awless, not producing awe


Ancient, an ensign
Anight, in the night
Answer, retaliation
Anthropophaginian, a cannibal
Antick, the fool of the old farces
Antiquity, old age
Antres, caves and dens
Apparent, seeming, not real, heir
apparent, or next claimant
Appeal, to accuse
Appeared, rendered apparent
Apply, to attend to, to consider
Appointment, preparation
Apprehension, opinion
Apprehensive, quick to understand
Approbation, entry on probation

Banning, cursing
Banquet, a slight refection, a do-
Bans, curses
Bar, barrier
Barbed, caparisoned in a warlike
Barful, full of impediments
Barm, yeast

Barn, or bairn, a child

Barnacle, a kind of shell-fish

Base, dishonoured

Base, a rustic game, called pri-
Bases, a kind of dress used by
knights on horseback
Basilisks, a species of cannon
Basta, Spanish, 'tis enough
Bastard, raisin wine
Bat, a club or staff
Bate, strife, contention
Bate, to flutter as a hawk
Batlet, an instrument used by
washers of clothes
Batten, to grow fat
Battle, army

Bavin, brush wood
Bawcock, a jolly cock

Bay, the space between the main
beams of a roof

Bay-window, bow window, one
in a recess
Beak, the forecastle, or the bolt-
Beard, to oppose in a hostile

manner, to set at defiance.
Bearing, carriage, demeanour
Bearing-cloth, a mantle used at
Beat, in falconry, to flutter
Beating, hammering, dwelling
Beaver, helmet in general [upon
Beck, a salutation made with the
corrected Becomed, becoming
Beetle, to hang over the base
Being, abode
Belongings, endowments
Be-mete, be-measure
Be-moiled, be-draggled, be-mired
Bending, unequal to the weight
Benefit, beneficiary [passion
Bent, the utmost degree of any
Benumbed, inflexible, immoveable
Beshren, ill befall
Best, bravest

Baccare, stand back, give place
Bale, misery, calamity
Baleful, baneful
Balked, bathed or piled up
Balm, the oil of consecration
Band, bond

Bandog, village dog, or mastiff
Bank, to sail along the banks.


Bestowed, left, stowed, or lodged
Bestraught, distraught or distract-
[permit or suffer
Beteem, to give, to pour out, to
Bewray, betray, discover
Bezonian, a term of reproach
Bid, to invite, to pray
Biding, place, abiding
Bigging, a kind of cap
Bilberry, the whortleberry
Bilbo, a Spanish blade of peculiar

Bilboes, a species of fetters
Bill, a weapon carried by watch-
men, a label, or advertisement,
articles of accusation

Bird-bolt, a species of arrow
Bisson, blind

Bush, the sign of a public-house | Ceremonies, honorary ornaments,
Busky, woody. See Bosky
tokens of respect
But, only, unless, except
Butt-shaft, an arrow to shoot at
butts with
Burom, obedient, under good
By, according to, by means of
By'rlakin, by our ladykin or little

Ceremonious, superstitious
Certes, certainty, in truth
Cess, measure
Chace, a term at tennis
Chair, throne
Chamber, ancient name for Lon-
Chamber, a species of great gun
Chamberers, men of intrigue
Champain, an open country
Chance, fortune



Caddis, a narrow worsted gal-Changeling, a child changed
Cade, a barrel.
[loon Channel, a kennel [writing
Cadent, falling
Character, description, hand-
Cage, a prison
Character, to write, to infix
Cain-coloured, yellow [scoundrel strongly [letters are made
Caitiff, a prisoner, a slave, Charactery, the matter with which
Calculate, to foretell or prophesy Chares, task-work
Caliver, a species of musket Charge, to put to expense
Call, to visit
Charge, commission, employment
Charge-house, the free-school
Chariest, most cautious
Chariness, caution
Charitable, dear, endearing
Charles's-wain, the constellation
called the Bear


