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ARATS, Andrew, a painter of fruit and still threw him into a deep melancholy; he ever af life, horn at Naples, was enıployed by the king erwards kept a monthly fast on Tuesday, the of Spain, and died in 1732.

day on which this fatal mischance happened, ABAUZIT, Firmin, born at Uzes, 11th Nov. and settled an annuity of 201. on the widow. 1679, fled from the persecution which attended Worn out, however, with cares and infirmitics, his parents on account of their profession of fiue died at Croydon, Aug. 5, 1633. protestantism, and retired to Geneva, became ABBOT, Maurice, youngest brother of the distinguished for bis superior progress in every archbishop, acquired consequence in commerbranch of polite learning, but particularly cial affairs, was employed in 1624 in establishmathematics and natural history; was flatteredling the settlement of Virginia, and was the first by Voltaire, and complimented by Rousseau ; person on whom Charles I. conferred ihe hohe died March 20, 1767.

Inour of knighthood. He was elected represenABBADIE, James, an eminent Protestant di- litative for London, and in 1638 was raised to the vine, and dean of Rilaloe, born at Nay, in Berne, inayoralty of the city, and died Jan. 10th, 1640. ir ihe year 1654 (or, according to some accounts, ABBOT, Robert, D. D. eldest brother of the in. 1658,) died in the parish of Mary-la-bonne, wo preceding; he was born at Guildford, was in London, 1727. The chief of this author's educated at Baliol college, and elected master works was, " Traité de la Verité de la Religion thereof, 1609. His eloquence as a preacher reChrétienne; Rotterdam, 1084.” This has gone commended him to further patronage; he was through several editions, and is perhaps the best appointed chaplain to the king, and regius probook ever published on that subject.

tessor of divinity at Oxford. He was conseABAS, Halli, a physician, and one of the crated bishop of Salisbury, 1615, and died Mar. Persian magi, who followed the doctrines of||2, 1617, in his 58th year. His writings were Zoroaster; he wrote A. D. 980, a book called principally controvrsial. a royal work, which was translated into Latin ABBT, Thomas, the German translator of by Stephen of Antioch, 1127, and is now extant. (Sallust, and the admired author of a treatise

ABBAS, the uncle of Mahomet, opposed the On merit,"and of another, “Of dying for one's ainbitious views of the impostor; but when de-country," was born at Clm, and died at Buckefeated in the battle of Bedr, was reconciled to herg, 1766, aged 28. his nephew, embraced his religion, and thanked ABDALCADER, a Persian who was greatly heaven for the prosperity and the grace he en- revered by the mussulmans for his learning, his joyed as a mussulman. He dicd in the 32d year piety, and the sanctity of his manners. of the hegira.

ABDALLAH, father of Mahomet, was a ABBASSA, vid. Abassa.

slave, and a driver of camels. ABBATEGIO, Marian d', an ecclesiastic of ABDALLAH, son of Zobair, was proclaimed the 14th century, who rose by his abilities to be caliph of Mecca and Medina, after the expulsion governor of Aquila.

of Yesid. After enjoying the sovereignty for ABBATISSA, Paul, a famous Sicilian poet, | four years, he was besieged in Mecca, by the born at Messina, 1570. He translated into Italian successor of Yesid in Syria, and sacrificed to verse Homer's Iliad and Odyssey, and Ovid's the ambition of his rival, 733. Metamorphoses.

ABDALLAH, son of Yesid, celebrated as a ABBIATI, Philip, a historical painter, bornniussulman lawyer in the 7th century. at Milan 1640, died 1715.

