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sheim : haughty and indecent conduct of Buonaparte to the Elector at Mentz : secret treaty signed there : the vanity and affected consequence of Edelsheim played on and exposed by Talleyrand : his fondness for orders of knighthood : fawns on Buonaparte, to obtain admission into the Legion of Honour.

LETTER XIX. The journey of the Pope to France unfavourable to the cause of reli

gion: the restoration of Christianity the most popular act of Buona. parte's government : the opinion of the people respecting the act of inauguration by the Pope : their faith in his infallibility shaken:. manners and character of the Pope : promises made to him by Buonaparte not performed : refuses to admit. De Lalande to see him : De Lalande's atheism : enmity between him and Talleyrand. The Pope's aversion to Fouche : Fouche's impious.conduct at Lyons.

LETTER XX. Buonaparte's mother the favourite of the Pope : family parties invited.

to meet him : ceremony observed on such occasions : superstition of Madame Lætitia Buonaparte : her fondness for relics : buys the shoulder-bone of St. John the Baptist : robbed of her relics : Fouche applied to : who discovers pieces of them all in the possession of a favourite servant : the rest found on Madame Genlis, who had bouglit them of a priest : the priest arrested : claims the protection of Madame Lætitia : threatened with the rack, and confesses his imposture.

LETTER XXI. Decrease in the population of Paris not to be lamented': the crimes,

committed there not suffered to be published: the system of espionage : immense number of spies : how paid: Buonaparte's private spies under the direction of Duroc: dispute between Fouche anda Talleyrand: Ducroux employed as a spy by Buonaparte and Fouche on each other : his blunder and execution.

LETTER XXII. The Pope's manner of passing his time at Paris : great stress laid out

his performing the cereinony of inauguration, and sacrifices intended to have been made, had he refused: all promises to him disregardled : his blind partiality for Buonaparte : Caprara dissuades Buonaparte from being crowned by the pope as King of Italy.

LETTER XXIII. King and Queen of Naples : their firm and dignified conduct: Chera

lier Acton : his birth : political character : enemy of the French Revolution : :: neutrality of Naples violated: the removal of Acton insisted on by the French government: Marquis de Gallo : his public employments : a favourite with Buonaparte : suspected of being tainted with modern philosophy: the Neapolitan revolution in 1799, favoured by the Nobles: character of the Marquis de Gallo.

LETTER XXIV. Buonaparte and all his family married by the Pope : his courtiers and

grand functionaries by the Cardinals : their regular attendance at mass and vespers : trick of Salmatoris to expose their hypocrisy: is punished: Fouche's visit to the Imperial chapel : his discovery there : ihe indifference of the common people to religious worship : the mie

Titary compelled to atttend mass : singular occurrence in conser quence, and injustice of Buonaparte.

LETTER XXV. Seizure of Sir George Rumbold : intended to have been tortured and

put to death : why not : Rheinhard officially disavows the outrage : is disgraced in consequence : bis political life and character: Bourrienne : his employment under Buonaparte : his dispute with him and imprisonment : released and pensioned : his extortions and stock. jobbing : his character.

LETTER XXVI. Joseph Buonaparte's retired mode of life at Paris : his hospitality at

Morfontaine ; amusements there, and freedom allowed to the guests .. Montaigne, a young poet, a visitor there : his drunkenness : writes a poem against it : Madame Joseph's gallantries : duel between her gallants : Eugenius de Beauharnois forbidden the house of Joseph: Ý Madame Miot detected by her husband in an intrigue with Captain d'Horteuil : the gallant beats Miot, who begs pardon : Miot's infamous life and character.

LETTER XXVII. Conduct of the King of Spain :: his weak character: the present tie

age of upstarts: the Prince of Peace : his former occupation : his want of talents : cause of his advancement : his intrigue with the Queen, and favour with the King : weakness and ignorance of his administration : disgrace, and misfortunes produced by it : Gravina his character and ambition : his military exploits : intrigue with an opera girl : his marriage-mania involves him in a disagreeable scrape.

LETTER XXVIII. Vicious morals, gross manners, and open corruption of the Court of St.

Cloud : anecdotes : Merlin of Douai :. his public cmployments : infamous character, and great wealth.

