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brethren in their various labours of love among the natives, and of the success with which they occasionally minister to the bodies, as well as to the souls, of their flocks and congregations. The case of the young Chief Veehala, and of his family and friends, who have been expelled from Hihifo, their former place of residence, on account of their profession of Christianity, but have happily found an asylum from persecution in another part of Tonga, through the kindness of the Chief Tubou, will excite the sympathy and the prayers of our readers. TONGA ISLANDS.--Extracts from the Journal of Mr. Thomas, from August 8th,

to November 25th, 1833. AUGUST 8th. I have been variously is Taufa, and his god is Taufa of the sea. engaged the last few days : the mornings I spent some time in talking to the Chief, I have spent in translating Genesis, the and those who were present, concerning the other parts I have spent in visiting the origin of man, the one true God, and his sick, meeting classes, &c. Ata, the Son Jesus Christ our Lord. I spake of the Chief at Hihifo, sent to us to-day, in love of God in giving his Son to die for forming us of his state, and craving a our sins, and of the utter impotence of little medicine. Fae, the Chief of the idols. The old Chief acknowledged that Bea, is also very unwell. We have very what I said was true, and confessed he little ground to hope that either of these was foolish. I offered my services to Chiefs will embrace the truth; however, do any thing I could for him in his we do not forget them in our prayers to affiction ; but he did not wish to accept God, as nothing is too hard for Him. my aid, but professed himself much bet.

9th.–To-day died John Davis, an ter. I then returned to Nukualofa. English sailor, who was left on shore Sunday, 12th.—This morning I preachsome months ago by Captain E. Deanes, ed. The Lord enabled me to speak to of the Elizabeth, a whaling vessel from the people. (may the word live in London. He sought the Lord with all their hearts! At two o'clock I met the his heart, by attending the preaching of class ; Mr. Woon took the afternoon serthe word, prayer and class meetings; he vice; and I preached in English at night. also read the word of God, and got others In the course of the day several persons to read it to him. Some time before he applied for medicine ; and as it is a time died, the Lord revealed himself to his soul of great affliction, we waited upon them. as a sin-pardoning God; he found the 18th.-The last week has been a week pearl of great price, was made happy in of hard labour, and of many trials. Many his Saviour, and is gone to be for ever with of our people are ill, and one woman has him. John Davis deeply regretted that died : she was the wife of an Englishhe had not paid more attention to the man, formerly of the Herons, of London, great things.of eternity while in health which was wrecked at the Haabai group. and strength. He requested me to write of this woman I have great hope, that to his parents, to let them know that their she is gone to Christ : she has had a long counsel and prayers had not all been lost affliction, which she has borne with much upon him ; adding that he had nothing to patience; during which her friends, who leave them, but hoped to meet them and are yet idolaters, have tried to persuade his sister in heaven.