ABDALLAH, son of Abbas, endeavoured ABBON, a monk of St. Germain des Près, leo raise his family on the ruins of the Onimiades; who was present at the siege of Paris by the line was defeated by his rivals, who, afterwards, Normans, at the close of the 9th century; he retending to be reconciled, perfidiously nur: Wrote an account of this event in 1200 verses, lidered hini, 754. in execrable Latin, which was edited by Du- ABDALMALEK, son of Marvan, was 5th plessis, 1753.

caliph of the Ommiades, and began to reign, 685. ABBON, de Fleury, an ecclesiastic of Or. He was called Abulzebab, because bis breath Jeans, who became abbot of Fleury, supported was so offensive that it killed the very fies that the rights of the monastic order against the in-settled on his lips; he reigned 21 years, and was trusions of the bishops. Ile was killed in a succeeded by Valid, the eldest of bis 16 sons. quarrel between the French and Gascons, 1004. ABDALMALEK, the last of the caliphs of

ABBOT, Hull, a respectable minister of the race of the Samanides, was dethroned and Charlestown, Massachusetts, published several murdered by Mahmoud, 999. sermons, died 1782, aged 80.

ABDALŘAHMAN, or ABDERAMES, vid ABBOT, George, archbishop of Canterbury, ||Abderames. born 1562, at Guildford, in Surry. In 1604 that ABDAS, a bishop in Persia, who, by incon translation of the Bible now in use was begun by siderately abolishing a Pagan temple of the the direction of king James, and Dr. Abbot was sun, excited the public indignation against himthe second of eight divines of Oxford, to whom self and his religion. the care of translating the whole New Testa- ABDEMELEK, king of Fez and Morocco, was nient (excepting the Epistles) was committed. dethroned by his nephew, Mahomet; but by the Or. April 5, 1619, Sir Nicholas Kempe laid the assistance of troops, sent him by the sultan first stone of the hospital at Guildford. TheSelim, defeated Sebastian, king of Portugal, archbishop, who was present, afterwards en- who had landed in Africa to support the usurper. dowed it with lands to the value of 3001. per|The two African monarchs and Sebastian tell ano. The archbishop, being in a declining state on the field, 1578. of health, used in the summer to go to Hamp- ABDERAMES, a caliph of the race of Omshire for the sake of recreation; and being in. Imiades, was invited into Spain by the Saracens. vited by lord Zouch to hunt in his park at Bran-| He assumed the title of king of Corduba, and zill, be met there with the greatest misfortune the surname of just; he died, 790, after reigning that ever befell him ; for he accidentally killed |32 years. his lordship's keeper, by an arrow from a cross- ABDERAMES, a Saracen general of the ca. bow, which he shot at a deer. This accident hiph Heschain, who, after conquering Spain, penetrated into Aquitain and Poitou, and was atsinfamous treatment forced Abelard to a cloistet, last defeated by Charles Martel, near Poitiers, to conceal his confusion, and he put on the habit 732.

in the abbey of St. Denis. He afterwards reABDERAMES, a petty prince, in the kingdom tired to a solitude in the diocese of Troyes, and of Morocco. He murdered Amadin, his prede- there built an oratory, which he nained the cessor and nophew, and was himself assassi- Paraclete, where great numbers of pupils renated by a chieftain, 1505.

sorted to him. Here again his success excited ABDIAS, a native of Babylon, who pretend- that envy by which he had through life been ed to be one of the 72 disciples of our Saviour, persecuted ; and having been several times in wrote a legendary treatise, called Historia certa-danger of his ife, by poison and other artificne, menis Apostolici, which was edited aud trans- he was at length received by Peter the Venerable lated into Latin, by Wolfgang Lazius, Basil, into his abbey of Clugni, in which sanctuary 1571.

Abelard was treated with the utmost humanity ABDISSI, a patriarch of Assyria, who paid and tenderness. Al length, having become indirin homage to Pope Pius IV. 1562, and extended the from the prevalence of the scurvy and other power of the Romish church in the East.

disorders, he was removed to the priory of St. ABDOLONYMUS, a Sidonian of the royal Marcellus, on the Saon, near Chalons, where family, placed on the throne by Alexander thehe died, April 21, 1142, in the 634 year of his Great.

age. His corpse was sent to Heloise, who de ABDON, a Persian, who suffered martyrdomposited it in the Paraclete. under the persecution of Decius, 250.

