The new army list, by H.G. Hart [afterw.] Hart's army list. [Quarterly]

Henry George Hart

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Σελίδα 43 - Division throughout the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, including the battles of Alma and Inkerman, siege and fall of Sebastopol (Medal and...
Σελίδα 5 - Taeplngs in the vicinity of Shanghai in April and May 1862, resulting In the taking of the stockade of Nanhsiang, capture by escalade of...
Σελίδα 19 - Lt.Col., 5th Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). Served in the Indian campaign under Sir Colin Campbell from Sept. 1857 to April 1858, Including the relief of Lucknow, action « Cawnpore, and final capture of Lucknow ; at the relief of Lucknow from i:lth to 24th Nov.
Σελίδα 26 - Mr. Hunter served In the Crimea at the siege and fall of Sebastopol (Medal with Clasp, and Turkish Medal).
Σελίδα 39 - Goomteo ; also the Trans-Gogra campaign, including the affair near Churda and pursuit, taking the fort of Meejeedia, attack on Bankee with pursuit to the Raptee, advance into Nepaul and affair at Sitkaghat (Medal and Clasp).
Σελίδα 93 - Sept. 1855, including the siege and fall of Sebastopol ami assault of the Redan on the 8th September — severely wounded (Medal with Clasp, and Turkish Medal). Served also in the Indian campaign of 1857-58, including the relief of Lucknow by Lord Clyde, defeat of the Gwalior Contingent at...
Σελίδα 48 - Jackson served In the Peninsula, from April 1800 to the end of the war In 1814, Including the battles of Oporto, Talavera, and...
Σελίδα 39 - Fusiliers including the battles of Alma, Balaklava, and Inkerman, and siege of Sebastopol (Medal with four Clasps, and Turkish Medal).
Σελίδα 7 - S2nd at the first and second siege operations before Mooltan, including the attack on the enemy's position In front of the advanced trenches 12th Sept.
Σελίδα 19 - Balaklara, expedition to Kertch, siege and fall of Sebastopol, and assault on the outworks 18th June (Medal and Clasps, Brevet Major, Sardinian and Turkish Medals, and Mb.

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