Callet, a lewd woman
Calling, appellation
Calm, qualm

Canary, a sprightly nimble dance
Candle-waisters, those who sit up
all night to drink
Canker, the dog-rose
Canstick, candlestick
Cantel, or Cantle, a corner or piece
Cantons, cantos [of any thing
Canvas, to sift
a sailor who
climbs to adjust the sails
Cap, the top, the principal [cap
Cap, to salute by taking off the
Capable, perceptible, intelligent,
quick of apprehension, ample,
Capitulate, to make head
Capon, metaphor for a letter
Capricious, lascivious
Captious, capacious or recipient
Carack, a ship of great bulk
Carbonadoed, scotched like meat
for the gridiron

Card, perhaps a sea-chart
Care, to make provision, to take
Care, inclination
Careires, the motion of a horse
Carkanet, necklace or chain
Carl, clown or husbandman
Carlot, peasant
Carper, a critic
Carpet-consideration, on a carpe,
Carriage, import [a festivity
Carried, conducted or managed
Carry, to prevail over
Cart, a chariot [outside-garb
Case, contemptuously for skin,
Case, to strip naked
Casques, helmets
Cassock, a horseman's great-coat
Cast, to empty as a pond, to dis
miss or reject

Cast, cast up, reckoned
Castilian, an opprobrious term
Castiliano vulgo, a cant term of

Blank, the white mark at which
Blast, burst [an arrow is shot
Blear, to deceive
Blench, to start off
Blent, blended, mixed
Blind-worm, the slow-worm
Blistered, puffed out like blisters
Blood, ancestry, high spirits, true
metal, passions, natural propen-

Blood-boltered, daubed with blood
Blown, puffed or swollen
Blows, swells

Blunt, stupid, insensible
Board, to accost, to address
Bobb, to trick, to make a fool of
Bodged, boggled, made bungling
Bodkin, a small dagger [work
Bold, confident, to embolden
Boldness, confidence

Boited, sifted, refined
Bolting hutch, the receptacle
which the meal is bolted
Bombard, or bumbard, a barrel
Bombast, the stuffing of clothes
Bona robas, strumpets
Bond, bounden duty [looking
Bony, or bonny, handsome, good-
Book, paper of conditions
Boot, profit, advantage, some-
thing over and above
Bore, demeaned

Bore, the caliber of a gun, the ca- Canvas-climber, pacity of the barrel

Bores, stabs or wounds
Bosky, woody

Bosom, wish, heart's desire
Bots, worms in the stomach of a
Bourn, boundary, rivulet [horse
Bow, yoke
[of defence
Brace, armour for the arm, state
Brach, a species of hound
Braid, crafty or deceitful
Brake, a thicket, furze-bush
Brave, to make fine or splendid
Bravery, showy dress
Brawl, a kind of dance

Breach, of the sea, breaking of the
Breast, voice, surface

Breath, breathing, voice
Breathe, to utter
Breathed, inured by constant
Breathing, complimentary.
Breeched, sheathed [punishment
Breeching, liable to school-boy
Bridal, the nuptial feast
Brief, a short account, letter, or

Bring, to attend or accompany
Brize, the gad, or horse-fly
Broached, spitted, transfixed
Brock, a badger

Broke, to deal with a pander
Broken, toothless [curess or pimp
Broker, a matchmaker, a pro-
Brooch, an ornamental buckle
Brooched, adorned as with


Brotherhoods, confraternities or
Brow, height [corporations
Brownist, the name of a sect
Bruit, noise, report
Bruited, reported with clamour
Brush, detrition, decay
Buckle, to bend, to yield to pres-
Bugs, bugbears, terrors [sure
Bulk, the body
Bumbard. See Bombard [skylark
Bunting, a bird outwardly like a
Burgonet, a kind of helmet
Burst, broken

Bury, to conceal, to keep secret

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Cataian, some kind of sharper
Catling, a small lute-string made
of catgut

Cavaleroes, airy, gay fellows
Caviare, a delicacy made of the
roe of sturgeon
Cautelous, insidious, cautious
Cease, decease, die, to stop
Censure, judgment, opinion
Censure, to judge
Censured, sentenced, estimated
Centuries, companies of an hun-
dred men each