ABELL, John, an English musician in the ABDULMUMEN, a man of obscure origin, || chapel royal of Charles II. celebrated for a fine seized the crown of Morocco, his death put a counter-tenor voice, and for his skill on the luie. stop to his meditated invasion of Spain, 1156. He continued in the chapel till the Revolu

ABEILLE, Gaspard, a native of Riez, in tion, when he was discharged as being a Papist. Provence, born 1648, died at Paris, 1718. L'pon this he went abroad, and at Warsaw met

ABEILLE, Scipio, brother of the preceding, with a very extraordinary adventure. lle was surgeon in the regiment of Picardy, died 1097. sent for to court; but evading to go my some

ABEL, second son of Adam, was cruelly slight excuse, was commanded to attend. A: murdered by his brother Cain.

the palace, he ras seated in a chair in the midABEL, king of Denmark, son of Valdimar, dle of a spacious hall, and suddenly drawn up to II. usurped the throne 1250, and was killed in a great height, when the king, with his attendbattle two years after.

auts, appeared in a gallery opposite to him. At ABEL, Frederick Gottfried, a native of Hal-the same instant a number of wild bears were berstadt, abandoned divinity for the pursuit of turned in, when the king bid him choose, medicine; he died 1794, aged 80.

whether he would sing, or be let down among ABEL, Charles Frederic, whosegreat musical the bears. Ahill chose the former, and declared ability, both as composer and performer, was afterwards, that he never sung so well in his life an honour to the age in which he lived. His ABELLA, a female writer born at Salerne, in Instrumental performance, particularly on the the reign of Charles of Anjou. Viol di Gamba, was much distinguished for its ABELLI, Lewis, a native of Vexin Francois, elegance and fine feeling. He died, at London, who was made Bishop of Rhodes, died at Paris after three days' sleep, on the 20th of June, 1787.||1691, in his 88th year.

ABELA, John Francis, a commander of the ABENDANA, Jacob, a Spanish Jew, who order of Malta, known by an excellent work died 1685, prefect of the Synagogue in London. called “ Malta illustrata,” in fol. 1647.

ABENEZRA, Abraham, a Spanish rabbi, surABELARD, Peter, one of the most celebrated named the wise, great, and admirable, died 1174, doctors of the 19th century, was born in the vil-aged about 75. His commentaries are highly lage of Palais, in Brittany. That he might enjoy|valued. all the sweets of life, he thought it necessary to ABENGNEFIL, an Arabian physician, of have a mistress, and accordingly fixed his affec-| the 12th century. tions on Heloise, a niece of a canon at Paris. ABENMELÈK, a learned rabbi, who wrote, He boarded in this canon's house, whose name in Hebrew, a commentary on the Bible; it was was Fulbert; where, pretending to teach the published at Amsterdam, 1661, in folio. young lady the sciences, he soon made love to ABERCROMBIE, James, a major general in his scholar. Abelard now performed his public the British army in Canada, in 1756 : he display. functions very coldly, and wrote nothing but|cd a want of talents, and was superseded by amorous verses. Heloise, at length, being likely general Amherst. to become a mother, Abelard sent her to a sister ABERCROMBIE, John, a horticultural writer of his in Brittany, where she was delivered of al|of much note. His first work was published in. son. To soften the canon's anger, he offered to der the title of “Mawe's Gardener's Calendar;" marry Heloise privately; Fulbert, however, was the flattering reception of which led him to better pleased with this proposal than his niece, pursue his literary labours on professional subyho, from a strange singularity in her passion, ||jects, to which he prefixed his own name.