her to give up her new religion, but their 10th. I set off early this morning for entreaties she constantly and firmly reUtulau, a village about six miles' dis- sisted, even to the end ; and although her tant, and preached. On my way back father is one of the devil's Priests, yet he I called upon Fae, the Chief of the Bea, could prevail nothing,~his daughter was whom I found lying in a canoe-house, very proof against all he could say. She died unwell. The old Chief and his head in the faith. . wife both received me very kindly : he l lth.--I set out early this morning in sent for a root of cava for those who a paddling canoe for Nukunuku : in journeyed with me, and to me he gave a about two hours we arrived. Some of bunch of bananas. large double canoe the friends met me on the beach ; but as was in the house, which is called meafa. it was too early for the worship, the peokaeiki, that is, a “sacred thing:" to this ple being engaged at their labour, i set canoe, considered as the residence of a out, accompanied by some of the people god, the old Chief was doing homage, of this place, for Teekiu, the Chief of and humbling himself in his affliction which is Moduabnaka. Some weeks ago The name of the canoe, or rather the god, he determined to turn to our God, but is Taufataki. One of the Chief's names was entreated by another Chief not to do it, and he yielded to the entreaty. On Sunday, 16th. At the morning ser. reaching the place I found the old Chief vice I read a part of the fifty-first Psalm, very ill. I reproved him for yielding to explaining and applying it to the people. the voice of a man in a matter of so great I was glad to see so many hearers; several importance as turning to the true God; New Zealanders were present, as they are and asked him if he thought that the most Sabbath-days. Chief who told him not to turn could, 28th.-To-day a canoe arrived from in case he fell into hell-fire, either fetch Vavou and Haabai, bringing us letters him out or lessen his misery there. I and good tidings of cur dear brethren then exhorted him to be in earnest, and and sisters, and of the work of our God. turn again to God; for his mind had been Several hundreds have joined the classes rightly inclined before, but he had not at the Haabai group, and at Vavou many made a public profession of his faith. He are earnestly desiring to be admitted as bere all this very well. I then bled him, candidates for baptism. Finon, I hear, and gave him a little calomel. Leaving is baptized, and his family. this place we travelled on to Faahefa, the 29th.-- We were kept up late this Chief of which place is Veehala : he is an old man, but was not at home when we our Haabai friends; about ten of whom arrived; he was at one of his plantations have written to us, chiefly to express inland. His wife welcomed me there, and their love to us. My heart was melted gave us some cava: she would have sent under a sense of the goodness of God to for the old Chief if I had allowed her, me and the people who have written to but my time would not permit me to stay us, and those they have written about. I so long; we therefore took our leave of feel quite unworthy of such favours, and the woman, and walked to Majilamea. know not how to endure. O may God Here I found Veehala, the Chief of the enlarge my heart ! place, and his wife, and the people as In the course of the past week I have sembled ready for me, to whom I preach. been much engaged in meeting the ed. All were very attentive. Veehala is classes. I have met about three each the son of Ata : he and his friends have day, besides attending to other duties. been driven from Hihifo because they Sunday, 30th.-- At the usual time and would not give up praying ; but the Lord place we met for divine worship ; and has taken care of them. Tubou, our though it rained, some sat outside, the Chief, has given to Veehala that part of chapel being too small. I read and exTonga upon which he is now living; and plained a part of the twentieth chapter of he and his little company are bringing it Exodus. At the close of the service I into cultivation. They have several large met the society, and afterwards one of the plantations of yams, and are planting classes. At two o'clock I attended the sugar-canes, bananas, &c.; and all who class in which the Chief meets, and after are persecuted for their religion at Hihifo the afternoon service met one of the fejoin this young Chief, who is very sincere, male classes. and desirous to please the Lord. I was Sunday, October 7th.-I took the pleased to see them so happy in their morning service. Many more were present half-finished houses, and lonely and per- than could sit within the chapel. secuted condition ; they have given up After the afternoon service we held a all that was dear to them for Christ, and love-feast. I judge that upwards of four he is their portion. We took our leave hundred were present, and above thirty of this persecuted people, and walked to stood upand spoke of what the Lord had Beka; this is a village belonging to the done for their souls. The King and his praying people of Nukunuku ; it is here wife took the lead. Some of the Haabai that their chapel stands, and that most of and Vavou people were present; and them live. The people being assembled David and Jeremiah, the two Teachers together, I preached to them ; most were from the Vavou group, spoke of what very attentive. After the service I met God had done for them. I found it good the society, and then walked home, very to be there, and I trust others did, and much tired.

that the strangers will not soon forget 15th.-- This afternoon we met the peo- what they have seen and heard this day. ple who were suspended two months ago A few years ago these islanders were enfor their misconduct. The end having gaged in bloody and cruel wars ; but now been answered in them, we prayed for they are united to God and to each other, them, and received them back again, ex. and assemble together in a Christian cept a few who have repeated the evil two love-feast. What hath God wrought ! or three times since they were censured : At night I preached in English to a small we think ourselves better without these company.

