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Sylvester, 1896 - 254 σελίδες

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Σελίδα 172 - Multiply the divisor, thus augmented, by the last figure of the root, and subtract the product from the dividend, and to the remainder bring down the next period for a new dividend.
Σελίδα 166 - ... and to the remainder bring down the next period for a dividend. 3. Place the double of the root already found, on the left hand of the dividend for a divisor. 4. Seek how often the divisor is contained...
Σελίδα 143 - The sq rt function calculates the square root of a number. (The square root of a number is that number which when multiplied by itself will produce the number you started out with.
Σελίδα 124 - From the square of the diameter subtract the square of the chord, and extract the square root of the remainder. Subtract this root from the diameter, and half the remainder will give the versed sine of half the arc.
Σελίδα 239 - Beaking-joint, is the joint formed by the meeting of several heading joints in one continued line, which is sometimes the case in folded floors Beam, a horizontal piece of iron or ~ timber, used to resist a force or weight, as a tie-beam, where it acts as a string, or chain, by its tension; as a collar-beam, where it acts by compression; as a bressummer, where it resists a transverse insisting weight...
Σελίδα 174 - To find the area of a circle, multiply the square of the diameter by .7854.
Σελίδα 247 - A square, projecting, vertically faced member, forming the lowest division of the base of a column. The plain, projecting face at the bottom of a wall, immediately above the ground.
Σελίδα 164 - Multiply the second and third terms together, and divide their product by the first term , the quotient will be the answer...
Σελίδα 162 - ... yd, 50 cubic feet of round timber . make 1 ton T. 40 cubic feet of hewn timber . make 1 ton T. 42 cubic feet of shipping ... make 1 ton T. 16 cubic feet make 1 cord foot. . . c. ft. 8 cord feet, or 128 cubic feet make 1 cord of wood. C.
Σελίδα 166 - Find the greatest square number in the left hand period, and write its root for the first figure in the root; subtract the square number from the left hand period, and to the remainder bring down the next period for a dividend.

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