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Miserable state of Spain : ignorance and presumption of the Prince of

Peace : the Prince of Asturias endeavours to remove him : receives
sa deputation from the Spanish nobles : character of the Princess of
Asturias : the Prince of Peace informed of their plans : his mea-
sures in consequence: tries to conciliate the Prince and Princess :
is repulsed : character of Herman, secretary to the French embassy
in Spain : the Prince of Peace : his illiberal prejudices : not liked by
the French government : Herman's intrigue with a girl in the suite
of the Princess of Asturias : bis discovery in consequence : plan of
the Prince and Princess : disclosed by the French ambassador to the
favourite : consequent proceedings : the Duke of Montemar inter-
feres : his speech to the King : note of the Prince of Asturias to the
King: their reconciliation.

The Prince of Peace places spies roạnd the Prince and Princess of As-

turias : his insolent conduct to them : indignation of the Spanish no-
bles : the history of Don Carlos written by order of the favourite :
burnt by the queen's confessor : dissimulation of the French ambas-
sador, Bournonville : immense sums paid by Spain to France'. de-
ranged state of the Spanish finances : intrigue of Bournonville to ob.
tain a subsidy : the Prince and Princess of Asturias disavow his asser-
tions: punished in the persons of their favourites : revolution and
change of dynasty expected in Spain : sovereignties intended for Buo-
naparte's brothers : Bournonville's birth and character: his political
and military employments.

Madame Buonaparte's fears of her brothers-in-law : their powers du-

ring Napoleone's absence : his policy': supposed consequence of Na-
poleone's death: new military manners : General Liebeau: his birth,
vulgarity, and character : description of a military wedding : Colonel
Frial : his birth and character : disputes about their respective pre-
tensions to the Imperial crotvn among the military members of the
party : a common subject of discussion and dispute among the mili.
tary in general.

Madame Chevalier : her person and manners : her early prostitution,

and first entrance on the stage : her husband joins the Jacobin clubs,
and is imprisoned as a terrorist : first appearance of Madame Che-
valier on the Hamburgh stage : riot in consequence: her gallantries
and avarice : employed by one of Talleyrand's female agents to go to
Russia : her intrigues with the Emperor Paul: her cruelty and ava-
rice : procures the cruel treatment of the Sardiniart secretary: num-
ber of her victims : her insinuation, cunning, and effrontery: anec-
dotes : female political incendiaries and intriguers, sent by the
French government to Vienna, St. Petersburgh, and Berlin : two
ladies intended for the Pof Wand Do Y-, their
persons and accomplishments.

Submission of America to the mandates of France : views of France

on the American Continent : foments the disagreement between
Spain and the United States : captures and plunders American ships :
condemns all neutral ships trading with St. Domingo. General
T*******, French ambassador to the U***** S***** : discontented

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with President J******** : why: birth of T******* : his political in-

trigues, and military exploits : horrors committed by him in La Ven-

dee : his letter to the National Convention : arrested as a terrorist :

writes Memoirs of the Vendean war : anecdote of Buonaparte :

Wealth of T******* : his conceit, and character.


Discontent of Buonaparte's Italian subjects: their miserable condition :

oppressed and plundered by French generals and governors : Menou :

his birth and infamous character : fate of the nobility who have

joined the French Revolution : Melzi-Eril seduced by French philo-

sophers : approves of the French Revolution : appointed vice-presi-

dent of the Italian Republic: his chagrin on Buonaparte's assuming

the sovereignty: is refused leave to retire to Spain : attempts suicide

by poison.


The foreign ambassadors hesitate to salute Cambaceres and Le Brun,

Serene Highnesses : Buonaparte insists : they bribe Talleyrand, who

obviates the difficulty: Cambaceres bribes Talleyrand, and is created

a Prince: Madame B......S, a female intriguer and tool of Talleyrand,

alarms the Bavarian minister Cetto : he conducts this petty intrigue:

Cambaceres: his birth: infamous character : raised to the consulate

by Buonaparte : his wealth and titles : his brother.


King of Sweden hated by Buonaparte: national character of the Swedes:

cause of Buonaparte's hatred: Baron Ehrensward constantly insulted
by him: orders issued to imprison the Baron for expressing his sen.
timents : Education and character of Baron Ehrensward : King of
Sweden writes to Buonaparte on the seizure of the Duke d'Enghien:
recalls Ehrensward, and orders a court mourning : General Caulin-
court and fifty banditti hired to seize the King of Sweden: intentions
of the French Government, if their plot had succeeded.: their plan
to partition the Swedish territory : character of the King of Sweden

and his counsellors : D’Ehrenheim : Count de Fersen: his attach-

ment and fidelity to the royal family of France: refused admission to

the Congress of Radstadt by Buonaparte : Baron d’Armfeldt: the

friend of Gustavus III: appointed guardian of the present King:

sent ambassador to Italy: outlawed: takes refuge in Russia, ana

serves with distinction under Suwarrow : recalled to his country,

and restored to his dignities : his military talents and spirit.