Ilth.--I set off early this morning for At night I visited the sick Chief, and Utulau, where I preached and met the fear he will die. He says his mind is class, and afterwards set apart seven adults fixed upon God. I prayed with him and to prepare for baptism. On our way for him, and then left him, it being near back we called at the Bea, and were re- twelve o'clock. ceived kindly by the Chief Fae, and his 13th.--I learned this morning that the head wife Mafi. The Chief ordered young Chief was no more, and that the some cava for those who journeyed with corpse was taken back for interment to 'ne, and a young cocoa-nut was brought for his poor bereaved father, whose heart was me to drink. The Chief knows that we set upon him. I felt very sorry ; but we cannot drink the cava. After a short have done what we could. If the young rest and a little conversation, we left this man had been brought sooner, I think we place, and travelled on to Haveln; where should have been able to do him good. I preached to about sixty persons, but 20th. - In the course of the past week did not stop to meet the class. Having I have been much engaged, partly in corhad a very wet walk, I hastened home in recting a work that is about to be printed, order to change my clothes. At night I and partly in my own copy of Matthew's met the Exhorters; and after supper I Gospel. We are greatly tried by the was called upon to visit a young Chief, enemy of all good. In the evening I was the son of old Veehala, of Faahefa, near called to visit. a young man who has Hihifo, who had been brought to the vomited a great quantity of blood. I house of one of our friends, that he have some hope concerning him. On my might try the benefit of our religion and way back I called upon Ulaikai, and our medicine, he being very ill. On found that Tuipua and some of his peoreaching the house I found many people ple were on a visit from the east part of assembled together, chiefly belonging to Tonga. I talked to them on the foolishthe sick Chief, who was lying in the ness and danger of praying to gods of house, supported by several of his friends. wood, bone, fish, reptiles, spirits of deOn entering, he accosted me with Jio parted friends, &c.; and exhorted the toofa, or, “ Great is my love to you.” I Chief and his people to cast them all soon recollected his features, though it is away, and turn to the true God, and his more than three years since I saw him. Son Jesus Christ. He visited us with his aged father, when 27th.-In the course of the week a fine we lived at Hihifo, but was then only a young female, related to the Chief, would stripling.

have been given, much against her will, On inquiry, I learned that he was to be the wife of a vile vagabond who has taken ill some weeks ago, while attend. insinuated himself into the favour of the ing the great feast, called inaji, held at Chief; but upon opening her mind to the Mua, in honour of the Tonga gods, me, saying she would go and drown her.. to whom they pay great attention. Since self in the sea, rather than live with him, his illness he has been carried to different I informed her that I would not marry places, and different devil-gods; and after them. Upon this she was comforted. I waiting in vain upon them all, he is at wrote to the Chief upon the subject, and length brought to this place; he having, the business soon ended. as he says, turned to Jehovah our God, Sunday, 28th.- I preached this mornso that, living or dying, he may be his. ing on Deuteronomy vi, 1-7; but I fear I fear there is very little ground to hope many of the people know little about the for his recovery, as his affliction now love of God, as it is altogether a new appears to be an inflammation of the thing for them to have to love their God. lungs. I exhorted him to pray much to They have been in the habit of dreading God. I also prayed with him, commend their lying gods, and serving them with ing him to the mercy of the Lord, and a slavish fear, but never loved them. O then gave him a little medicine.