Charneco, a sort of sweet wine
Charter, a privilege
Chaudron, entrails
Cheater, escheator, an officer in
the exchequer; a gamester
Check, command, control
Check, to object to, to rebuke
Checks, probably for ethics
Cheer, countenance [stones
Cherry-pit, a play with cherry.
Cheveril, soft or kid leather
Chew, to ruminate, consider
Chewet, a noisy chattering bird
Chide, to resound, to echo, to
scold, to be clamorous
Chiding, sound
Chiding, noisy
Child, a female infant
Childing, unseasonably pregnant
Chopin, a high shoe or clog
Chough, a bird of the daw kind
Christom, the white cloth put on
a new baptized child
Chrystals, eyes
Chuck, chicken, a term of endear
Chuff, rich, avaricious
Cicatrice, the scar of a wound
Circumstance, detail of an argu.
ment, a circumlocution
Cital, recital

Cite, to incite, to show, to prove
Civil, grave or solemn [human
Civil, human creature, any thing
Clack-dish, a beggar's-dish
Claw, to flatter

Clear, pure, blameless, innocent,
quite, fully, perfectly
Clearest, purest, freest from evil
Clear-story, a species of windows
in a church

Cleave, to unite with closely
Clerkly, like a scholar
Cliff, a key in music
Cling, to shrink or shrivel up
Clinquant, glittering, shining
Clip, to embrace, to infold
Closely, secretly, privately
Clout, the white mark at which
archers take aim
Clown, a licensed jester in fa
Clubs, a popular cry on a street
Clutched, grasped
Coach-fellom, one who draws with
a confederate

Coasting, conciliatory, inviting

Control, to confute
Convent, to serve or agree
Convented, cited, summoned
Conversation, familiar inter-
course, conduct, behaviour
Converse, interchange
Conversion, change of condition
Convertite, convert
Convey, to perform slight of
hand, to manage artfully
Conveyance, theft, fraud [convict
Convince, to overpower, subdue,
Convicted, overpowered, baffled
Convive, to feast
Cope, to encounter, to engage
Cope, covering

Copped, rising to a cop, or head
Copy, theme
Coragio, an exclamation of en-
Corinthian, a wencher
Corky, dry, withered, husky
Corners, by-places

Corollary, surplus
Coronet, a crown
Corrigible, corrected
Costard, the head


Contemptible, contemptuous
Continent, the thing which con-
Continents, banks of rivers [tains
Continuate, uninterrupted
Contraction, marriage contract
Contrarious, different
Contrive, to spend and wear out

Cobloaf, a crusty, uneven loaf
Cock, cock-boat

Cockle, a weed

Cockled, inshelled like a cockle
Cock-shut-time, twilight [apple
Codling, anciently an immature
Coffin, the cavity of a raised pie
Cog, to falsify, to lie, to defraud
Cognizance, the badge or token
Coigne, corner
Coil, bustle, stir
Cold, naked


Collect, to assemble by observa-
Collection, corollary, consequence
Collied, black, smutted with coal
Collier, formerly a term of the
highest reproach
Colour, pretence
Colourable, specious

Colours, appearances, deceits
Colt, to fool, to trick
Co-mart, a joint bargain
Combinate, betrothed
Combine, to bind

Combined, bound by agreement
Comforting, aiding

Commence, to give a beginning
Commended, committed

[nary Danger, reach or control
Coster-monger, meanly, merce- Dank, wet, rotten
Cote, to overtake.

