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beyond any thing we could have liberty so to do. I think the Prin. anticipated at the time of its form- ciples are the best work for the size ation.

I ever made. “The Baptist Missions have been “I shall be at all times glad to greatly blessed ; and their Mission. hear from you and the brethren. aries have acquired great and well. Your gleanings will be a golden merited fame, both in the church of harvest to me. Any thing on the God, and in the republic of letters. manners, customs, local peculiariI think it will be no grief to them ties, the theology, mythology, if you rival them in both; and I am religious rites and ceremonies, of the sure it is what my heart most natives of your island, or the condevoutly wishes. You have all got tinent, will be very acceptable. As on surprisingly in your literary I am very fond of mineralogy, any acquisitions. May God at all times thing curious in that way will be give you greatly to excel your former very useful in my studies. I need selves!

not tell you, that antiquities also are “In your communications to the a peculiar study, which, in my work Missionary Committee be ever as on the Scriptures, has proved very careful and select as you can. Send beneficial. nothing but the strongest facts ; “Sir Richard Ottley is appointed nothing that you have by induction Puisne Judge for your island. We formed from promising appearances; count this an especial providence of because many of these, in every God. He is a most amiable man, a case, such is the uncertainty of the thorough friend to the work of God, human character, prove abortive; and will aid your Missions and and if, in any case, our small schools to the uttermost of his friends could say, “This statement power. is not strictly correct,' we should “ Wishing you the continual premore than blush.

sence of God, and abundant success “I have lately drawn up a small in your great work, piece for the benefit of the two

“I am, Buddhist Priests who bave been for

“My dear Sir, some time under my care, which

" Yours truly, consists of the following parts :--1.

Adam CLARKE." A letter to themselves relative to their renunciation of Heathenism,

To the Rev. Robert NEWSTEAD, and their embracing the Christian

Wesleyan Missionary, religion. 2. A short view of the “Negombo, Island of Ceylon.contents of the holy Scriptures. 3. The principles of Christianity de

At the time when the above letter duced in regular order from the reached Negombo the Missionary sacred writings. These principles

was fast sinking under the effects of are about forty in number, and, in accumulated and various labours, my opinion, will answer the end of which demanded immediate atteninstruction, especially to those in- tion, blended with an unceasing quiring after the true religion, effort to gain the language of the better than any catechism which I people. It happened to be a solihave yet met with. 4. Short direc- tary station, as many are, a purely tions how to read the word of God native station. Openings appeared profitably. If I can get a copy of on every hand for schools. There this piece transcribed in time I will were soon five hundred children send it to you ; and if you and the under his care. Chapels were to be brethren should think that it would built, under cheering circumstances, be profitable to print it, you are at which it would have seemed a sin to

neglect. Too much was attempted; * An excellent translation of this work and perhaps nothing so much as has been made by the Rev. John Calla- midnight studies at the native lanway, and widely circulated among the guages, under such circunstances, Cinghalese.

tended to the breaking down of a

naturally good constitution ; and fulfil, or the peculiar qualifications obliged, in three years afterwards, they require, in the translation of a return home, while yet properly the sacred Scriptures, in the training efficient in only one of the lan- of infant churches, or in the imguages, though partially useful in portant negotiations they so often the other. Such experience-for have to conduct with well-educated this is no solitary instance *-war and influential individuals, who rants the strongest assurance, that govern us abroad, such a course of such an Institution as we now have preparation as this Institution prohas long been wanting among us poses, appears for be an indispensafor Missionary candidates ; for, ble provision for the right and whether the arduous stations they profitable discharge of their mi. have to occupy be regarded, or the nistry. nature of the ministry they have to Paris. Robert NewsTEAD.