Не hose rather to be the mistress than the wife of died at Somers' Town, in 1806, in the 80th year Abelard. At length, however, she consented to lof his age. a private marriage; but, even after this, would ABERCROMBY, Sir Ralph, a brave British on some occasions affirm with an oath, that she general, born in Scotland 1743, received his vas still unmarried. Her husband thereupondeath-wound (like Wolfe) in the moment of a ient her to the monastery of Argenteuil ; where,great victory over the French, within four miles at his desire, she put on a religious habit, but not of Alexandria, in Egypt, March 21, 1801, and he veil. Heloise's relations, looking upon this as died on the 28th of the s'me month. 1 second piece of treachery in Abelard, were ABERCROMBY, Thonias, M. D. a native or ransported to such a degree of resentment, thatForfar, became physician to James II. by re bey hired ruffians, who forsing into his cham-inouncing the proiestant religlun; he died 1726 ver by night, deprived him of his manhood. Thisllaged 70.

A BERNETHY, John, an eminent dissenting bellion against his father, and was slain by Joab minister, born at Coleraine, in Ireland, 1680; about 1030, B. C. died at Dublin 1740. His best esteemed works ABSALOM, archLishop of Lunden, in Denare a set of sernions on the “Divine and Moral mark, minister and friend of Waldemir, disAttributes."

played his abilities in the cabinet, in the fie.d, ABGARUS, a king of Edessa, famous for the land in the fleet, was humane and benevolent; letter which he is said to have sent to our he died universally regretted, 1202. Saviour, and for the answer he received. ABSTEMIOUS, Laurentius, an Italian wri

ABGILLUS, son of the king of the Frisii, ter, born at Macerata, in La Marca de Ancona, surnamed Prester John, was in the Holy land who devoted himself early to the study of powith Charlemagne.

lite literature. He published, under the pontifiABIATHAR, sun of Abimelech, was the high|cate of Alexander VI. a treatise, entitled Hepriest of the Jews, and the friend and fellow catomythium," from its containing 100 fables, sufferer of David.

which have been often printed with those of ABIGAIL, wife of Nabal, married to David Æsop, Phædrus, Gabrius, Avienus, &c. after Nabal's death, 1057, B. c.

ABUBEKER, father-in-law of Mahomet, was ABIJAH, son of Rehoboam, was king of Ju-selected his successor. After a reign of 2 years dah after his father, 958, B. C.

and 6 months, he expired in the 63d year of his ABIOSI, John, an Italian physician and as-age. ironomer, in the beginning of the 16th century. ABUCARA, Theodore, the metropolitan of ABLANCOURT, vid. Perrot.

Caria, obtained a seat in the synod held at ConABLE, or ABEL, Thomas, a chaplain at the stantinople, 869 ; he wrote treatises against the courtof Henry VIII., was executed July 30, 1540. Jews and Mahometans, which have been pube

ABNER, son of Ner, was Saul's uncle, and lished. his faithful general, and was perfidiously slain ABUDHAHER, the father of the Carmatians, by Joab, 1048, B. C.

in Arabia, opposed the religion of Mahomet, ABOUBEKER, vid. Abubeker.

plundered the temple of Mecca, and died in posABOUGEHEL, one of the enemies of Ma- session of his extensive dominions, 953. homet and his religion.

ABULFARAGIUS, Gregory, son of Aaron, ABOUHANIFAH, surnamed Alnooman, a la physician, born in 1296, in the city of Malatia, celebrated doctor ainong the mussulmans, born near the source of the Euphrates in Armenia. in the 80th year of the hegira.

He wrote in Arabic, a history which does lioABOU-JOSEPH, a learned mussulman, ap-nour to his memory; it is divided into dynasties pointed supreme judge of Bagdat by the caliphs consists of ten parts, and is an epitome of uni Hladi aud Aaron Raschid.

versal history, from the creation of the world to ABOULAINA, a mussulman doctor, cele- his own time. brated for his wit.