may God shed his love abroad in their 12th.-I found the young Chief easier, hearts! At two o'clock I met the class, and apparently a little better. Afterwards and spoke a few words at the native serI buried a man named Malaga, who em vice. At night I preached in English : braced our religion a few weeks ago in the room was full. We were agreeably his illness. His death was very sudden, surprised at seeing so many, as it was and brought on by his own imprudent said no one would attend, on account of conduct, in pouring cold water upon his what had taken place in the past week body, and bathing himself, after taking about the young woman; but wicked some strong medicine : it brought on men cannot always do as they wish. what is called here the hoho, or tetanus; November 6th.-A little before day. and in about an hour the man died. light I set out in a small canoe for Hi. hifo. After being out for about half an gave me power to speak to them. After hour, the canoe was upset by a large preaching I bled the headman of the wave, and I was thrown headlong into place, who is very unwell. I sent Moses, the sea The water not being deep, I one of my party, to Beka, to get the saffered no other inconvenience than a people assembled against I arrived. After t borough wetting. I stood in the sea for service I was floated in a bobau, by the some time, while the men baled out the friends at Nukunuku, and by my friend canoe, and set her right. We then Moses to Muiforma, where our canoe was mounted again, and proceeded on our waiting. We got home about nine o'clock, journey : the sun was now risen, and having had several very narrow escapes before we got to Hihifo, my upper gar- from being again upset. Idents were nearly dry. After walking 16th.-The Haabai fleet arrived, conabout two miles and a half, I arrived at sisting of nine canoes in the whole. The a place called Haatau. Here I preached King is come on a visit to Tubou, our to about forty persons, and formed a class Chief. Mrs. Thomas and I walked down of six persons, the Chief of the place to the beach, and were not a little surbeing the first. This young man is prised to find that brother Cross had about twenty-eight years of age, has a come with them. He looked very ill, Fery steady wife, and three fine children and we were fearful that ill health had He came to me last week, saying, he compelled him to leave his station ; but very much wished to begin to meet with this was not the case. In a few minutes

, as he saw that many died while they the King landed; and we gave him a Fere yet young and strong.

hearty welcome. Our hearts were made Leaving Haatau, we proceeded to a glad to see him, and many others, whom place called Majilamea. Ata's eldest son, we call our spiritual children, to whom Veehala, is head of this place. I preached the Lord made us useful while at the to them, and afterwards formed a class, Haabai group. consisting of the young Chief, his wife, Sunday, 17th -At the morning serand three others. As the day was ad vice many were present. I endeavoured vancing, I could not stay; but, taking to give them a correct view of the kingour leave, we walked along a road grown dom of Christ, and of its final triumph Oker with bushes, and came to Teekiu, over all its enemies, and its durability wet from head to foot., On arriving here and splendour. It was very pleasing to I found that many persons were gathered see the two Kings, with the Chiefs and together at the spirit-house. It was said Matabules, or gentlemen, assemble togethat the devil had inspired some old ther in the worship of the true God. woman to say something about the lotu, Tonga is moved at the arrival of this or religion. I expected it was for no once successful warrior, but now Chrisgood; I therefore took no notice of them, tian King. After the sermon I baptized or of what they were doing ; but went ten children, and gave a short address to into the house where the true God is the parents. Brother Cross prayed at the worshipped, gave out a hymn, and set a close of the service, and officiated in the lively tune to it, and about twenty per. afternoon, and I preached in English at sons joined with me in singing heartily night. the praises of Jehovah our God, and his 18th.–We have been very busy in Son Jesus Christ. After prayer several packing, and writing to our brethren, as others came to hear, to whom I preached the fleet is expected to sail to-morrow. on the vanity of idolatry, and the import. The King took dinner with us, and is ance of true religion. I warned those quite as cordial as usual. O may God who had turned to God, not to regard the bless him, and make him a blessing ! counsel which causeth to err, but to He has promised that a canoe shall be cleave unto God with purpose of heart. sent for me and Mrs. Thomas in a few After the sermon I formed a class, con. weeks. We are thankful for this, as sisting of the headman of the place, his Tonga is very badly off for good cawife, and nine others. Two of these noes; and the men have so very little were baptized at Nukunuku some time practice in sailing, that they are very unago, so that they will be capable of assist. skilful. ing their friends, who have just turned to 19th.-Early this morning we took God. I bless the Lord for this fair leave of our Kaabai friends on the sea. blossom. O may the gates of hell never beach. The morning was fine, and the prevail against the cause in this place! wind fair. They hoisted sail, and bore From this place we walked along a very away. We sincerely love these our bad road to Matabau. Here we have had friends and children, but cannot enjoy a small society some time. The Lord each other's company long.

