Εικόνες σελίδας
Ηλεκτρ. έκδοση
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Opal, a precious stone of almost Pastry, the room where pastry was possessed, acquainted with, fully
Open, publicly (all colours Patch, a term of reproach (made informed
Operant, active

(racter Patched, in a parti-coloured coat Possessed, afflicted with madness Opinion, obstinacy, conceii, cha- Path, to walk

Potch, to push violently
Opposite, adverse, hostile, adver- Pathetical, deeply affected (pose Potents, potentates [in les
Opposition, combat (sary Patient, to make patient, to com- Pouncet-bor, a small box for per-
Or, before

Patine, a dish used with the cha- Power, forces, an army
Orbs, circles made by the fairies lice, in the adıninistration of Practice, unlawful or insic pus
Orchard, a garden (on the ground the Eucharist


(able arts Order, measures

Pattern, instance, example Practise, to employ unwarrant-
Ordinance, rank
Pavin, a dance

Practisants, confederates in ra-
Orgulous, proud, disdainful Paucas, few

tagerns [tatiously, to pitime Osprey, a kind of eagle Pay, to beat, to hit

Prank, to adorn, to dress osten.
Ostent, show, ostentation

Peat, a word of endearment Precedent, original draft
Ostentation, show, appearance
Pedascule, a pedant

Precept, a justice's warrant
Overblow, to drive away, to keep Peer, to come out, to appear

Precisian, a great pretender to Overture,opening or discovery (ort Peevish, foolish


(vance Ounce, a small tiger, or tiger.cat Peize, to balance, to keep in sus. Prefer, to recommend, to ad Onuph, fairy, goblin

pense, to weigh down

Pregnancy, readiness {apposite
Ousel-cock, the cock blackbird Pelting, paltry, petty, inconsi- Pregnant, ready, plain, evideat,
Out, be gone

Pennons, small flags (derable Pregnant enemy, the enemy of
Out, full, complete
Penthesilia, Amazon

Outlook, to face down [gleek Perch, a measure of five yards and Premised, sent before the time
Outvied, a term at the game of Perdurable, lasting [a half Prenominate, already named
Outrard, not in the secret of Perdy, par Dieu, a French oath Pre-ordinance, ordinance already

Perfect, certain, well informed established [a public room
Owe, to own, possess, govern Perfections, liver, brain, and heart Presence, the presence-chamber,
Ox-lip, the great cowslip
Perjure, a perjured person

Presence, dignity of mien, fora,
Periapts, charms sewed up and Prest, ready

worn about the neck

Pretence, design, intention
Perspectives, certain optical glass. Pretend, to intend, design
Pack, to bargain with

Pervert, to a vert

[es Pretended, purposed or intended Pack, combined, an accomplice Pew-fellow, a companion

Prevent, to anticipate Packing, plotting, underhand Pheere. See Feere [or curry Prick, the point on the dia! Paddock, toad [contrivance Pheeze, to teaze or beat, to comb Pricks, prickles, skewers Pagan, a loose, vicious person Pia mater, the membrane cover. Pride, haughty power Pageant, a dumb show

ing the substance of the brain Prig, to filch
Puid, punished
Pick, to pitch

Prime, youth, the vigour of life
Pain, penalty
Picked, nicely dressed, foppish Prime, prompt

Pains, labour, toil
Pickers, the hands

Primer, more urgent, more im-
Palabras, words

Picking, piddling, insignificant Primero, a game at cards
Pale, to empale, encircle with a Pickt-hatch, a place noted for Principality, the first or princi-
Pall, to wrap, to invest [crown brothels

pal of women Palled, vapid

Piece, a word of contempt for a Principals, rafters of a building Palmers, holy pilgrims

Piel'd, shaven

(woman Princox, a coxcomb, or spoiled Palmy, victorious Pight, pitched, fixed

Probal, probable

child Palter, to juggle, or shuffle Pilcher, a pilche, the scabbard Process, summons Paper, to write down, or ap- Pilled, pillaged

[eye Procure, to bring point by writing

Pin and web, disorders of the Prodigious, portentous, ominous Paper, written securities

Pinnace, a small ship of burden Proface, much good may it do you Parcel, reckon up