ABULFEDA, Ismael, prince of Hamah, in ABOU-LOLA, an Arabian poet, born at Ma- Syria, but better known as author of Tables ora in 973, became a brahmin, and died 1057. of Geography of the regions beyond the river

ABOU-NAVAS, an Arabian poet, whose | Oxus. He began his reign in the 74d year of merit was protected and encouraged at the court the hegira, and ended it three years afterwards, of Aaron Raschid.

agcd 72. ABOU-RIHAN, a gcographer and astronomer, ABULGASI-BAYATUR, khan of the Tarwho employed 40 years of his life in travelling | ars, reigred 20 years, respected at home and through India.

abroad, resigned the sovereignty to his son, ABRABANEL, Isaac, a Jew of Lisbon, em- wrote the only Tartar history known in Europe; ployed in offices of importance, by Aphonso Villhe died 1663. of Portugal, fed into Spain, and from thence ABULOLA, vid. Aboulola. to Naples, then to Corfu, and at last to Venice, ABU-MESLEM, a mussulman governor of where he died, 1508, in his 71st year.

Khorasan, who, in 746, transferred the dignity ABRAHAM, the patriarch, was born at Ur, of caliph from the family of the Ommiades to in Chaldea, A. M. 2004; he died in his 175th | hat of the Abbassides, by which he occasioned year.

the death of 600,000 mien. He was thrown into ABRAHAM, Nicholas, a learned Jesuit in the Tigris, 754. Lorraine, was 17 years divinity professor at Pont ABUNDIUS, a bishop of Come, in Italy, who a Mousson, where he died, Sept. 7, 1655, in his assisted at the council of Constantinople, as the

representative of Leo, and died, 469. ADRAJIAM, Ben-choila, a Spanish rabbi, ABUNOWAS, an Arabian poet, deservedly skilled in astrology, prophesied that the coming|patronized liy Aaron Raschid, died 810. of the Messiah would be in 1358. Died, 1303. ABU-OBEIDAH, a friend and associate of

ABRAHAM, Usque, a Jew of Portugal. He Mahomet, extended his conquests over Palestine undertook, with Tobias Athias, to translate the and Syria, and died 639. bible into Spanish, in the 16th century.

ABU-SAID-EBN-ALJAPTU, a sultan, the ABRAHAM, an emperor of the Moors of Afri- ast of the family

of Zingis-khan, died 1335. ca, in the 12th century, was dethroned by his ABUSAID-MİRZA, a man of enterprise, who subjects, and hiscrown usurped by Abdulmumen. placed himself at the head of an army, and de

ABROSI, John, an Italian physician. Heclared himself independent; he was killed in an wrote a dialogueon astrology, 4to. Venice, 1494. ambush, 1468, aged 42

ABRUZZO, Balthasar, a Sicilian, known for ABUTEMÁN, a poet in high repute among his abilities as a philosopher and a civilian, the Arabians, born a Yasein, between Damasdied, 1665, aged 64.

cus and Tiberias, about 846. ABRUZZO, Peter, a Neapolitan architect in ABYDENE, wrote a history of Chaldea and the 17th century.

Assyria, of which valuable composition only a ABSALOM, son of king David, distinguished few fragments have been preserved by Eusebius. for his persona! acquirements, his popularity, ACACIUS, surnamed Luscus, founder of the and his vices, murdered his brother, hended a re- Isect of the Acaciani, died, 365.

66th year.

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ACACIUS, patriarch of Constantinople, es-ll ACHARD, Claude Francis, a physician was tablished the superiority of his see over the east-secretary to the academy, and librarian of the ern bishops, was opposed by Felix, and died 498. || city of Marseilles; he died 1809.

ACACIUS, a bishop of Berea, in Syria, per- ACHARDS, Eleazer Francis des, distin 'uishsecuted Chrysostom and Cyril,of Alexandria; beled by his learning, piety, and humanity, was died 432.

nominated bishop of Halicarnassus, and after. ACACIUS, a bishop of Amida, on the Tigris. wards sent apostolic vicar to China; b died at sold the sacred vessels of his churches to ran- Cochin, 1741. soin 7000 Persian slaves ; he lived in the reign ACHERY, Dom Lucd', a native of St. Quinof Theodosius the younger.