Buonaparte dreads the liberty of the press : all foreign printers and

booksellers under the control of his police : emissaries employed to

collect literary intelligence : number of French newspapers before

and during the Revolution : reduced by Buonaparte : under the sole

direction of Barrere : foreign papers and publications prohibited un-

der severe penalties: examples of severity: official presses establish-

ed to forge foreign papers : dangerous to question the veracity of

the Moniteur. Anecdote.


Prince of Borghese : his birth : joins the Revolution : his meanness and

pride : marries Madame Le Clerc's fortune : her vices : despises
her husband : her curious request to Buonaparte. Buonaparte ex-
acts chastity from his sisters-in-law ; sudden disappearance of Prin:

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cesses Joseph's and Louis’ gallants. Princess Louis visits Madame
Ney : a midnight occurrence during her stay : she is placed under
the care of Madame Murat : discovers a singular intrigue : arrange-

ments in consequence : Princess Louis' maids confined by the pa-

lice: one of them pregnant by Louis.


Different sensations of the army of England on being ordered to march

for Germany : company of performers sent from Paris to amuse them :

plays and ballads written for the occasion : great effect produced

by them : the Grenadier's Adieu, a ballad, written by three authors,

profusely rewarded by Buonaparte : stanzas on the rumour of a war

with Austria : distributed to the company at Madame Joseph's :

other poetasters how rewarded : curious blunder at Madame Tal.

leyrand's : anecdote of an ancient tyrant.


Portugal forced from her neutrality by her connection with Spain : Por-

tuguese plenipotentiary at Paris in 1797 imprisoned in the Temple :

extravagant demands of France on Portugal supported by the Prince

of Peace uninerciful plunder of Portugal by France : General

Lasnes : his birth : former employments, and infamous character :

his mission to Portugal a punishment for robbing the military chest :

his insolent manners at the Court of Lisbon : smuggles : quits his

post, and returns without apology: demands a change of ministry :

is recalled : General Junot : his birth : military appointments and

exploits : his tyranny and corruption while Governor of Paris : his

connection with a gang of robbers : anecdote of his swindling : Fitte,

his infamous character : emigrates to England : cheats the English

ministry: procures the murder of his brother and sister.


Impolicy of the league of 1793 in admitting any neutrality : danger of

neutral states: The late Count Bernstorf: his political character

The present Count Bernstorf: his system of politics not adapted to

existing circumstances : impolicy in changing the alliance of Russia

for that of Prussia : prince royal of Denmark, his talents and cha-

racter : incapacity of his counsellors : a paragraph in the Moniteur

disbands a Danish army: neutrality of Denmark violated : Grou-

velle, late French ambassador in Denmark : protects and encourages

illuminati and innovators there : his education : ingratitude to the

prince of Conde : his talents and vices : Daguesseau : his insignifi-

cant character : his secretary : Désaugiers, an incendiary.


Avarice and rapacity of the Buonaparte family: immense wealth of

Napoleone : his imperial and royal palaces : private chateaux of

Madame Napoleone : palaces and estates of Joseph, 'Lucien, Louis,

and Jerome : of Madame Lætitia Buonaparte, princess Bachiocchi,

Santa Cruce, Murat, Borghese : of cardinal Fesch : 'and other rela-

tives of Buonaparte : unparalleled revolution of property : just cause

of aların to England.


Daru pays an immense bribe for the place of commissary-general to

the French army in Germany : his great wealth acquired by gamb-
ling: the terror of all the gambling banks on the continent : extor-
tions of the French generals in Germany: Angereau : his birth :

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serves as a spy : as a common soldier : deserts : is flogged: his in.

famy and crimes : Van Damme : his birth : condemned to be hang.

ed : spared by the judge, and sent to the galleys : his ingratitude" :

disgraced by Moreau and Pichegru for his ferocity and crimes : re-

stored to rank by Buonaparte : his wealth.


Pillage and extortions of the French armies : General Ney: his con-

duct at Wetzlar : his birth : former occupation : political intrigues

and military appointments : his wife maid of honour to Empress Jo-

sephine : her birth: gallantries : pleasing manners : gambling and

prostitution : Prince Murat : his crimes : birth : marries Buona.

parte's sister : his immense wealth : promotes and enriches his rela.

tions : effect of his elevation on his father and mother : rapine the

chief object of revolutionists : Murat the executioner of Buonaparte's

despotic and murderous commands : jealous of his wife with her

brother Lucien : her coquetry and gallantries : her favourite Fla-



Increased vigilance of the police at Paris since Buonaparte's departure

for Germany: wall mandates of arrest expedited by Louis Buonaparte :

his vicious character : a tragical intrigue : another intrigue.