LETTER XXIX. Immense number of Buonaparte's household troops: regularly paid, and

strictly disciplined : their privileges, &c. : Military reviews : their use : less frequent since Buonaparte's coronation ; number of military posted in and ncar Paris : Army of Invalids : their prejudices : how employed: mode of enforcing payment of taxes at Paris : houses of the invalids : their reading-rooms, libraries, &c. : their licentiousness and crimes : screened from punishment by the orders of Buonaparte : Rabais, a horse grenadier : his amours and debaucheries : accused before Thuriot, and acquitted : his intrigue with Madame Thuriot : discovered by her jealousy : Thuriot applies in vain for redress : Rabais's intrigue with Madame Bachiocchi : denounced by Thuriot: arrest and punishment of Rabais : curious ef. fects discovered in his trunk : Thuriot's rage and violence in consequence : his employment and crimes.

LETTER XXX., The writer visits Lucien Buonaparte at his country seat : Lucien's va

luable collection of pictures : his hospitality and engaging manners contrasted with those of Napoleone and Joseph : his liberality : anecdotes : his republicanism : his vices compared with those of Napoleone : his immense wealth, how acquired : instance of his generosity and perversity.

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Reasons for not incorporating the Batavian republic with the French

empire : partition treaty ví Holland ofiered by France to Prussia :
why declined: Buonaparte displeased with the Batavian govern-
ment : violates its neutrality : remonstrance of Count Markoit, how
answered by Buonaparte : his determination to change the form of
government in Holland : difficulty of finding fit magistrates : Hol-
land not lately productive of great men : Admiral de Winter : his
character: political connections and employments : Generals Daen--
dels and Dumonceau : their lives and characters.

LETTER XXXII. Buonaparte advises Prussia of his intention to change the form of government in Holland : chief magistrates thought

of : young Prince of Orange : Elector of Bavaria : Buonaparte's increasing displeasure with the Batavian directory : intended to make his brother Stadthol. der. Schimmelpenninck: his education : want of talents : political connections and opinions : his embassy to France : bribes Talleyrand to ocure him the appointment of Grand Pensionary: his cha. racter : Madame Schimmelpenninck : her talents and amiable manners : Schimmelpenninck’s female friends of the Palais Royal.

Buonaparte's cool reception at Milan : ascribed by him to the in-

trigues of England and Russia: measures of security adopted : fre.
quency of conspiracies in France since the revolution : Buonaparte's
reasons for concealing them : plot of Charlotte Encore : attempts to
stab Buonaparte : prevented by Duroc: expires on the rack, refusing
to name her accomplices : their plan and names how discovered.

All women forbidden to approach Buonaparte without permission : a

female servant of Cardinal Fesch, whom Buonaparte had seduced,
attempts to poison him : discovered and poisons herself : plot to as.
sassinate him at Milau : his agitation on the discovery: speech of one
of the conspirators, who stabs himself: the others torn to pieces on
the rack : proceedings in consequence of this conspiracy. Buona-
parte an object of ridicule in Italy : league of generals against him :
its object : the generals disgraced.

Vanity and Caprice of Buonaparte : his rage, on the Emperor of Ger.

many's refusing to become a member of the Legion of Honour : his
threat, and violent conduct to the Austrian ambassador : determines
to incorporate the Ligurian republic with France : Salicetti, the
French minister at Genoa : his birth : employments : a terrorist :
recommends Buonaparte to Barras : displeases him by his familiari.
ty : Lucien Buonaparte intended to have been made Sovereign of
the Ligurian republic: why not : the change of government how ef-
fected: the Doge and Ligurian Deputation do homage to Buona-
parte as sovereign at Milan : their grief and indignation : The PA-
TRIOTIC ROBBERS : stop Salicetti, and seize his papers : Patri-

Exchange of orders of knighthood between Buonaparte and sovereign

princes : foreign ambassadors invited to his coronation at Milan :


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some decline to attend : expenses of the journey to Milan, and co-
ronation : General Jourdan : his marriage, and military appointments :
cause of his enmity to Pichegru : his military and political ex-
ploits : bis quarrel with Massena : his character.

Conservative Senate, its heterogeneous composition : character of its

members : Senatorial Commission of Personal Liberty : its mem-
bers : Lenoir Laroche, Boissy d'Anglas, Sers : their lives and cha-
racters : Senatorial Commission of the Liberty of the Press : Garat
and Ræderer its principal members : pedantry and inhumanity of Ga-
rat : an enemy to the liberty of the press : Ræderer unprincipled and
profligate : rejected by all factions : employed first by Buonaparte :
his incest : his wealth, libertinism, and foppery.