Commission, authority, power
Commodity, interest, profit
Commonty, a comedy
Compact, made up of
Companion, fellow

[garded Danskers, natives of Denmark
Coted, quoted, observed, or re- Dare, to challenge or incite
Cotsale, Cotswood in Gloucester-Dark-house, a house made gloomy
Covered, hollow
[shire by discontent

Count, to make account, to rec- Darkling, in the dark


kon upon
[man Darraign, to arrange, put in or
Company, companion
Count Confect, a specious noble- Daub, to disguise
Comparative, a dealer in compa- Countenance, false appearance, Daubery, falsehood and imposi
Compare, comparison [risons hypocrisy
[trait Day-bed, a couch
Compassed, round
Counterfeit, a likeness, a por- Day-light, broad-day
Compassionate, plaintive [ciates Counterpoints, counterpanes Day-woman, dairy-maid
Competitors, confederates or asso- County, count, earl
Dear, best, important, dire
Complements, accomplishments Cower, to sink by bending the Dearn, lonely, solitary
Complexion, humour
[large tub Death-tokens, spots appearing on
Comply, to compliment [tion Cowl-staff, a staff for carrying a
those infected by the plague
Compose, to come to a composi- Coy, to soothe or stroke
D boshed, debauched
Composition, contract or bargain, Coyed, condescended unwillingly Decay, misfortunes
consistency, concordancy Coystril, a coward cock, a mean Deceivable, deceptious
Composture, composition, com- or drunken fellow
Deck, to cover, a pack
Comptible, submissive [post Cozier, a tailor or botcher
Decline, to run through from first
Con, to know
[thought Crab, a wild apple
Declined, the fallen
[to last
Conceit, fanciful conception, Crack, dissolution
Deem, opinion, surmise
Concent, connected harmony in Crack, a boy or child, a boy-child Defeat, destruction
[lution Cranks, windings
Conclusion, determination, reso- Crants, chants
Conclusions, experiments
Concupy, concupiscence.
Condition, temper, character, cock
qualities, vocations or inclina-
Condolement, sorrow [tions
Conduct, conductor
Coney-catched, deceived, cheated
Coney-catcher, a cheat, or sharper
Confession, profession
Conject, conjecture
Conjecture, suspicion [to consume
Confound, to destroy, to expend,
Confounded, worn or wasted
Consent, to agree
Consent, conspiracy, will, assent,
Consigned, sealed [united voice
Consist, to stand upon
Consort, company
Consort, to keep company with
Constancy, consistency, stability
Constant, firm, determined
Constantly, certainly,

Crare, a small trading vessel
Craven, a degenerate, dispirited
Craven, mean, cowardly, to make
Create, compounded, or made up
Credent, creditable, credible
Credit, account, information, cre-
Credit, a great light set upon a
Cressive, increasing
Crest, the top, the height
Crestless, those who have no right
[bent, hollow
Crisp, curling, winding, curled,
Critic, cynic
Critical, censorious

to arms


Curiosity, finical delicacy, soru-
pulousness or captiousness
Curious, scrupulous
Curled, ostentatiously dressed
Currents, occurrences
Cursed, under the influence of a

Crone, an old worn-out woman
Crosses, money stamped with a
Crom, to exult over
Crow-keeper, a scare-crow
Crown, to conclude
Cronined, dignified, adorned
Crownet, last purpose
Cry, a troop or pack
Cue, in stage cant, the last words
of the preceding speech
Cuisses, armour for the thighs
Cullion, a despicable fellow
Cunning, sagacity, knowledge
Curb, to bend or truckle

Curst, petulant, crabbed, shrewd-
ish or mischievous, severe,
harsh, vehemently angry
Curstness, ill-humour
Curtail, a cur of little value
Curtal, a docked horse

Curtle-ax, or cutlace, a broad-
[tard or pie
Custard-coffin, the crust of a cus
Customer, a common woman
Cut, a horse

Cyprus, a transparent stuff


Daff or doff, to do off, to put
Dally, to play or trifle
Damn, condemn

Defeatures, features, change of
features for the worse
Defence, art of fencing
Defend, to forbid
Defensible, furnishing the means
Defiance, refusal [of defence
Deformed, deforming
Deftly, dexterously, with adroit-
Defy, to refuse, to distain [ness
Degrees, steps
Delay, to let slip
Demerits, merits
Demise, to grant
Demurely, solemnly
Denay, denial