Dignified conduct of Russia, its able ministers : Count Woronzoff : his

talents, services, and amiable character: instance of his magnanimity :

Prince Czartorinsky : his great information and polished manners :

Count de Markoff: his political services: exiled by Paul: recalled by

Alexander, and appointed ambassador to France : his surprise at the

conduct of Buonaparte to foreign ambassadors : bis witty letter to his

Court on the occasion : his dignified conduct: hated by Talleyrand.

Talleyrand's low malice ; attempts to corrupt the fidelity of Madame

Hus, the mistress of Count Markoff: conversation of Count Markoff

with him on the subject.


Legion of Honour, when determined on : distribution of arms of ho.

nour among the military : creation of knights : members of the Le-

gion of Honour divided into classes : Buonaparte's desire to have

Sovereigns for members : exchange of orders between Buonaparte

and the Kings of Spain and Prussia : foreiga orders debased by being

conferred on Cambaceres, Fouche, &c. Grand officers of the Legion

of Honour, ci-devant tailors, shoemakers, barbers, &c. kings, electors,

and princes. Effect of the institution on the people : Villeaume, an

engraver, forges letters of knighthood, sells them, and escapes. Ba-

ron Von Rinken, the agent of a petty German Prince, confined in

the Temple for offering patents of knighthood to sale : anecdotes of

Captain Rouvais and a cobler : Cambaceres reproved for partiality

to the Prussian Eagle : Buonaparte ornamented with an immense

number of Orders : presented with the Grand Cross of Malta : Order

of confidence, intended to be instituted by the Empress Josephine :

her mantle and star.


Fifteen persons brought prisoners from La Vendee : their crime not

known: what reported to be : impolicy and cruelty of attempting
to excite an insurrection in the Chouan departments : apathy of the

French people : the general poverty : anecdote: poverty of merchants

and tradesmen : vast number of speculators and bankruptcies : nu.

merous forgeries and swindling : landholders burthened with taxes :

example: their spirit and independence.


Military education of the French youth : the independence of Europe

threatened by it: the only mode of averting the danger : Berthier's

compliment to Buonaparte : the advantage of the French over their

allies : bad consequences of an education entirely military : pointed

out by Arnaud : his exile from Paris in consequence : instance of se-

verity against a schoolmaster, for deviating from the established

mode : his pupils taken care of by Government: another instance of

severity in this respect : new organization of the Ministry of Police, :

and number of spies increased.


The Pope's Nuncio publicly rebuked by Buonaparte : the relatives of

Buonaparte's great officers generally appointed to the chief dignities
of the Gallican Church : their infamous characters : the brother of
General Miollis : his notorious atheism and profligacy: nominated by
Buonaparte to the Bishopric of Digne : the Pope hesitates to grant
a bull for that purpose : his Nuncio at Paris applies to Buonaparte :
how answered: the nomination of Miollis confirmed by the Pope :
debauched character of the Italian Bishops : anecdotes of the Bishop
of Pavia, and of his Grand Vicars, Sarini and Rami : hypocrisy of
the French Clergy: anecdotes : indifference of the French Govern-
ment respecting the Religious establishment: want of Ministers :
to what to be attributed : Buonaparte refuses the Pope to except the
Students in Theology from the Military Conscription : permits him
to establish a Seminary in the Ecclesiastical States.


Violation of the Prussian neutrality: sudden alteration in the expres.

sions of the French Courtiers in regard to Prussia : whence

arising : Buonaparte's ascendancy in Prussia : friendly intercourse

between him and the King of Prussia, and the Empress Jo-

sephine and the Queen : friendship of upstarts dangerous i Duroc's

mission to Berlin: its object: followed by warlike preparations in

Prussia : necessity of Prussia's instantly joining the league against

France : reports of an alliance between Prussia and England : a war

with Prussia desired in France : why.


Instances of impolitic and degrading civility of the Prussian Monarch

to the French : Field-marshal Knobelsdorff, his satirical reply to
Sieyes : General Knobelsdorff, his insignificant character : affection
for Buonaparte : his favour with his Sovereign, and political mis-
sions : object of Count Haugwitz's mission to Vienna: annual subsi.
dy proposed by France to Prussia refused : Baron de Hardenberg:
his political character: his talents : his public employments : his
private agents in foreign countries : Baron de Bulow: his singular
person and manners : confined in the Temple, and supported by Sir
Sidney Smith : Marquis de Lucchesini, his character and political
transactions : Marchioness de Lucchesini : her manners and gako
lantries : Prince Bachiocchi, his former occupation.

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