Turkish empire preserved by the mutual jealousies of Austria, France,

and Russia : its weakness and anarchy: political intrigues at Con-
stantinople: the neutrality of the Porte more useful than its alliance :
intrigue the Brissot faction in 1792, to engage it in a war with .
Austria counteracted by count de Choiseul Gouffier, then French:
ambassador there : De Semonville sent on an embassy thither, in
1793, with rich presents : made prisoner by the Austrians : the Sul-
tan declares war against France : peace concluded : Sebastiani's
mission to Egypt and Syria : General Brune appointed ambassador
to the Porte : his character : his vices: political intrigues and mili-
tary employments.

Brune's numerous suite : of what composed: real object of his mission

avowed by Talleyrand : Markoff remonstrates : Count Italinski : his
character: warns the Divan against Brune : libelled by him in the
Moniteur : Brune's reception at Constantinople : his chagrin : de-
mands his recall, upon the Porte’srefusal to acknowledge Buonaparte
as emperor: Joubert, a bearer of a letter from Buonaparte to the
Grand' signior : his education and employments: young men edu-
cated at the expense of the French government in foreign countries :
for what purpose : Joubert's interview with the Sultan : how ob-
tained : its result : his second message, and failure: French emissa-
ries in Austria, Hungary, and Servia : French Officers in the service
of Czerni George and Paswan Ogłou: Brune quits Constantinople :
appointed to the command of the army of observation opposite the
English coast : his instructions : his wealth, ostentation, and vanity.

LETTER XL. Madame de C -n: her fashionable parties : her marriage with count de Con disputed : character of count de C

-n : his physiognomical pursuits : trick played on him : purchases Madame de c

-n from a Circassian merchant, and sends her to be edu. cated in France : his death : Madame de çmon's numerous suit. ors and galfants : her pretended brother : her own story : birth and splendid christening of the son of count de P-t: Villetard : bis crimes and violence: his sacrilege and infamous conduct at Loretto; treachery and hypocrisy : Cardinal de Bellois : his birth : governed by his grand vicars : Treilhard steals Madame de Cn's gold plates : his political life : Madame Francois de Nantes : her theft, gambling, and prostitution.

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Ill temper of Buonaparte on his return from Milan : from what arisiniga:

his violence and insolence to the Prussian and Saxon ambassadors :
restoration of ancient etiquette a desirable point to insist on from
Buonaparte : his conduct to the army of England : Captain Fournois
stabs himself on being struck by him : his proceedings in conse-
quence : discipline and spirit of the French troops : instance of he-
roism in a private soldier : General Savary : his character, birth, and

The Bank of France ordered by Buonaparte to furnish him with a mil-

lion and a half sterling at two hours notice : alarm of the public : run
upon the bank : notes paid in copper coin : the people grow clamo-
rous : many arrested, and transported to Cayenne : total stagnation
of trade : some Jews offer to purchase the notes at discount : are
transported : arrangement for resuming payment : amount of notes
in circulation at the time of stopping, and of specie in the bank :
shock given to its credit : attempted to be supported by tyranny :
suspicion and severity of the police : anecdotes.

Rapacity and extortions of French officers in Hanover : bribe Madame

Buonaparte for their appointment : General Mortier : his birth : mi-
litary appointments : mean addresses to Buonaparte : his marriage :
his lady's gallantries : splendid christening of his child : his wealth
and character : a great favourite with Buonaparte : Bernadotte :
his birth, political intrigues, military exploits and violence : sent am-
bassador to Vienna : his insolent conduct there : bribed by Buona-
parte. on his assuming the Imperial dignity : his barbarities and mer-
ciless extortions : his character.

Men of letters patronised by Buonaparte : some obscure writers in En-

gland and Ireland pensioned by bim : literary mission to England in-
tended : Buonaparte's liberal rewards to his panegyrists : examples :
great number of works dedicated to him : more by Germans and
Italians than by the French : Spanicetti and Ritterstein, genealogists
of Buonaparte, magnificently rewarded by him : vast number of pic-
tures, statues and busts representing his person and exploits. Schu.
maker, a German artist, executes a model of a tomb for Buonaparte :
how remunerated.

Misery and poverty of the French people : wretchedness of the ci-devant

nobles, and returned emigrants : their employments : anecdotes :
great number of suicides.

Different opinions respecting Buonaparte's private character : apparent

attachment to his wife : his proposed divorce from her, and marriage
with a Russian Princess : his intrigue with Mademoiselle George :
her insolent conduct : Chaptal: his former occupation: political
intrigues and employments ; his wealth and character.

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