tin in Picardy, displayed his learning as an ec ACCA-LAURENTIA, wife of Faustulus, clesiastic and antiquary by several publications; and nurse of Romulus and Remus.

he died at Paris, 1685. ACCA, bishop of Hexham, author of treatises ACHILLINI, Alexander, a Bolognese physi. on the sufferings of the saints, died 1740. cian, known by liis publications, and disiin

ACCARISI, James, a professor of rhetoric ài guished himself as thic follower of Averroes, Mantua, died 1654.

died 1512. ACCETTO, Reginald, author of a thesarus

ACHILLINI, Philotheus, wrote a poem to of the Italian tongue, died 1560.

honour the memory of Italian genius and reACCIAIOLI, Ďonatus, of Florence, distin- commend morality; be died 1538. guished by his learning and political services to ACHILLINI, Claude, distinghished for his his country, died 1478.

knowledge of medicine, theology and jurispru. ACCIAIOLI, Renatus, a Florentine, conquer-Idence, died, at Bologna, 1640. ed Athens, Corinth, and Bæotia, in the begin- ACHMET I., emperor of Turkey, son and ning of the 11th century.

successor of Mahomet III., made war against ACCIAIOLI, Zenobio, a learned ecclesiastic the Hungaries, died 1617. of Florence, and librarian to Leo X., died 1537. ACHMET II. succeeded his brother Solyman

ACCIAIOLI, or ACCIAUOLI,' Angelo, a III. on the throne of Constantinople; he was un learned cardinal, archbishop of Florence, who fortunate in his wars against the Venetians and wrote in favour of Urban VI., died 1407. Austrians, and died 1605.

ACCIAIOLI, Magdalen, a Florentine, cele- ACHMET III,. son of Mahomet IV., was brated for her beauty, but more for the powers crowned by a faction who deposed his brother of her mind, died 1610.

Mustapha II.; he granted an asylum to Charles ACCIUS, Lucius, a Latin tragic poet, the son XII., made war against the Russians and Perof a freedman, was born in the year of Rome sians, and was hurled from his throne by an in 533 ; he did not, however, confine himself to surrection; he died 1736. dramatic writing; for he left other productions ; ACHMET GEDUC, or ACOMET, a celebrated particularly his " Annals," mentioned by Ma- general, he assisted Bajazet II. in obtaining tho crobius, Priscian, Festus, and Nonius Marcellus. ihrone, 1432, and was afterwards inhumanly as Accius was so much esteemed by the public, sassinated. that a comedian was punished for only men- ACHMET Bacha, a general of Solyman, tioning his name on the stage.

revolted from his sovereign, 1524, and was soon ACČIUS, Zuchus, an Italian poet of the 16th after defeated and beheaded. century, paraphrased some of the fables of ACHMET, an Arabian who wrote on the in Æsop.

terpretation of dreams; the work was publisbed ACCOLTI, Benedict, a lawyer of Florence, in Greek and Latin, by Rigault, 1603. secretary to the republic, died 1466.

ACH-VAN, or ACHEN, John, a historical ACCOLTI, Francis, brother to Benedict, re painter, born at Cologne, died 1621. puted for his judgment, eloquence and know- ACIDALIUS, Valens, a native of Wistock ledge of jurisprudence, sometimes called Aretin, in Brandebourg, distinguished by his extensive lied, 1470 ; vid. Aretin.

erudition, died 1595. ACCOLTI, Peter, son of Benedict, raised to ACKERMAN, John Christian, Gottlieb, prohe dignity of cardinal; died at Florence 1549.) fessor of medicine at Altdorf, in Franconia, His brother Benedict, duke of Nepi, distinguished died 1801. imself as a poet.

