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Σελίδα 361 - The individual who causes two blades of grass to grow where but one grew before, is held in highest emulation as a benefactor of his race.
Σελίδα 395 - Modern History, containing the Rise and Progress of the Principal European Nations, their Political History, and the Changes in their Social Condition, with a History of the Colonies founded by Europeans. By W. COOKE TAYLOR, LL.D., of Trinity College, Dublin. Revised, with Additions on American History, by CS Henry, DD, Professor of History in the University of New- York. One handsome volume, 8vo, of 800 pages, $3,50. O...
Σελίδα 257 - But, nevertheless, the law of nations, as I have stated it. and the statutes of governments founded on that law, as I have referred to them, show that enlightened nations, in modern times, do clearly hold that the jurisdiction and laws of a nation accompany her ships not only over the high seas, but into ports and harbors, or wheresoever else they may be water-borne, for the general purpose of governing and regulating the rights, duties, and obligations of those on board thereof, and that, to the...
Σελίδα 360 - No person shall hereafter transact business in the name of a partner not interested in his firm ; and where the designation • and Company,' or, ' & Co.,' is used, it shall represent an actual partner or partners.
Σελίδα 531 - Complaints were also made of the fisheries carried on by his majesty's subjects in the seas adjoining to the Spanish continent, as being contrary to the rights of the crown of Spain. In consequence of this communication, a demand was immediately made, by his majesty's order, for adequate satisfaction, and for the restitution of the vessel, previous to any other discussion.
Σελίδα 533 - ... it is agreed that their respective citizens and subjects shall not be disturbed or molested, either in navigating or in carrying on their fisheries in the Pacific Ocean or in the South Seas...
Σελίδα 486 - States shall have, possess, and exercise the same jurisdiction in matters of contract and tort, arising in, upon, or concerning steamboats, and other vessels of twenty tons burden and upwards, enrolled and licensed for the coasting trade, and at the time employed in business of commerce and navigation between ports and places in different States and Territories upon the Lakes, and navigable waters connecting said Lakes...
Σελίδα 458 - Previous, however, to this period we had not been unaware of the danger to which our peace would be perpetually exposed whilst so important a key to the commerce of the Western country remained under foreign power.
Σελίδα 525 - Latitude of fortie seven degrees, and that there finding that the Land trended North and North-east, with a broad Inlet of Sea, between 47. and 48. degrees of Latitude...
Σελίδα 356 - state the rights of the colonies in general, the several instances in which those rights are violated or infringed, and the means most proper to be pursued for obtaining a restoration of them.

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