Irish Law Reports: Particularly of Points of Practice, Argued and Determined in the Courts of Queen's Bench, Common Pleas, and Exchequer in Ireland. third series of 'the law recorder', Τόμος 1

Printed and published for R. Carrick, 1839

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Σελίδα 190 - ... be assigned, granted, or surrendered, unless it be by deed or note in writing signed by the party so assigning, granting, or surrendering the same, or their agents thereunto lawfully authorized by writing, or by act and operation of law.
Σελίδα 147 - Ireland. An Act to consolidate and amend the several Acts now in force so far as the same relate to the election and return of members to serve in Parliament; for the counties of cities and counties of towns in Ireland.
Σελίδα 260 - Act, to plead the general issue, and to give the special matter in evidence...
Σελίδα 304 - And be it enacted, that if any person shall unlawfully take, or cause to be taken, any unmarried girl, being under the age of sixteen years, out of the possession and against the will of her father or mother, or of any other person having the lawful care or charge of her, every such offender shall be guilty of a misdemeanor...
Σελίδα 253 - It seemed to the court in this case, that it is sufficient to state in the declaration so much of any contract, consisting of several distinct parts and collateral provisions as contains the entire consideration for the act and the entire act which is to be done...
Σελίδα 331 - There is no precise form of words necessary to be used in giving notice of the dishonour of a bill of exchange; but the language used must be such as to convey notice to the party what the bill is, and that payment of it has been refused by the acceptor.
Σελίδα 91 - The defendant then asked the court to direct the jury to find a verdict for the defendant...
Σελίδα 312 - plain that the detection and conviction of the offender are the objects " of the legislature, the case will be within the exception, and the person " benefitted by the conviction will, notwithstanding his interest be com"petent.
Σελίδα 247 - ... in consideration of the premises, and that the plaintiff, at the request of the defendant, had...
Σελίδα 366 - ... mentioned, did not, nor did any or either of them, accrue to the said plaintiff, at any time within six years next before the commencement of this suit...

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