ACOLUTHUS, Andrew, a learned professor ACCOLTI, Benedict, conspired with five of languages at Breslaw, published a Latin others to murder Pius IV., and suffered capital translation of the Armenian version of Obadiah, punishment, 1501.

at Leipsic, djed 1704. ACCORDS, Stephen Tabourot, Seigneurdes, ACONTIUS, James, a famous philosopher, advocate in the parliament of Dijon, died 1561. civilian, and divine, born at Trent, in the 16th

ACCURSE, Francis, a native of Florence, century. He embraced the protesiant religion ; and professor of law at Bologna, died 1229. His and, going over to England in the reign of Es. son also distinguished himself as a lawyer at|zabethı, met with a very friendly reception from Toulouse.

that princess, as he himself has testified in a ACCURSE, Marius Angelo, a native of A- work dedicated to her. This work is his ccleguila, in the 16th century, eminent for his criticallbrated “Collection of the Stratagems of Satan,” and literary abilities,

which has been often translated, and gone ACERBO, Francis, a native of Nocera, pub-through many different impressions. lished some poems at Naples, 1666.

ACOSTA, Gabriel, professor of divinity at CoACESIUS, Bishop of Constantinople, in the imbra, wrote a Latin coininentary on the Old age of Constantine, maintained, that those who Testament, he died 1616. committed any sin after being baptised, ought|| ACOSTA, Joseph, a provincial of the Jesuits, not to be again admitted into the church, thoughin Peru, was born at Medina del Campo, and they might repent.

died at Salamanca, 1600. ACHALEN, a British sovereign in the 6th ACOSTA, Uriel, a native of Oporto, educated century, was driven from his dominions, and in the Romish religion; he fled to Judaism, and took refuge in Wales.

shot himself 1640.


1741. His principal works are, " Roman Anti CRON, a phy, ivian of Sicily, who relieved ||quities," "Classical Biography,” and “ Lexi Athens during a plague, by buriing perfumes ; con Linguæ Latinæ."

He dicd of apoplexy, ed about 440 B. C.

Dec. 18, 1809. ACRONIUS, John, a Mathematician of Fries- ADAM, Melchior, rector of a college at Heidland, who wrote on the motion of the earth, ||elberg, where he pub.ished " Lives of Illustri. died at Basle, 1563.

ous Men," in four vols., and died about 1635. ACRONIUS, John, a Dutch writer of the 17th ADAM, Robert, architect, was born in 1728, Century, who wrote against the Romish religion. Jt Kirkcaldy, in Fifeshire, and received his edit

ACROPOLITA, George, one of the writers ||cation at the university of Edinburgh. After of the Byzantine history, born at Constantino-his return from * visit to Italy, Mr. Adam wa ple, 1220.

In his 21st year, he inaintained as appointed architect to his majesty in the yea learned dispute with Nicholas, the physician, ||1762, and produced a total change in the archi concerning the eclipse of the sun, before the em- Lecture of that country. His fertile genius peror John. Gregory Cyprian, a patriarch of elegant ornament was not confined to the deco Constantinople, in his encomium upon him, pré-ration of buildings, but has been diffused int 'fixed to Acropolita's history, is perhaps some-almost every branch of manufacture. At the what extravagant in his praise, when he says, time of his death, March 3, 1792, the new unithat he was equal to Aristotle in philosophy, versity of Edinburgh, and other great public and to Plato in the knowledge of divine things works, both in that city and in Glasgow, were and Attic eloquence.

erecting from his designs, and under his direcACTIUS, or Azzo, Visconti, sovereign of rion. His death was occasioned by the breaking Milan, distinguished by his valour, and the in- of a blood vessel in the stomach, and his remains tegrity of his government, died 1355.

were interred in the south side of Westminster ACTUARIUS, a Jew physician, practised at ||Abbey. Constantinople in the 13th century.

ADAM, James, architect, brother to the foreACUNA, Christopher, Jesuit of Burgos, em-ing, died Oct. 20, 1794. The Adelphi buildployed as missionary in America, published anings and Portland-place are monuments of his account of the Amazon river, at Madrid, 1641. | taste and abilities in his profession.