(parts Pix, a small chest in which the Profane, love of talk, gross of Parc l-gilt, gilt only on certain consecrated host was kept language

(coming Parish-top, a large top formerly Placket, a petticoat

Profession, end and purpose of kept in every village to be Plugue, to punish

Progress, a royal journey of state whipped for exercise

Plain song, the chant, in plano Project, to shape or form Paritor, an apparitor, an officer Plainly, openly

(cantu Prompture,suggestion, temptation of the bishop's court

Plaited, complicated, involved Prone, sometimes bumble
Parle, parley
PLO made of brands

Prone, forward

(hood Parlous, perilous Plant, the foot

Proof, confirmed state of man. Parlous, keen, shrewd

Platforms, plans, schemes Propagate, to advance or improve Part, to depart

Plavsive, gracious, pleasing, po- Propagation, getting Partake, to participate

Pleached, folded together (pular Proper, well-looking, handsome Partaker, accomplice, confede. Plot, piece or portion

Proper.false, proper or fair, and Parted, shared

(rate Point, a metal hook fastened to false or deceitful Parted, endowed with parts

the hose or breeches

Propertied, taken possession of Participate, participant, partici- Point, the utmost height Properties, incidental necessaries Purtizan, a pike

Ipating Point-de-vice, with the utmost to a theatre Parts, party

possible exactness

Property, due performance
Pash, a head
Points, tags to the laces

Property, a thing quite at disposal
Pash, to strike with violence Poize, weight or moment

Propose, to image, to imagine Pashed, bruised, crushed

Polled, bared, cleared [fumes Proposing, conversing (state Pass, to decide, to assure or Pomander, a ball made of per- Propriety, regular and proper

convey [common bounds Pomewater, a species of apple Prorogue, to lengthen or prolong Pass, to exceed, to go beyond Poor john, hake dried and salted Provand, provender (vence Passed, excelling, past all ex. Popinjay, a parrot

Provencial, Provencal, frorn Propression or bounds

Popularity, plebeian intercourse Provincial, belonging to one's pro-
Passes, what has passed
Port, external pomp, figure

Provost, sheriff or gaoler (vince
Passing, eminent, egregious
Port, a gate

Prane, to plume
Passion, suffering (sensations Portable, bearable

Puck, or hobgoblin in fairy
Passionate, a prey to mournful Portance, carriage, behaviour Pugging, thievish [mythology
Passioning, being in a passion Possess, to inform, to make to Pun, to pound
Passy-measure, a dance

Purchase, stolen goods


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Wrchased, acquired by unjust Rear-mouse, a bat

Royalty, nobleness, supreme ex. methods Reason, discourse

cellence Welieu, border, enclosure Reason, to talk, to argue for (ment Roynish, mangy or scabby uriuivants, heralds (knowledge Rebeck, an oid musical instru- Ruddock, the redbreast [boots w to know, compelled to ac. Receiving, ready apprehension Ruff, the folding of the tops of tter-on, one who instigates Receipt, receptacle

Ruffle, to riot, to create disturbo ktter-out, one who places out Recheate, a sound by, which the Ruffling, rustling

(ance money at interest

dogs are called back (tend to Ruin, displeasure producing ruin
fing-on, spur, incitement Reck, to care for, to mind, to at- Rule, a method of life
Attock, a degenerate species of Reckless, careless, heedless Ruth, pity, compassion

Recollected, studied or often re.
Record, to sing

Recorder, a kind of flute or fla.

Recure, to recover (geolet Sacred, accursed
uail, to faint, languish

Red-lattice, the sign of an ale- Sacrificial, worshipping
uaint, fantastical, graceful Reduce, to bring back (house Sad, grave or serious
saint-mazes, a game running Reecky, discoloured hy smoke, Sadly, seriously
the figure of eight

Refell, to refute (smoky, greasy Sadness, seriousness
hiaked, thrown into trepidation Refer, to reserve to

Safe, to render safe ualify, to lessen, moderate Regard, look

Sagg or swagę, to sink down juality, confederates

Regiment, government, authority Salt, tears
kuality, profession, condition of Regreet, exchange of salutation Sanded, of a candy colour

[of a quarrel Reguerdon, recompence, return Satisfy, rest with satisfaction carrel, a quarreller, the cause Relative, nearly related, or con- Savage, silvan, uncultivated, quarry, the game after it is killed nected

