Leadership by Deception: Management by Manipulation

AuthorHouse, 2001 - 328 σελίδες
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In his book, Patriarchs in Poetry, Genesis in Rhyming Verse, Pastor Taylor brings the traditional vernacular of the Bible to life in contemporary language. In this volume he shares his talent for translating prose into verse.

His previous volume, Harmony of the Gospels in Rhyming Verse, An Epic Poem on the Life of Jesus Christ, is a translation of the first four books of the New Testament into one chronological poem. This subsequent volume is a translation of the first book of the Old Testament, a poetic record of creation and the lives of the patriarchs. The book is faithful to the record as it is found in the Biblical narrative.

Patriarchs in Poetry is presented as a series of individual poems that lead the reader through the trials, successes and failures of men like Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph. Pastor Taylor has translated the entire book of Genesis into poetic language.

Although the genealogies are included, they are written in prose rather than poetry.

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