The Royal Military Chronicle or British Officers Monthly Register and Mentor VOL VII


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Δημοφιλή αποσπάσματα

Σελίδα 164 - ... so heavy and galling a fire from a numerous but almost invisible foe, as to render it impossible to halt for the artillery to come up. At this spot two paths led in opposite directions round the hill. I directed Colonel Young, of the King's regiment, with half of the detachment, to penetrate by the left, and Major Drummond of the 104th, to force the path by the right, which proved to be more open, and was less occupied by the enemy. On the left the wood was very thick, and was most obstinately...
Σελίδα 116 - Oswald. The enemy had, however, on the heights on the left of the Zadora, two divisions of infantry in reserve, and it was impossible to cross by the bridges, till the troops which had moved upon the enemy's centre and left had driven them through Vittoria. The whole then co-operated in the pursuit, which was continued by all till after it was dark.
Σελίδα 60 - M'Auley, but the reserve of militia not being able to keep up with them, they were compelled, by the great superiority of the enemy, to give way, leaving a few on a commanding position, and a few of the most advanced, in the enemy's possession, nearly about the time that I gained the height above-mentioned.
Σελίδα 337 - ... and traverses, in the horn-work, on the ramparts of the curtain, and inside of the town opposite to the breach, and ready to pour a most destructive fire of musketry on both flanks of the approach to the top of the narrow ridge of the curtain.
Σελίδα 473 - I am to acquaint you, that his royal highness the prince regent has been pleased, in the name and on the behalf of his majesty, to approve and confirm the finding -and sentence of the court.
Σελίδα 116 - I have reason to believe that the enemy carried off with them one gun and one howitzer only. " The army under King Joseph consisted of the whole of the armies of the South and of the centre, and of four divisions and all the cavalry of the army of Portugal, and some troops of the army of the north.
Σελίδα 162 - We had about 600, including militia and dock-yard men. The quality of these troops was of so superior a description, and their general disposition so good, that under less unfavourable circumstances, I should have felt confident of success, in spite of the disparity of numbers. As it was, the contest, which commenced between six and seven o'clock, was maintained nearly eight hours.
Σελίδα 157 - I am sure there is nobody more willing to give full credit to the gallantry of the Spanish troops than I am, but your lordship well knows that they are unable to move, and I could not therefore depend upon the execution of any order which necessarily obliged them to make a movement...
Σελίδα 114 - Vittoria, and was destined to defend the passages of the river Zadora, in the neighbourhood of that city. They had a reserve, in rear of their left, at the village of Gomecha. The nature of the country through which the army had passed since it had reached the Ebro, had necessarily extended our columns, and we halted on the...
Σελίδα 164 - ... a six-pounder. It was forced and carried in the most spirited manner, and the gun taken before a second discharge could be made from it : a tumbril with a few rounds of ammunition, was found ; but unfortunately the artillerymen were still behind, the schooner not having been able to get up in time ; and the troops were exposed to so heavy and galling a fire from a numerous, but almost invisible foe, as to render it impossible to halt for the artillery to come up. At this spot two paths led in...

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