Savageness, wildness [wild quart d'ecu, fourth part of a Remembered, remembering Saucy, lascivious French crown

(tion Remembrance, admonition San, anciently, not a proverb, but quarter, the allotted posts, sta- Remorse, pity, tenderness of heart the whole tenor of any disoourse Quat, a pimple

(settled Remotion, removal or remoteness Say, silk
Queasy, squeamish, delicate, un- Removed, remote, sequestered Say, a sample, a taste or relish
Quell, to murder, to destroy Render, to describe

Scuffoldage, the gallery part of
Quench, to grow cool
Render, a confession, an account

the theatre

(filthy Quern, a hand-mill [expedition Renege, to renounce

Scald, a word of contempt, poor,
Quest, inquest or jury, search, Repair, to renovate

Scale, to disperse, to put to flight
Question, conversation
Repeal, to recall

Scaled, over-reached
Questrist, one who goes in search Reports, reporters

Scaling, weighing
Quests, reports (of another Reproof, confutation

Scall, an old

word of reproach Quick, lively, spritely, living Repugn, to resist

Scamble, to scramble
Quicken, to animate
Reputing, boasting of

Scan, to examine nicely [trace
Quiddits, subtilties!

Requiem, a mass for the soul of a Scant, to be deficient in, to conQuillets, law chicane (exercises

person deceased

Scantling, measure, proportion quintain, a post set up for various Resolve, to be firmly persuaded, Scapes of wit, sallies, irregularie Quips, reproaches and scoffs Resolve, to dissolve (satisfied Scared, frightened

(ties Quire, to play in concert

Respect, consideration, caution Scarfed, decorated with flags
Quat, quitted

Respective, respectable, respect. Scath, destruction, harm
Quit, to requite or answer

ful, formal

Scath, to do an injury
Quittance, return of obligations Respective, cool, considerate Scathful, mischievous, destructive
Quiver, nimble, active
Respectively, respectfully

Scone, a petty fortification
Quote, to observe
Retailed, handed down

Sconce, the head.,
Retire, to draw back

Scotched, cut slightly
Reverb, to reverberate

Scrimens, fencers
Revolts, revolters

Scrip, a writing, a list
Robato, an ornament for the neck Rib, to enclose

Scroyles, scabby fellows
Rabbit-sucker, a sucking rabbit Rid, to destroy

Sculls, great numbers of fishes
Race, original disposition, inborn Rift, split

swimming together
qualities, a smack or flavour
Riggish, wanton

Scutched, whipt, carted
Rack, wreck
Right, just, even

Seal, to strengthen or complete
Rack, to exaggerate

Right-drann, drawn in a right Seam, lard
Rack, to harass by exactions Rigol, a circle

[cause Sear, to stigmatize, to close. See Rack, the fleeting away of the Ringéd, en víroned, encircled

[impress Racking, in rapid motion (clouds Ripe, come to the height

Season, to temper, to infix, to
Rag, an opprobrious epithet Rivage, the bank or shore Seasoned, established or settled by
Ragged, rugged
Rivality, equal ránk

Seat, throne

[time Rake, to cover Rivals, partners

Seated, fixed, firmly placed
Rank, rate or pace (and strength Rive, to burst, to fire

Sect, a cutting in gardening
Rank, grown up to a great height Road, the haven where ships ride Securely, with too great confi-
Hapt, rapturously affected Rogues, vagrants [at anchor Seel, to close up

Rapture, a fit
Romage, rummage

Seeling, blinding
Rarely, curiously, happily Ronyon, a scurvy woman

Seeming, specious, hypocritical
Rascal, applied to lean deer Rood, the cross

Seeming, seemly
Rash, heady, thoughtless, quick, Rook, to squat down

Seen, versed, practised
Ropery, roguery

Seld, seldom *
Rash remonstrance, premature Rope-tricks, abusive language Self-bounty, inherent generosity
Plated, chided Idiscovery Round, a diadem

Semblably, in resemblance, alike
Ravin, to devour eagerly

Round, rough, unceremonious Seniory, seniority
Ravin, ravenous
Rounded, whispered

