Bulletin, Τεύχος 322

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1910

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Σελίδα 4 - ... per square inch. This has been the situation for many years, as gas pumps have constantly been in operation in that district since 1869. New wells are occasionally drilled on this exhausted belt, and it invariably happens that when the oil sand is pierced a current of air commences to whistle down the hole, nor can any oil be obtained till the well mouth is closed and a gas pump put in operation. After a few days' testing, air begins to appear and the production frequently runs "Up from 12 to...
Σελίδα 116 - I believe that three-quarters of the trouble experienced in broken pulleys, hot boxes, etc., can be traced to the fault of tight belts. The enormous and useless pressure thus put upon pulleys must in time break them, if they are made in any reasonable proportions, besides wearing out the whole outfit, and causing heating and consequent destruction of the bearings. If manufacturers realized how much this fault of tight belts cost them...
Σελίδα 17 - Miller, HC, Function of Natural Gas in the Production of Oil: A report of the US Bureau of Mines in cooperation with the American Petroleum Institute, 1989, S67 pp.
Σελίδα 4 - ... production has settled almost to its minimum the wells may be pumped for years and even subjected to the drafts of gas pumps without being flooded with water, provided the abandoned wells in the pool have been effectively plugged above the oil and gas rock. It is a well known fact that the oil sand in the celebrated Triumph district, which has been under the drill and pump over 22 years, and produced in the aggregate fully 5,000,000 barrels of oil accompanied by large volumes of gas, is now so...
Σελίδα 21 - The Study of a Fundamental Basis for Controlling and Gauging Natural-gas Wells, Part I. Computing the Pressure at the Sand in a Gas Well, US Bur.
Σελίδα 67 - TECHNICAL PAPER 51. Possible causes of the decline of oil wells and suggested methods of prolonging yield, by LG Huntley.
Σελίδα 4 - After a few days' testing, oil begins to appear, and the production frequently runs up to 15 to 20 barrels per day. Then, as the slight excess of fluid in the immediate vicinity of the hole drains, and an equilibrium is established, the output gradually shrinks to the level of the old wells in the pool. The wells at Triumph are from 600 to 800 feet deep, and usually have only about 200 to 250 feet of casing in them.
Σελίδα 4 - ... still the rock contains an abundance of oil, for when a gas-pump is now attached to the casing-head to further relieve it of atmospheric pressure, the effect is quickly apparent, in an increase of both gas and oil. If the gas-pump be a good one we have by this means, in effect, added from 10 to 12 fts. pressure to the oil in the rock by relieving the gas from that amount of atmospheric opposition which it previously had to overcome. Still, after all this is done and the well chamber is so thoroughly...
Σελίδα 18 - Effect of Dissolved Gas Upon the Viscosity and Surface Tension of Crude Oil,
Σελίδα 110 - Charles states that the volume of a gas at constant pressure varies directly as the absolute temperature, or at constant volume the pressure of a gas varies directly as the absolute temperature.

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