ADAIR, James, an English lawyer of emi- ADAM, a canon of Bremen, in the 17th cen nence, meniber of parliament, died 1798. cury, published an ecclesiastical history of Pre

ADAIR, James, author of some law tracts, men and Hamburgh, edited, 1670. and some time recorder of London, died July ADAM, St. Victor, an ecclesiastic at Paris, 21, 1798.

died 1177. ADAIR, James Mackitbriek, a physician and ADAM, Scotus, a monkish writer, born in presiding judge of the courts of the island of Scotland, and taught divinity at Paris, died 1180. Antigua, w. I., died 1082.

ADAM, John, a Jesuit of Bordeaux, wroie ADALARD,Or ADELARD, son of count Ber-several treatises against the disciples of Austin, nard, and grandson of Charles Martel, was died 1684. made prime minister of Pepin, king of Italy, ADAM, d'Orleton, of Hereford, became biand died Jan. 2, 826.

shop of Winchester; he was intriguing and turADALBERON, archbishop of Rheims, and bulent. chancellor of France, an ecclesiastic and min- ADAM, John, a Jesuit of Limosin, prosessor ister of Lothaire, died 928.

of philosophy, died at Bordeaux, 1C84. ADALBERON, Ascelin, bishop of Leon ; ADAMS, Sir Thomas, a native of Wem, in published a satirical poem, in 430 verses, and Shropshire, became a draper in London, and died 1030.

rose to the high honour of Lord Mayor of LonADALBERT,archbishop of Prague, preacheddon, 1645; he died 1667. the gospel among the Bohemians, and after: ADAMS, Thomas, distinguished for his learnwards to the Poles, by whom he was murdered, ||ing, and tutor to persons of rank, in the time of April 29, 997.

Cromwell; he dicd Dec. 11, 1670. ADALGISE, sca of Didier, king of Lombar- ADAMS, Richard, minister of St. Mildred, dy, opposed the power of Charlemagne, was is ejected, 166 ; he assisted in the completion of put to death 788.

Poole's Annotations, and died 1998. ADALOALD, a king of Lombardy, was de- ADAMS, William, D.D., master of Pembroke posed by his subjects, and succeeded by Ario-College, Oxford, the friend of Dr. Johnson, disvald ; he died 629, in a private station. tinguished for his urbanity, &c., died 1789.

ADAM, the father of the human race, lived ÅDAMS, Joseph, a physician of London, au 930 years after his expulsion from paradise. thor of several medical works, died 1818.

ADAM, Lambert Sigisbert, an ingenious ADAMS, Andrew, L. L. V., chief justice o, sculptor, born at Nanci, died 1759, aged 59. Connecticut, was born at Stratford, Ct., edu

ADAM, Nicholas, brother of Lambert, imita ||cated at Yale College, afterwards' elected ted and equalled him ; he executed the Mau member of the council, and a represen tive in soleum of the queen of Poland, and died 778. congress; he died 1799.

ADAM, Francis Gaspard, younger brother of ADAMS, John, a clergyman and poet, boin the two preceding,excelled also as an artist; he in Nova Scotia, and settled at Newport, R. I. died at Paris, 1757, aged 49.

he died 1740, much lamented, aged 36. ADAM, Thomas, an English divine, born at ADAMS, Eliphalet, an eminent minister of Leeds,obtained the living of Wintringham, Lin- New London, Ct., died 1753, aged 77. He pub colnshire; be died 1784, aged 83.

lished several occasional discourses.
ADAM, Billaut, a joiner of Nevers, better ADAMS, Amos, minister of Roxbury, Mass.,
known by the name of Master Adam, wrote po distinguished for his learning and piety; died
etry whilc employed at his tools; he died 1662 ||at Dorchester, 1775, aged 48.

ADAM, Alexander, L.L.D.,an eminent school- ADAMS, Joseph, a ninister, settled at New-
master, and a useful writer, in Scotland, born ington, N. H.; he died 1783, aged 93.
at Coats of Burgie, county of Moray, June,ll ADAMS, Zabdiel, minister of Lunenburghe

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