Sennet, a flourish or sounding
Ravined, glutted with prey Rounding, whispering

Sense, reason, natural affection,
Raught, reached
Roundel, a country-dance

feeling, sensual passion
Raw, ignorant, unripe, unskilful Roundure, circle

Sensible, having sensation
Rawly, young and helpless Rouse, a draught of jollity Septentrion, the north
Hayed, bewrayed
Royal, due to a king

Sequestration, separation
Fazed, slashed, raised
Royalize, to make royal

Sere or sear, dry




Serjeant, a bailiff or sheriff's of. Sometimes, formerly

Stoop, a measure somewhat more Serpigo, a kind of tetter (ficer Sooth, truth

than half a gallon
Serve, to fulfil
Sooth, sweetness

Stover, a kind of thatch
Serve, to accompany
Sorriest, worthless, vile

Stoup, a kind of flagon
Set, seated
Sorry, sorrowful or dismal

Strachy, probably some kind of
Selebos, a species of devil
Sort, to choose out

domestic office Several, separated, appropriated Sort, a company, a pack, ranks Straight, immediately Sewer, an officer who placed the and degrees of men

Strain, descent, lineage dishes on the table

Sort, to happen, to agree Strain, difficulty, doubt
Shame, to disgrace
Sort, the lot

Strait, narrow, avaricious
Shame, modesty (scaly wings Sort and suit, figure and rank Straited, put to difficulties
Shard-borne, born by shards or Sot, a fool

Strange, odd, different form Shards, the wings of a beetle Soul-fearing, soul-appalling Strange, alien, becoming a stran. Shards, broken pots or tiles Sound, to declare or publish ger, a stranger Sharked, picked up as a shark Sound, soundly

Strangely, wonderfully collects his prey Sowl, to pull by the ears

Strangeness, shyness, distant be Sheen, shining, splendour, lustre Sowter, perhaps the name of a Stranger, an alien [haviour Sheer, pellucid, transparent Spanned, measured [hound Strangle, to suppress Shent, scolded, rebuked, ashamed, Specialty, particular rights Stratagem, great

dreadful disgraced Sped, the fate decided

Strict, hard

[event Shent, to reprove harshly Speed, event

[bars, &c. Strive, to contend Sheriff"s-post, a large post set up Sperr, to shut up, defend by Stuck, a thrust in fencing. See

at the door of that officer for Spleen, humour, caprice, spirit, Stuff baggage (Stoccata. Stock affixing proclamations, fic. resentment (tuous speed Stuft, substance or essence Shive, a slice

Spleen, violent hurry, tumul. Stuffed, plenty, more than enough Shot, shooter

Spleens, inclination to spiteful Subscribe, to agree to Shovel-board, a game

Spot, stain or disgrace (mirth Subscribe, to yield, to surrender Shoughs, shocks, a species of dog Spotied, wicked

Subscription, obedience Shouldered, rudely thrust into Sprag, or spackt, apt to learn Submerged, whelmed under water Shrewd, having the qualities of a Spread, to stand separately Subtilty, deception Shrift, confession (shrew Sprighted, haunted

Subtle, smooth, level Shrive, to confess, to call to con- sprights, spirits

[horses Success, succession (cession Shut-up, to conclude [fession Springhali, a disease incident to Successive, belonging to the suc. Side-sleeves, long sleeves

Springing, blooming, in the Successively, by order of succes Siege, stool, seat, rank Sprightly, ghostly spring of life Sudden, violent

[sion Sight, the perforated part a Spurs, the longest and largest sufficiency, abilities Sightless, unsightly (helmet Square, to quarrel (roots of trees Suggest, to tempt, to prompt, to Sign, to show, to denote

Square, regular, equitable, just, Suggestion, bint instigate Silly, simple or rustic

suitable (sion, or complement Suggestions, temptatims Silly, sooth, plain, simple truth Square, compass, comprehen- Suited, dressed Sincere, honest

Squarer, a quarrelsome fellow Sullen, obstinately troublesome Sinen, strength

Squash, an immature reascod Summer-swelling, that which Single, weak, debile, small, void Squiny, to look asquint

swells or expands in summer of duplicity or guile Squire, a square or rule

Summoners, summoning officers Sink-a-pace, cinque-pace, a dance staggers, delirious perturbation Sumpter, a horse that carries ne. Sir, the designation of a parson Stale, a bait or decoy to catch cessaries on a journey Sir-reverence, corruption of Stale, a pretence

