Historical Origins 1892

Kessinger Publishing, 2003 - 664 σελίδες
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Comprising "The Chaldean and Hebrew and the Chinese and the Hindoo Origins," "The Assyrian, Medo-Persian and Lydian and the Greek and the Roman Origins," "The Origin of the Ancient Civilization of the Nile's Valley: " and historical critiques comprising "A Critical Review of the History of the Scots or Gaels," and "A Critical Review of the History of Ancient Egypt."

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Curator, musician, and art historian Robert Shaw has written extensively about American music and folk art. His books include "America's Traditional Crafts, Quilts: A Living Tradition, American Baskets, and "Great Guitars. With Michael Tamborrino, he has produced the always-popular "Classic Guitars calendar for Pomegranate since 1999.

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