Aviation: an historical survey from its origins to the end of the Second World War

Science Museum, 2000 - 304 σελίδες
In this classic account, Charles Gibbs-Smith traces the story of aviation from the invention of the kite in China to the beginnings of the jet age. In particular, the book gives a lovingly reconstructed account of the experiments, disasters and successes in many countries which culminated in the achievement of a genuine flying machine by the Wright brothers in the United States. A large part of Gibbs-Smith's story also covers the early years of aviation before 1914. This period, rich in eccentric characters and extraordinary efforts, laid the foundation for future progress. The second edition of Gibbs-Smith's authoritative text, out of print for many years, is here republished with a number of new illustrations. It will delight a new generation of aviation enthusiasts.

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The gliding prelude to practical powered flying
The Wright brothers and the invention of the practical
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Charles H. Gibbs-Smith, who died in 1981, wrote several books on the history of early aviation. He was a Research Fellow at the Science Museum, London, and an Honorary Companion of the Royal Aeronautical Society.

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