Centennial Cookery Book

Times Print., 1887 - 161 σελίδες

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Σελίδα 65 - T would tempt the dying anchorite to eat; Back to the world he'd turn his fleeting soul, And plunge his fingers in the salad bowl. Serenely full, the epicure would say, "Fate cannot harm me, I have dined today.
Σελίδα 59 - STEWED OYSTERS. Drain the liquor from two quarts of firm, plump oysters ; mix with it a small teacupful of hot water, add a little salt and pepper, and set over the fire in a saucepan. Let it boil up once, put in the oysters, let them boil for five minutes or less — not more. When they " ruffle," add two tablespoonfuls of butter.
Σελίδα 65 - Two large potatoes passed through kitchen sieve Smoothness and softness to the salad give; Of mordant mustard, add a single spoon, Distrust the condiment that bites too soon; But deem it not, thou man of herbs, a fault To add a double quantity of salt; Four times the spoon with oil of Lucca crown And twice with vinegar procured from "town.
Σελίδα 145 - If he sputters and fizzes do not be anxious; some husbands do this till they are quite done. Add a little sugar in the form of what confectioners call kisses, but no vinegar or pepper on any account. A little spice improves them, but it must be used with judgment.
Σελίδα 144 - A good many husbands are utterly spoiled by mismanagement. Some women go about it as if their husbands were bladders, and blow them up. Others keep them constantly in hot water; others let them freeze by their carelessness and indifference. Some keep them in a stew by irritating ways and words. Others roast them. Some keep them in a pickle all their lives. It cannot be supposed that any husband will be tender and good managed in this way, but they are really delicious when properly treated. In selecting...
Σελίδα 145 - Tie him in the kettle by a strong silk cord called comfort, as the one called duty is apt to be weak. They are apt to fly out of the kettle and be burned and crusty on the edges, since, like crabs and lobsters, you have to cook them while alive.

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