(birds Superfluous, over-clothed Sith, since [sa ve-reverence Stale, to allure

Superstitious, serving with superSithence, thence

Stand, to withstand, to resist stitious attention [gined Sizes, allowances of victuals Standing bowls, bowls elevated Supposed, counterfeited, ima Skains-mates, loose companions on feet

**. [hawk Sure, safe, out of danger, surely Skirr, to scour, to ride hastily Stannyal, the common stone-Sur-reined, over-worked, or rid. Slack, to neglect Star, a scar of that appearance Suspire, to breathe

[den Slave, to treat as a slave [the silk Stark, stiff

Swaggerer, a roaring, fighting Sleave, the ravelled knotty part of Starkly, stiffly


(brown Sledded, riding in a sled or sledge Starred, destined.

Swart, or swarth, black, or dark Slights, arts, subtle practices State, a chair with a canopy Swarth, or swath, as much grass Slips, a contrivance of leather, to state, standing

(over it or corn as a mower cuts down start two dogs at the same time State, official state, dignity at one stroke of his scythe Sliver, to cut a piece or slice States, persons of high rank Swashing, noisy, bullying Slops, loose breeches, or trow. Station, the act of standing Snath, the dress of a new-born sers, tawdry dress - Statist, statesman


(mentum Slough, the skin which the ser- Statue, a portrait

Sway, the whole weight, mox pent annually throws off Staves, the wood of the lances Smeeling, a species of apple Slower, more serious

Stay, a hinderer, a supporter Swift, ready
Slubber, to do any thing care- Stead, to'assist, or help [chine Swinge-bucklers, rakes, rioters

lessly, imperfectly, to obscure Sticking-place, the stop in a ma. Swoop, the descent of a bird of Smilingly, with signs of pleasure Sticklers, arbitrators, judges, prey

** Smirched, soiled or obscured sidesmen

(tized Smoothed, to stroke, to caress, to stigmatical, marked or stigma.

T. fondle

Stigmatick, one on whom nature
Sneap, to check or rebuke, a re- has set a mark of deformity Table, the palm of the hand ex.
Sneaping, nipping
(buke Still, constant or continual Table, a picture

(tended Sneck-up, a cant-phrase, “go Stilly, gently, lowly

Tables, table-books, memoran. Snuff, hasty anger (hang yourself Stint, to stop, to retard

Tabourine, a small drum (dums Snuffé, dislikes Stith, an an vil

Tag, the lowest of the populace Soil, spot, turpitude, reproach Stoccata, a thrust or stab with a Taint, to throw a slur upon Solely, alone

Stock, a term in fencing (rapier Take, to strike with a disease, * Solicit, courtship Stock, stocking


(better & Solicit, to excite Soliciting, information

Stomach, passion, pride, stub. Take-in, to conquer, to get the Solidares, an unknown coin

born resolution, constancy, re- Take-up, to contradict, to call u
solution. +...):

Take-up, to levy (an account


Vice, grasp

peace officer

Tall, stout, bold, courageous Topless, that which has nothing Vaward, the fore part
Tallow-keech, the fat of an os or above it, supreme

Velure, velvet
Topple, to tumble

Venen, a bout, a term in fencing Tame, ineffectual

Touch, sensation, sense, or feel-Vengeance, mischief Tame snake, a contemptible fel- ing

Vent, rumour, matter for dislow

Touch, exploit or stroke Tamed, flat, spiritless

Touch, a spice or particle

Ventages, the holes of a flute Tarre,' to stimulate, to excite, Touch, touchstone

Venys, hits in fencing provoke Touches, features

Verbal, verbose, full of talk Tartar, Tartarus, the fabled Touched, tried

Verify, to bear true witness place of future punishment Tonard, in a state of readiness Very, immediate Task, to keep busied with scru. Toys, rumours, idle reports, fan- Via, a cant phrase of exultation ples

cies, freaks of imagination Vice, the fool of the old moralities Tasked, taxed Toze, to pull or pluck

Vice, to advise Taurus, sides and heart in medi- Trace, to follow cal astrology

Trade, a custom, an established Vie, to contend in rivalry Tandry, a kind of necklaces habit

