Practical Arithmetic: Uniting the Inductive with the Synthetic Mode of Instruction : for Schools and Academies

Ivison, Phinney & Company, 1860 - 384 σελίδες

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Σελίδα 316 - ... and to the remainder bring down the next period for a dividend. 3. Place the double of the root already found, on the left hand of the dividend for a divisor. 4. Seek how often the divisor is contained...
Σελίδα 287 - In any proportion, the product of the means is equal to the product of the extremes.
Σελίδα 51 - It shows that the numbers between which it is placed are to be multiplied together ; thus, the expression 7 x 5 = 35 is read, 7 multiplied by 5 is equal to 35.
Σελίδα 311 - The square described on the hypothenuse of a rightangled triangle is equal to the sum of the squares described on the other two sides.
Σελίδα 98 - The number below the line is called the denominator, and shows into how many parts the number or thing is divided. The number above the line is called the numerator, and shows how many parts are expressed by the fraction.
Σελίδα 89 - The Greatest Common Divisor of two or more numbers is the greatest number that will exactly divide each of them. Thu4, 18 is the greatest, common divisor of 36 and 54, since it is the greatest number that will divide each of them without a remainder.
Σελίδα 308 - Multiply the divisor, thus augmented, by the last figure of the root, and subtract the product from the dividend, and to the remainder bring down the next period for a new dividend.
Σελίδα 132 - TABLE. 16 drams, dr. make 1 ounce, marked oz. 16 ounces - - 1 pound, - Ib. 25 pounds - - 1 quarter, - qr. 4 quarters - - 1 hundred weight, cwt. 20 hundred weight 1 ton, - - T.
Σελίδα 99 - A proper fraction is a fraction whose numerator is less than its denominator ; as, •£, -f , •$-. An improper fraction is one whose numerator is equal to, or...
Σελίδα 224 - To find the rate per cent, when the principal, interest, and time are given.

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