Denied, disbelieved or contemned
Denier, the twelfth part of a
French sou


Denotements, indications or dis-
Deny, to refuse
Depart, to part
Departing, separation
Depend, to be in service
Deprive, to disinherit
Deracinate, to force up by the
Derogate, degraded, blasted
Descant, a term in music
Desert, merit
Deserved, deserving
Design, to mark out
Despatched, bereft
Desperate, bold, adventurous

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[blocks in formation]

Dickon, familiarly for Richard Die, gaming

Diet, regimen

Diet, to oblige to fast

Diffused, extravagant, irregular

Digress, to deviate from the right
Digression, transgression
Dint, impression

Direction, judgment, skill
Disable, to undervalue
Disappointed, unprepared
Disclose, to hatchi

Discontenting, discontented
Discontents, malcontents
Discourse, reason
Disdained, disdainful

Disease, uneasiness, discontent
Diseases, sayings

Disgrace, hardship, injury
Dislimns, unpaints, obliterates
Dispark, to destroy a park
Disponge, discharge as a sponge
Dispose, to make terms, to settle

Disposition, frame
Disputable, disputatious
Dispute, to talk over
Dissemble, to gloss over
Dissembling, putting dissimilar
things together.
Distaste, to corrupt, to change

[blocks in formation]


Eager, sour, sharp, harsh Eanlings, lambs just dropt Ear, to plough


Easy, slight, inconsiderable
Eche, to eke out
Ecstasy, alienation of mind, mad-
Effects, affects, or affections, ac-
tions, deeds effected
Eftest, deftest, readiest
Egypt, a gipsy

Eld, old time, or persons Element, initiation, previous practice

Embossed, inclosed, swollen, puffy
Embonelled, exhausted
Embraced, indulged in
Eminence, high honours
Empery, dominion, sovereign
Emulation, rivalry, envy, factious
Emulous, jealous of higher autho-
Encave, to hide

Enfeoff, to invest with possession
Engine, instrument of war, mili-
tary machine, the rack
Engross, to fatten, to pamper
Engrossments, accumulations
Enkindle, to stimulate
Enmen, to coop up

Extremes, extravagance of conduct, extremities

Eyases, young nestlings

Eyas musket, infant lilliputian Eye, a small shade of colour Eyliads, glances, looks. See OsiEyne, eyes Iliade


Face, to carry a foolish appear.


Faced, turned up with facings
Facinorons, wicked
Fact, guilt

Factious, active

Faculties, medicinal virtues, of-
fice, exercise of power
Fadge, to suit or fit

Fading, the burthen of a song
Fain, fond

Fair, beauty, complexion, fairness
Fair-betrothed, fairly contracted,
honourably affianced
Faith, fidelity
Faithful, not an infidel
Faithfully, fervently
Faitors, traitors, rascals
Fall, to let fall, to drop
Fall, an ebb

False, to make false

Falsing, falsifying
Familiar, a demon
Fancy, love

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[power of love exempt from the Fang, to seize or gripe Fanged, possessed of fangs Fans, ancient Fantastical, creatures of fancy Fap, drunk

Ensconce, to protect as with a fort Falsely, dishonestly, treacherous-
Enseamed, greasy
Enshield, shielded
Entertain, to retain in service
Entertainment, the pay of an
army, admission to office
Entreatments, the objects of en-
Envy, hatred or malice [treaty
Ephesian, a cant term for a toper
Equipage, stolen goods
Erewhile, just now
Erring, wandering
Escoted, paid

Esil, a river so called, or vinegar
Esperance, the motto of the Percy
Espials, spies

Essential, existent, real
Estimate, price

Estimation, conjecture
Eterne, eternal

[equal, fellow


Even, calm, equitable, temperate,
Even, to act up to
Examined, questioned, doubted
Excrement, the beard
Excrements, the hair, nails, fea-
thers of birds, &c.
Execute, to employ, to put to use
Execution, employment or exer-
Executors, executioners [cise
Exempt, excluded [confession
Exercise, exhortation, lecture, or
Exhale, hale or lug out
Exhibition, allowance
Exigent, end
Exorcist, a person who can raise
Expect, expectation
Expedient, expeditious
Expiate, fully completed
Expostulate, to inquire or discuss
Exposture, exposure
Express, to reveal
Expulsed, expelled
Exsufflicate, contemptible, abo-
Extend, to seize [minable
Extent, in law, violence in general
Extern, outward
Extirped, rooted out
Extracting, that which draws
away from every thing but its
own object?
Extravagant, wandering