24th - Arrived the Rev. Mr. Williams, thankful to find that all was well, and of the London Missionary Society, having that the prospects at the Navigators' or on board several Tahitians, and the King Samao Islands are very pleasing ; to of an island called Roratonga. We were God be all the praise. The King of very glad to have this opportunity of Roratonga is a very stout man, and reconversing with our brother and fellow minded me of an old English farmer. On labourer in our Lord's vineyard.

receiving a small present, he put it to his Mr. W'illiams informed us, that he head like the Tonga Chiefs, thus expresshad touched at Vavou on his way from ing his good-will towards us, and his the Navigators' Islands. We were thanks for our love to him.

MISSIONS IN SOUTHERN AFRICA. CAPE-Town.-Extracts from the Journal of Mr. Barnabas Shau. JANUARY 1st., 1834.-The services April 3d.--Brother Boyce, who has of last night commenced at ten o'clock. laboured much in Caffraria, went on board The sermon by brother Cameron was im- the Warrior for England. We hope he pressive, and the hearers were attentive. will soon return to this country, where The streets of Cape Town are now his labours are so much needed. I feel crowded, viz., between one and two o'clock peculiar emotions of pleasure that one of in the morning. Many of the persons who our Yorkshire youths, from the banks of are reeling to and fro, and who are com- the Humber, should have had the honour mencing the year in rioting and drunken- of giving to the Caffres a part of the holy ness, appear to be decided in the cause of Scriptures in their own vernacular tongue, Satan, and greedy of eternal ruin. They and to the literary world the first Grammar seem to be setting out afresh; and though of the language of Caffraria. many of them before the end of this year 30th.-I am still in the deep waters of will be mouldering in the dust, they put affliction. May I be humble and patient, the evil day far from them.

relying on the promises of God, which can 8th.-It is seven years, this day, since never fail ! I know the same hand which I was lost in the barren sands of the wil. bears the rod to smite, bears also the derness, and ready to perish of thirst and balm of Gilead to pour into every wound. fatigue; yet the good providence of God If there are afflictions pressing upon me interfered, and I am still in the land of like a flood, there are also consolations to the living. May I be grateful, humble, counterbalance them, and to enable me to and obedient! "What shall I render unto bear them. If tears are flowing, there is the Lord for all his benefits ! ”

a hand to dry them up. If clouds of Fer, 17th.-Our youngest child was ta darkness roll around me, yet there is a ken suddenly ill, which greatly alarmed gleaming of hope, which causes me to Mrs. Shaw and myself, lest he should be say, “ From the ends of the earth will I cut off as in a moment.

cry unto thee; when my heart is over18th.--Mrs. Shaw began to be unwell, whelmed, lead me to the rock that is so that we have a house of sickness and higher than I." sorrow. May we be enabled to look for May 6th. We have heard of the safe support from on high, and to say with arrival of our brother Cook at Lily-Founthe sweet singer of Israel, “In the shadow tain. He is thus far on his way to of thy wings will I make my refuge until Great-Namacqualand, and our prayer is, these calamities be overpast."

that his path to the destitute people of March 2d.—My dear wife appears to that country may be providentially opened. be daily getting worse ; and fears are en It is truly a land of darkness and the tertained by all, as to her recovery. In shadow of death, where thousands have times of affliction the things of this never heard of life or immortality. Fifworld are deprived of their charms, and teen years have elapsed since a Chief we see them as they really are. In all of that nation said to me, when speaking these afflictions I wish to be dumb, and of teachers, “ I hope they will soon come, open not my mouth. Surely every man for my soul is smothering in sin.” That is vanity! “ Hear my prayer, O Lord, Chief has long since left the world, and give ear unto my cry ; hold not thy peace entered into eternity; but no Mission was at my tears; for I am a stranger with established in his country. May the thee, and a sojourner, as all my fathers Gospel now be sent to the regions beyond ! were.” I preached at Wynberg this 18th.– The morning congregation in evening, where, in consequence of the Cape Town was small, but exceedingly labours of Messrs. Underwood and Deck, attentive. Thousands of Mahometans our congregation is increasing.

surrounded us, but no general impression

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