* It will scarcely be matter of doubt, cerned the advantages of previous welleven where it is not matter of experience, directed habits and modes of study will that many of the excellent men who have be inestimable. The elementary characbeen compelled to return home might ter of a student, under such circum. now have been abroad had not their stances, cannot be unimportant. The health been destroyed by acquiring, time and money bestowed at home in under the influence of the torrid zone, such pursuits, inasmuch as it prepares that fitness for their work which might the men for earlier and for longer usehave been, under more favourable cir- fulness, must be all clear gain to the cumstances, partially acquired at home. Missionary Society. Wherever the work of translation is con


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To the Editor of the Wesleyan-Methodist Magazine. Brethren, my heart's desire and clared, in simplicity and godly sincerprayer to God is, that you who are ity, what God has done for your soul'; "sanctified wholly," may stand fast and thus become living witnesses of in that glorious liberty wherewith the power of Christ to save unto the Christ has made you free; that you uttermost? Seeing, then, that God may retain your “Eden of grace," has entrusted you with such treaand no more be entangled in the sures of grace, in an earthen vessel, bondage of inbred sin. As one who and that you are surrounded by all rejoices over you, and is truly desir- the perils of the narrow way, watch ous of being “a helper of your joy," with holy jealousy over your heart. suffer me to address to you a word Let the sanctifying fear never depart of exhortation.

from you. Slavish fear you cannot 1. Has God, in the riches of his indulge ; for no such fear can mingle mercy, not only given you repent- with perfect love. Numerous and ance, and pardoned your sins, but powerful as are the temptations cleansed you from all unrighteous- with which you are surrounded, ness? Has he made an entire con- doubtless, God is able to keep you quest, and does he reign in your from falling, and to preserve your breast without a rival? Is your whole spirit, and soul, and body, will wholly subdued ? and does the blameless unto the coming of our blood of Christ cleanse you from Lord Jesus Christ. But you may all sin ? Can you rejoice evermore, become unfaithful, cease to watch pray without ceasing, and in every and pray, and thus refuse help in thing give thanks ? " And have you time of need. As Adam could and not only believed with your heart did sin in paradise, and lose all his unto inward holiness, but also with purity and bliss, so there is no state your mouth made confession unto of grace attainable on earth, from full salvation ? Have you, amidst which a Christian may not fall, and your brethren in the church, de- become a cast-away. We have too many proofs, that those who make of the matter,” or the blessing the highest profession may not only itself. Remember the example of lose inward but outward holiness, that old disciple of the faith, who and thus disgrace themselves, and said, “Although the figtree shall dishonour the holy doctrines of not blossom, neither shall fruit be in which they have been the warm the vines; the labour of the olive friends and advocates. “Therefore, shall fail, and the fields shall yield let him that thinketh he standeth no meat; the flock shall be cut off take heed lest he fall.”

from the fold, and there shall be no 2. Beware of spiritual sloth. If herd in the stalls ; yet I will rejoice you would remain without spot and in the Lord, I will joy in the God of blameless, you must be diligent. my salvation." This is the season “ In labours more abundant,” must for you to exclaim, “I will trust, be your motto. God and angels, and not be afraid.” A second peril friends and enemies, look for much to which your faith is liable is in the fruit in you. The practice of good hour of fierce conflict with the prince works is the path in which God has of darkness. His fiery darts may be ordained you to walk. You declare, shot with such force, and in such that you abide in Christ; and, there. quick succession, as strongly to fore, you ought to walk as he also incline you to suspect that the walked. Various are the depart. adversary has already got possession ments of Christian toil and duty, of the outworks of the citadel. into which, as God shall give you You feel the pain of a fierce attack, opportunity, you are bound to and are disposed to doubt whether enter. And wide and extended as it be not more than temptation. This is the field of duty, so are tbe is a critical moment. But even temptations to sloth. Sometimes it suppose the worst ; it is no fit time is detected in our backwardness to now, in the height of the battle, to enter on new duties, when there is examine the wound. Donot turn your a clear call of conscience; some- eyes to the part which you suspect is times in the inclination to omit old bitten by the serpent; but resolutely and established duties; and some- look off from yourself to Him who times in the disposition to slacken is ever near to apply the healour pace in duty's path. To save ing balm of his precious blood. you from this great enemy of your It is, however, one of the “wiles of peace and usefulness, you need the devil,” to shout, “ A breach ! a daily to receive fresh supplies of the wound !" while he, “the father of Spirit of burning from above; and lies," knows there is no such thing. hourly, and by every means, to stir Therefore, during this “ fight of up the gift of God which is within faith," in spite of self, and sin, and