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Far, extensively
Farced, stuffed
Fashions, farcens or farcy
Fast, determined, fixed
Fat, dull
Fate, an action predetermined by
Favour, countenance, features,
indulgence, pardon, appearance
Fear, the object of fear, danger
Fear, to intimidate
Feared, frightened
Fearful, timorous, formidable
Feat, ready, dexterous
Feat, an exploit
Feated, formed, made neat
Feature, beauty in general, cast
and make of the face
Federary, a confederate
Fee-grief, a peculiar sorrow
Feeder, an eater, a servant
Feere, or Pheere, a companion, a
Feet, footing
Fell, skin
Fell-feats, savage practices
Fellow, companion

[fence Fence, the art of, or skill in de Feodary, an accomplice, a con Fester, to corrupt [federate Festinately, hastily

Festival terms, splendid phraseo Fet, fetched


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Filed, gone an equal pace with Fills, the shafts

Filths, common sewers
Fine, the conclusion
Fine, full of finesse, artful
Fine, to make showy, or specious
Fineless, boundless, endless
Firago for Virago [fire-work
Fire-drake, will-o'-the-wisp, or a
Fire-new, bran-new, new from the
Firk, to chastise
First, noblest, most eminent
Fit, a division of a song
Fitchen, a polecat
Filly, exactly
Fives, a distemper in horses
Flap-dragon, a small inflammable
substance, which topers swal-
low in a glass of wine
Flap-jacks, pan-cakes
Flask, a soldier's powder-horn
Flatness, lowness, depth
Flaw, sudden violent gust of wind
Flayed, stripped
Flecked, spotted, dappled, streak-
Fleet, to float

Fleeting, inconstant
Fleshment, first act of military
[of a hound
Flewed, having the flews or chaps
Flickering, fluttering like the
motion of a flame
Flight, a sort of shooting
Flourish, ornament
Flote, wave

Flush, mature, ripe
Foeman, an enemy in war
Foin, to thrust in fencing
Foizon, plenty

Folly, depravity of mind
Fond, foolish, or prized by folly
Fonder, more weak or foolish
Fondly, foolishly [head of a fool
Focls zanies, baubles with the
Foot-cloth, a housing covering the
body of the horse, and almost
reaching to the ground
For, for that, since, because
Forbid, under interdiction
Force, power

Force, to enforce, to urge
Force, to stuff

Forced, false

Fordid, destroyed

Ferdo, to undo, to destroy
Foredone, overcome
Forfended, prohibited, forbidden
Foreign, employed in foreign em-
Forepast, already had [bassies
Fore-slow, to be dilatory, to loiter
Forestall, to prevent by anticipa-


Forgetive, inventive, imaginative Forked, horned Formal, not out of form, regular, sensible, in form, in shape Former, foremost Forspent, wasted, exhausted Forspoke, contradicted, spoken Forthcoming, in custody [against Forwearied, worn out Foul, homely, not fair For, a cant word for a sword Forship, mean, cunning Frampold, peevish, fretful, or Frank, a sty [cross Franklin, a little gentleman or freeholder [nerous Free, artless, free from art, gePret, the stop of a musical instrument, which regulates the vibration of the string

Gouts, drops

Friend, a lover, a term applica- | Gourds, a species of dice
ble to both sexes, a paramour
Friend, friendship
Friend, to befriend
Frippery, a shop where
clothes were sold

Grace, acceptableness, favour
Grace, to bless, to make happy
Gracious, graceful, lovely
Grained, furrowed, like the grain
of wood, died in grain or in-
Gramercy, grand mercy, great
Grange, the farm-house of a mo-
nastery; a lone house
Gratillity, gratuity
Gratulate, gratifying, acceptable
Grave, to entomb

