History and Progress of the Steam Engine: With a Practical Investigation of Its Structure and Application

Thomas Kelly, 1832 - 863 σελίδες

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Σελίδα 9 - contained in the Marquis of Worcester's celebrated " Century of Inventions," dated 1663 ; the original manuscript of which is preserved in the British Museum. The following is the Marquis's own description :— "An admirable and most forcible way to drive up water by fire, not by drawing or sucking it upwards, for that must be, as the philosopher calls it, infra sphteram
Σελίδα 805 - court, in case of conviction, to award such costs as may be deemed proper and reasonable to the prosecutor or prosecutors, to be paid by the party or parties so convicted. "And be it further enacted, that if it shall appear to the
Σελίδα 51 - communication were opened between a cylinder containing steam, and another vessel which was exhausted of air and other fluids, the steam, as an expansible fluid, would immediately rush into the empty vessel, and continue to do so until it had
Σελίδα 804 - the legislature to the subject, about twelve years ago; and a select committee of the House of Commons was appointed in 1819, " to inquire how far it might be practicable to compel persons using steam engines and furnace« in their different works, to erect them in a manner
Σελίδα 305 - transported my great burthen to the Schuylkill with ease; and when it was launched into the water, I fixed a paddle wheel at the stern, and drove it down the Schuylkill to the Delaware, and up the Delaware to the city; leaving all the vessels going up behind me, at least half
Σελίδα 778 - does not describe the engine to which he is to apply his improvements; and as Mr. Watt invented and patented several, and notices them in the following vague terms, it is difficult to comprehend the precise nature of the present invention. Mr. Watt says, " When motions round an axis are required, I make the steam vessels in form
Σελίδα 793 - I cause it to pass through a very hot funnel, flue, or oven, before it comes to the bottom of the boiler, or to the part of the furnace where it is proposed to melt metal or perform any other office, by which means the smoke is still more effectually consumed.
Σελίδα 175 - steam below it, instead of being allowed to escape into the atmosphere, or applied to any other purpose, will pass into the larger cylinder above its piston, which will take its downward stroke at the same time that the piston of the smaller cylinder is doing the same thing; and
Σελίδα 618 - has become absolutely necessary, to conduct the increasing trade of the country with speed, certainty, and economy." It was accordingly determined to establish a company for the formation of a double rail-way from Liverpool to Manchester, and on the 29th of October, 1824, the

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