Satan, look to Jesus. Another point 3. Guard against unbelief. Whe- of imminent danger to your faith is ther in the ladder Jacob saw, you the season of overwhelming trials are elevated five hundred steps, or from divine Providence. In this one only, it is by faith alone you respect, not a few of those who are stand. The moment we cast away perfect and upright before God, are our confidence, we fall to the “ cast into the midst of the burning ground, and have all our work to do fiery furnace.” Job's case is a reagain. Faith is the cement by markable instance of this “fiery which we are joined to Christ; to trial;" and the case of Abrabam, lose it is to lose Christ, and holi. under command to offer up his son ness, and heaven. Then, above all Isaac, is still more striking. The things, brethren, beware of an evil former held fast his faith nobly; the heart of unbelief. You are in spe- latter still better. At a stroke Job cial danger while bemoaning the was bereft of all his property, and all loss of vivid joys. At such mo. his children ; his body was smitten ments you must take care not to with a loathsome and tormenting confound a certain portion of the disease, and his mind became agi. fruits of the blessing, with the “root tated by strange conflicts; “but in

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all this Job sinned not, nor charged public deprive you of your ordinary God foolishly.” He held fast his portion of time for retirement, then, integrity, and in the triumph of faith like your Lord and Master, if you exclaimed, “ Though he slay me, yet can contrive it no other way, you will I trust in Him." Abraham saw must “rise up a great while before himself not only about to be bereft day,” that you may retire to the of his “only son whom he loved;" “solitary place for prayer.” A few but was himself, by a divine com- minutes there, in twenty-four hours, mand, appointed to slay him; him, will not be sufficient for those who whom he had received as a precious would “rejoice evermore," and gift at the hand of God; him, for “pray without ceasing." They must whom he had so long waited, and in spend “ a great while" in the “ soliwhom God had said "all the fami- tary place.” Here it is, too, that lies of the earth should be blessed.” you must open the sacred record Yet did Abraham in all this trial, which God has given you from above, “strange," and fierce, and protracted and “read, mark, learn, and inwardas it was, “stagger not through ly digest” the bread of eternal truth. unbelief.” Firm and erect, steadfast « The sword of the Spirit, which is and immovable, he held on the way the word of God,” is.a weapon which of believing with his heart unto you specially need ; and if you would righteousness. Being strong in faith, wield' it skilfully and efficiently, he calmly retained his peace, and against your numerous and powerful “ gave glory to God.” O for a faith adversaries, you must learn to “hanlike his !” Then shall we be ena- dle” it in secret in the presence of bled to say, amidst the accumu. God. But neither prayer nor the lated trials of a gracious Provi- Bible will do for us, use them as we dence, “None of these things move may, unless “the Spirit of holiness"