Graves, or greaves, armour for
Greasily, grossly [the legs
Greek, a bawd, or pander
Green, unripe, not fully formed
Greenly, awkwardly, unskilfully
Greets, pleases

Grief, pain, grievances
Griefs, grievances, wrongs
Grievances, sorrows, sorrowful af-
Grieve, to lament for [fections
Grise, a step
Grossly, palpably
Groundlings, the frequenters of
the pit in the playhouse
Growing, accruing
Guard, defence
Guard, to fringe or 1 ce
Guarded, ornamented
Guards, badges of dignity
Guerdon, reward
Guerdoned, rewarded
Guiled, treacherous
Guinea-hen, a prostitute
Gules, red, a term in heraldry
Gulf, the swallow, the throat
Gun-stones, cannon-balls
Gurnet, a fish resembling a piper
Gust, taste, rashness

Gyve, to catch, to shackle
Gyves, shackles


Frize, a cloth made in Wales
From, in opposition to
Fronted, opposed
Frontier, forehead
Frontlet, a forehead cloth
Frush, to break or bruise
Frustrate, frustrated
Fulfilling, filling till there be no
Full, complete [room for more
Fullams, loaded dice
Fullest, most complete and per-
Fumiter, fumitory
Furnished, dressed


Gabardine, a loose felt cloak
Gad, a pointed instrument
Gain-giving, misgiving
Gainsay, to unsay, deny, contra-
Gait, way or steps
Galliard, an ancient dance
Galliasses, a species of galleys
Gallowglasses, heavy armed foot
Gallow, to scare or frighten
Gallymamfry, a medley
Game, sport, jest [a wanton
Gamester, a frolicksome person,
Gaping, shouting or roaring
Garboils, commotion, stir
Garish, gaudy, showy
Garner, to treasure up
Gasted, frightened
Gandy, a festival day
Gards, baubles, toys
Gaze, attention.

Gear, a general word for things
Geck, a fool
[or matters
General, generality
General, compendious
Generation, children
Generosity, high birth
Generous, most noble.
Gentility, urbanity


Hack, to become cheap and vul
Haggard, a species of hawk (gar
Haggard, wild

Gentle, noble, high-minded, be- Hair, complexion or character

longing to gentry Gentry, complaisance German, akin

Germins, seeds begun to sprout
Gest, a stage or journey
Gib, a cat

Gifts, endowments
Giglot, a wanton wench [or 28.
Gilder, a coin valued at 1s. 6d.
Gilt, gilding, golden inoney
Gimmall, a ring or engine
Ging, a gang

Gird, a sarcasm or gibe, emotion
Gleek, to joke or scoff, to beguile
Glimmering, faintly illuminated
by the stars
Gloze, to expound, to comment
Glut, to englut or swallow up
Gnarled, knotted

Good-deed, indeed, in very deed
Good-den, good evening
Good-life, of a moral or jovial turn
Good jer, gougere, morbus galli-
Gorbellied, fat and corpulent [cus
Gossips, tattling women who at
tend lyings-in
Gossomer, the white cobweb-like
exhalations that fly about in
hot sunny weather
Government, evenness of temper,
decency of manners

Happily, accidentally, fortunately
Happy, accomplished
Hardiment, bravery, stoutness
Harlocks, wild mustard
Harlot, a cheat

Harp, to touch on a passion
Harrow, to conquer, to subdue
Harry, to use roughly, to harass,
Having, estate or fortune, pro-
motion, allowance of expense
Haviour, behaviour
Haught, haughty
Haughty, high, elevated
Haunt, company
Hay, a term in the fencing-
Head, the source, the fountain
Head, body of forces
Heart, the most valuable or pre-
Heat, heated
[cious part
Heat, violence of resentment
Heavy, slow
Hebenon, henbane
Hefted, heaved
Hefts, heavings

Hell, an obscure dungeon in a
Helmed, steered through.
Hence, henceforward
Henchman, a page of honour
Hent, seized or taken possession
Hereby, as it may happen
Hermits, beadsmen

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