Macbeth: An Historical Novel of the Last Celtic King

iUniverse, 20 Μαΐ 2011 - 196 σελίδες
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Macbeth is one of the greatest plays ever written, but Shakespeare's depiction of Macbeth bears little resemblance to the truth. The real Macbeth lived in a time of constant battle between those Scots who followed the Celtic system of electing the King, and those who followed the English system of Inheriting the crown in the direct line of succession. Macbeth and Duncan were both grandsons of King Malcolm, but when the King named Duncan as his successor, it caused great resentment, resulting in a protracted war between the clans. When Duncan proved to be a weak and foolish King, the stage was set for a final battle that would come to define Scotland and its people for generations. In 'Macbeth, the last Celtic King', the fog of history is finally lifted, and the true Macbeth is revealed.

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Robert Harrison was born and raised in Riverdale, Michigan, and attended High School and College in nearby Alma. Studying art, literature, history, and composition provided a good foundation for developing writing skills. He then took over his father’s business as a building contractor. He was drafted into the army, serving two years as a high speed radio operator in the signal corps. After separation from the service, he continued building, and also developed several speed reading schools, drilled oil wells,and worked in electric distribution as a technician while continuing his interest in writing and history. After retiring, he coached college and high school tennis and taught a health and science class at Alma College. During that time, he wrote and published his first novel, 'Boudicca, Furie of the Celts. He is married and has two sons, one is a lawyer and the other, a writer.

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