Democracy Between Consolidation and Crisis: Parties, Groups, and Citizens in Southern Europe

Oxford University Press, 1998 - 390 σελίδες
Drawing on a systematic, empirical analysis of four key Southern European countries, Portugal, Spain, Greece, and Italy, this insightful study identifies several key aspects of democratic consolidation: consensus and legitimization, party system and party organization, and the ways in which organized and non-organized interests are related to parties and the institutions of state. This book offers the first extensive, comparative analysis of consolidation and crisis in these countries, and features a wealth of up-to-date information on party organizations, interest associations, the media, and public opinion. Although clearly focusing on Southern Europe, the author's findings are extremely relevant for understanding the politics of several other regions, including Eastern Europe, Latin America, and South East Asia.

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Leonardo Morlino is at University of Florence.

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