A Treatise on the Elements of Algebra

F.W. Greenough, 1839 - 224 σελίδες

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Σελίδα 50 - Thus, in the case of 53361 (whose square root is a number consisting of three figures) ; since the square of the figure standing in the hundred's place cannot be found either in the last period (61), or in the last but one (33), it must be found in...
Σελίδα 222 - The controllers of the public schools of the first school district of Pennsylvania...
Σελίδα 45 - Arrange the terms according to the powers of some letter, beginning with the highest, and set the square root of the first term in the quotient. Subtract the square of the root thus found from the first term, and bring down the next two terms for a dividend.
Σελίδα 32 - MOMENTUM, from moveo, to move ; the product of the numbers which represent the quantity of matter and the Velocity of a body, is called its momentum or quantity of motion. MUCILAGINOUS ; resembling mucilage or gum. MULTIPLE, from multiplico, to render manifold ; a quantity is said to be a multiple of another when it contains that other quantity a certain number of times without a remainder. N.
Σελίδα 8 - Elocution in a small ffpar.e; and a very rich and copious collection of specimens of Deliberative, Forensic, Academic, and Popular Eloquence, filling up the greater portion of the volume. It has met with a very rapid sale, six thousand copies haying been called for within a few weeks after its first appearance.
Σελίδα 52 - ... without affecting the substance of the operation ; having, therefore, simplified the process as in the second operation, we are furnished with the following Rule for extracting the cube root of numbers.
Σελίδα 187 - ... the cologarithm of the denominator. Or in general, to find the logarithm of a fraction whose terms are composed of factors, Add together the logarithms of the factors of the numerator, and the cologarithms of the factors of the denominator. Note. The value of the above fraction may...
Σελίδα 223 - This treatise is intended and admirably calculated to supply the deficiency in the means of mathematical instruction to those who have neither lime nor inclination to peruse numerous abstract treatises in the same depannents.
Σελίδα 103 - If four quantities are proportional, the quotient of the first divided by the second, is equal to the quotient of the third divided by the fourth.
Σελίδα 223 - I subscribe myself, Your obedient servant, WALTER R. JOHNSON, Professor of Mechanics and Natural Philosophy in the Franklin Institute. From S. JONES, AM Principal of the Classical and Mathematical Institute, Philadelphia. I have attentively examined Pinnock's improved edition of Dr Goldsmith's History of England, published by Messrs. Key & Biddle, of this city, and am impressed with its excellence. I have no hesitation in expressing my full approbation of the work, with my belief that it will receive...

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