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Σελίδα 234 - I have caused you to be summoned at the present time in order that I may acquaint you with my resolution in a matter which deeply concerns the welfare of my people and the happiness of my future life. It is my intention to ally myself in marriage with the Prince Albert of Saxe Coburg and Gotha.
Σελίδα 223 - Buonaparte to France, prince Leopold hastened from Vienna to the grand allied army on the Rhine, which soon afterwards reached Paris. On the termination of the war, the affairs of his family detained him for some time in the French capital, after which he proceeded by way of Coburg to Berlin, and here it was that the invitation of the Prince-Regent intimated to him the high destiny to which he was called.
Σελίδα 234 - Deeply impressed with the solemnity of the engagement which I am about to contract, I have not come to this decision without mature consideration, nor without feeling a strong assurance that, with the blessing of Almighty God, it will at once secure my domestic felicity, and serve the interests of my country. " I have thought fit to make this resolution known to you, at the earliest period, in order that you may be fully apprised of a matter so highly important to me and to my Kingdom, and which,...
Σελίδα 236 - Since you were last assembled I have declared my intention of allying myself in marriage with the Prince Albert of Saxe Coburg and Gotha. I humbly implore that the Divine blessing may prosper this union, and render it conducive to the interests of my people as well as to my own domestic happiness, and it will be to me a source of the most lively satisfaction to find the resolution I have tirkcn approved by my Parliament.
Σελίδα 222 - He continued here about a month after the sovereigns, and did not leave England till the end of July. In the beginning of September he repaired to Vienna, to the Congress, for the purpose of promoting to the utmost of his power the independence of his native land and the interests of his family. Leopold's politics, sound as his understanding and his heart, could not chime in with all the maxims which were broached there. He could not, above all, convince himself, that it was just to sacrifice the...
Σελίδα 208 - ... certainly had a most powerful influence in the developement of that rare moderation, that ardent love of justice, and that manly firmness which are the predominant traits in the character of this prince. Necessitated in. like manner at so...
Σελίδα 211 - After the battle he retired to Silesia with the corps of cavalry to which he was attached. During the armistice, and the negotiations at Prague, prince Leopold repaired with the consent of the emperor of Russia, to that city, and was the only stranger who was there admitted to several interviews with the emperor Francis. On the expiration of the armistice, the prince proceeded with the army to Bohemia, and thence to the frontiers of Saxony. The main force of the allies was already before Dresden,...
Σελίδα 212 - Vandamme to make an attack, either in flank or rear, on the main army of the allies, engaged on the 27th of August with the assault of Dresden, which would necessarily have been attended with the most disastrous consequences.
Σελίδα 216 - Ostermann's corps, though considerably diminished, now proceeded in the best order down the declivity of the mountains into the plains of Bohemia. The left wing, which was supported upon the mountains, was formed by the infantry ; in the centre, through which ran the high road, was stationed the greatest part of the artillery, and the right wing, composed of prince Leopold's cavalry, occupied an open plain. As the chief object was to gain time, every advantageous spot of ground, which was capable...
Σελίδα 107 - Poland, having previously, in order to qualify himself for that dignity, exchanged the protestant for the catholic faith, to which his successors have ever since adhered.

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