Vied, bragged worn by country girls Tradition, traditional practices

Vienless, unseen, in visible Ta.cation, censure or satire Traditional, adherent to old cus- Villain, a worthless fellow, a serT'een, sorrow, grief


vant Temper, to mould like wax Trail, the scent left by the pas- Virginalling, playing on the vir. Temper, temperament, constitu- sage of the game

ginal, a spinnet tion

Traitress, a term of endearment Virtue, the inost efficacious part, Temperance, temperature Tranect, a ferry

valour Tempered, rendered pliable Translate, to transfer, to explain Virtuous, salutiferous Tend, to attend upon, to wait for Trash, a hunting phrase, to cor- Virtuous, belonging to goodTender, to regard with affection Travel, to stroll


breeding Tend'ring, watching with ten. Traverse, a term in military ex- Vixen, or fixen, a female fox derness


Vizaments, advisements
Tent, to take up residence Traversed, across

Yoluntary, voluntarily
Tercel, the male hawk
Tray.trip, some kind of game

Votarist, supplicant
Termagaut, the god of the Sara- Treachers, treacherous persons Vouchsafed, vouchsafing
Termagant, furious (cens Trenched, cut, carved

Vor, tone or voice Tested, brought to the test Trick, trick of the times

Vulgar, common Testern, gratify with a tester, Trick, peculiarity of voice, ce, Vulgarly, publicly or sixpence

Tetchy, touchy, peevish, fretful Trick, smeared, painted, in he-

Tharborough, thirdborough, a raldry
Tricking, dress

Umber, a dusky yellow-coloured
Theme, a subject
Tricksy, clever, adroit

earth Theorick, theory Triumphs, masques, revels pub. Umbered, discoloured

by the Then s, muscular strength

lic exhibitions

gleam of fire Thick, in quick succession Trojan, cant word for a thief Unaccustomed, unseemly, indeThick-pleached, thickly inter- Troll, to dismiss trippingly from cent

the tongue

Unaneled, withont extreme unc. Thill, the shafts of a cart

Trol-my-dames, a game
Thirdborough. See Tharborough Trossers, trowsers

Unavoided, unaroidable
Thought, melancholy
Tron, to believe

Unbarbed, untrimmed, unshaven Thrasonical, boastful, bragging Truth, honesty

Unbated, not blunted Thread, fibre or part

Tucket, or tucket sonnuance, a Unbolt, to open, explain Thread, to pass through


Unbolted, coarse !) Three-man-beetle, an implement Turlygood, or turlupin, a species Unbookish, ignorant used for driving piles

of gipsy

Unbreathed, unexercised, unThree pile, rich velvet Turn, to become acescent

practised Thrift, a state of prosperity Turquoise, a precious stone Uncape, to dig out, a term in Throes, emits as in parturition Twangling, an expression of con- fox-hunting Thrum, the extremity of a weav. tempt

Uncharged, unattacked er's warp Twigging, wickered

Unclew, to draw out, to exhaust Thrumm d, made of coarse wool. Tyed, limited, circumscribed Uncoined, real, unrefined, unalen cloth

Type, distinguishing mark, show dorned Tib, a strumpet

or emblem

Unconfirmed, unpractised in the Tickle, ticklish

Tything, division of a place, a ways of the world Tickle-brain, some strong liquor - district

Under generation, the antipodes Tight, handy, adroit

Undergo, to be subject to Tightly, cleverly, adroitly


Under-skinker, a tapster, an unTilly-valley, an interjection of

derdrawer contempt

Vail, to condescend to look, to Undertaker, one who takes upon Filth, tillage

let down, to bow, to sink himself the quarrel of another Timeless, untimely Vailing, lowering

Underwrite, to subscribe, to obey inct, tincture Vain, vanity

Under-wrought, under-worked, Tire, head-dress Vain, light of tongue, not vera

undetermined Tire, to fasten, to fix the talons cious

Undeserving, undeserved on

Valance, fringed with a beard Unearned, not deserved Tire, to be idly employed on Validity, value

