Aldine First Language Book: A Manual for Teachers


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Σελίδα 233 - Ladybird, Ladybird, fly away home, Your house is on fire, your children will burn.
Σελίδα 49 - If a child has begun a sentence with a small letter, the teacher asks, " What kind of letter should you have used? Why?" When this answer, which the teacher must exact, has been made by the child, "A capital letter, because the first word of every sentence should begin with a capital letter," the teacher says,
Σελίδα 233 - In winter I get up at night And dress by yellow candle-light. In summer quite the other way, I have to go to bed by day. I have to go to bed and see The birds still hopping on the tree, Or hear the grown-up people's feet Still going past me in the street. And does it not seem hard to you, When all the sky is clear and blue, And I should like so much to play, To have to go to bed by day?
Σελίδα 156 - You are in the china closet!" He would cry, and laugh with glee — It wasn't the china closet; But he still had Two and Three. "You are up in papa's big bedroom, In the chest with the queer old key!
Σελίδα 268 - WHEN to the flowers — so beautiful — The Father gave a name, Back came a little blue-eyed one (All timidly it came) And standing at...
Σελίδα 233 - So, when my nurse comes in for me, Home I return across the sea, And go to bed with backward looks At my dear Land of Story-books.
Σελίδα 205 - Be careful about the correction of the pupils' papers ; this is the most important part of the exercise. If a pupil has omitted a comma to separate the name of the person addressed from the rest of the sentence, question and direct as follows: Who is speaking?
Σελίδα 171 - Monday's child is fair of face/ Tuesday's child is full of grace/ Wednesday's child is full of woe/ Thursday's child has far to go/ Friday's child is loving and giving/ Saturday's child works hard for a living/ But the child that is born on the Sabbath Day/ Is bonny, and blithe, and good, and gay.
Σελίδα 114 - To secure this perfect, understanding, supplement, if necessary, the questions in the pupils' book with questions that will bring the most detailed and definite answers possible. Your questions, at first, must be as definite, as this : Is any one speaking? (Insist on the answer " yes " or "no.") Who is speaking? What does he say? Put your fingers around what he says. What do we call those words? What marks are around them? Point to those marks and tell their name. What mark is used to separate the...
Σελίδα 268 - THE FORGET-ME-NOT When to the flowers so beautiful The Father gave a name, There came a little blue-eyed one — All timidly it came — And standing at the Father's feet, And gazing in His face, It said with low and timid voice, And yet with gentle grace, "Dear Lord, the name thou gavest me, Alas, I have forgot.

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