Ineath, scarcely, not easily Tired, adorned with ribands Vanity, illusion

Unexpressive, inexpressible Tod, to yield or produce a tod, or Vantage, convenience, opportu- Unhappy, mischievously waggish, twenty-eight pounds nity, advantage

unlucky Tokened, spotted as in the plague Vantbrace, armour for the arm Unhidden, open, clear Toll, to enter on the toll-book Varlet, a servant or footman to Unhoused, free from domestio Tolling, taking toll

a warrior

cares Tomboy, a masculine, forward Vast, waste, dreary [fore Unhouseled, not having received girl

Vaunt, the avant, what went be- the sacrament



Unimproved, not guided by know-Waist, the part between the quar. Wish, to recommend ledge or experience

ter-deck and the forecastle Wit, to know Union, a species of pearl Waist, the middle

Witch, to charm, to bewitch Unkind, contrary to kind or na- Walk, a district in a forest Wits, senses ture Wannion, vengeance

Wittol, knowing, conscious of Unmastered, licentious Ward, posture of defence

Witty, judicious, cunning Unored, that which has no Ward, guardianship.

Woe, to be sorry

(deeply owner

Warden, a species of pears Woman, to affect suddenly and Unpregnant, not quickened Warder, guard, sentinel

Woman-tired, hen-pecked
Unproper, common
Warn, to summon

Wondered, able to perform won.
Unqualitied, unmanned, disarmed Wassels, meetings of rustic mirth Wood, crazy, frantic (ders
of his faculties
Watch, a watch-light

Woodman, an attendant on a Unquestionable, unwilling to be Water-work, water-colours

forester con versed with War, to grow

Woolnard, a phrase appropriated Unready, undressed Waxen, increase

to pilgrims and peniten tiaries Unrespective, inattentive to con- Wealth, advantage, happiness Words, dispute, contention sequences Wear, the fashion

Work, a term of fortification Unrest, disquiet Wee, little

Workings, labours of thought Unrough, smooth-faced, un. Weeds, clothing

World, to go to the, to be marrier bearded

Ween, to think, to imagine Worm, a serpent
Unsisted, untried
Weet, to know

Worship, dignity, authority Unsisting, always opening, never Weigh, to value or esteem, to Worth, wealth or fortune, the at rest deliberate

value, full quota or proportion Unsmirched, clean, not defiled Welkin, the colour of the sky, Worts, cabbage Unsquared, unadapted to their blue

(cellence Wot, to know subject

Well-found, of acknowledged ex. Wound, twisted about
Unstanched, incontinent

Weu-liking, plump, embonpoint Wreak, resentment
Untempering, not tempering, not Wen, swollen excrescence Wreak, to revenge
Wend, to go

Wrest, an instrument for tuning Untraced, singular, not in com- Whelked, varied with protuber.

the harp mon use


Wrested, obtained by violence Untrimmed, undressed Whe'r, whether

Writ, writing, composition Untruth, disloyalty, treachery Where, whereas

Writhled, wrinkled Unvalued, invaluable

Whiffler, an officer who walks Wrongs, the persons who wrong Up-spring, upstart

first in processions

Wrongs, injurious practices Urchins, hedge-hogs, or perhaps Whiles, until

Wroth, misfortune Usance, usury

(fairies Whip, the crack, the best Wrought, worked, agitated Use, practice long countenanced Whipstock, a carter's whip Wrung, pressed, strained by custom

whirring, whirring away Use, to make a practice of White, the white mark in archery

Y. Use, interest

White death, the chlorosis Used, behaved

Whiting-time, bleaching time, Yarely, readily, nimbly Usurping, false


Yearns, grieves or vexes
Utis, a merry festival
Whitsters, the bleachers of linen

Yeasty, or yesty, foaming or froth Utter, to vend by retail

Whittle, a species of knife Yeild, to inform of, condescendo Utterance, a phrase in combat, Whooping, measure or reckoning Yeild, to reward extremity

Wide, remotely from, wide of the Yellowness, jealousy

Wilderness, wildness [mark Yeoman, a bailiff's follower
Will, wilfulness

Yesty. See Yeasty
Wimple, a hood or veil
Waft, to heckon
Winter-ground, to protect against

Wage, to fight, to combat, to the inclemency of winter
Wages, is equal to (prescribe to Wis, to know

Zany, a buffoon, a merry andre



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