deign to hold communion with us ; 4. Carefully maintain the spirit of and we have also “fellowship with devotion. The longer you live in the Father, and his Son Jesus the Spirit, and walk in the enjoy- Christ." It is the blessed and holy ment of full salvation, the more will manifestation of God to the heart experience teach you to value this, which alone can so “ strengthen us In the example of pious Bramwell with inight," as to enable us to live we have a most striking and stirring " without spot,” in this present evil example of the devotional spirit. world. Often then, my dear brethren, Such a spirit cannot be maintained join your “ praying Pattern in the without continual effort in prayer, mount," and strong attachment to the duty of practical searching of the Scriptures, “ There by wrestling faith obtain and much of the grace of supplication Power to work for God again; from above. If we relax our exer Power his image to retrieve, cises in the closet, we at once lower Power like Christ your Lord to live." the tone of our piety; and the loss of energy must be felt throughout 5. Pride, and anger, and covetousevery Christian movement. In vain ness, are roots of bitterness, against do we resolve to continue lifting up the springing up of which you must our hearts amidst worldly duties. needs guard the heart with all diliThis resolution, formed in the neg- gence. These have slain their tens lect of closet duty, will avail us little of thousands; and nothing short of more than the resolution of Samson, your having on the whole armour of when he said, ignorant that the Lord God, of your having it on the right had departed from him, “I will go hand and on the left, can save you out, as at other times before, and from them. They are sins of the shake myself.” From you God re- greatest subtilty, and the inmost quires full and constant obedience to nature of man, unless constantly inthat command : “Enter into thy spired, and watched, and sprinkled closet, and pray to thy Father in with the all-cleansing blood, will gesecret.” If necessary occupation in nerate and foster them. Pride is man's easily-besetting sin, anger him; and sometimes by cherishing stands close in the rear, and covetous. an undue desire to retain what God ness is scarcely one step behind. requires him to part with, both for his Your consciousness of great spiritual own glory, and for the good of our conquests, your strong consolation, neighbour. We are saved from this your distinguished Christian profes- sin only by keeping the heart filled sion, in addition to the common ten- and ruled by “ perfect love" to God dencies of fallen huinanity, all par- and man. ticularly expose you, and tend to 6. Finally, take heed that you “ofbring "the foot of pride against fend not in word.” The tongue has you.” Therefore, “ be clothed with certainly great power over the whole humility." Let no vestige of self man. Experience teaches that much appear; but let your person, your of our joys and sorrows, much of our words, your actions, your thoughts, usefulness and injuriousness in the desires and motives, be all clothed, world, depend upon the proper or constantly clothed, with humility. improper use of the tongue. We may A large portion of those who lament also sin by our silence. You dare the loss of purity of heart, bewail the not conceal the light which God has sin of anger as the immediate kindled in your soul. If you refuse, cause. There are indeed a few at proper seasons, to acknowledge Christians to whom this sin presents Christ, and the great salvation which no strong temptations ; but to far he has wrought for you and in you, the greater number of all classes of you grieve the Holy Spirit of God, religious people, the case is quite omit a gracious opportunity of doing otherwise. Many, indeed, who pro- good, and deprive your own soul of fess to enjoy experimental religion, much spiritual comfort. Silence is seem never to have thought it their certainly a bait by which the enemy duty to keep a conscience void of of- has too often succeeded with those fence on this head. They daily, and who have felt that the blood of with apparent indifference, exhibit Christ cleanseth from all sin. They painful proofs of unsubdued temper. held their peace, when they should But you, to whom God has given “ą have made a distinct confession ; clean heart," cannot suffer this “ fire and by thus refusing to let their of hell” to touch you. Under all light shine before men, they soon the provocations of life, you must found, to their sorrow, that they had learn, through grace, in meekness put it out. But unquestionably it and patience to possess your souls. is rather by “the multitude of Remember the Lord Jesus, and words,” than by the stillness of the learn of him to be increasingly tongue, that you are liable to be “meek and lowly of heart.” His brought into a snare. It is not safe grace is sufficient for you : there for you to be much in company, unfore, “let patience have her perfect less where plain duty requires it. work.”

Mr. Wesley has wisely observed, The sin of covetousness is so con. “ Few Christians can converse profittrary to the genius, and principles, ably more than one hour.” The and laws of the Gospel of Christ, truth of this remark most persons that every true believer must see and have felt, who have set themselves feel the propriety of guarding against to “ walk in the light as God is in it with the utmost vigilance. In the the light.” Our excellent Rules sight of Him whose nature and name speak of “uncharitable and unprofit. is love, who gave his only begotten able conversation," as “sins comSon to save us, and who has given monly practised.” Of these you us so many lessons on this head, it must be specially aware, if you must be "exceeding sinful.” And would "keep yourselves pure." To doubtless the carnal mind deeply avoid being ensnared by the common lusteth to selfishness. Sometimes and useless topics of conversation, the Christian is betrayed into this you must arm yourselves with more sin by indulging undue desire for than common resolution ; and as to what God has not seen fit to give the great, and wide-spread, and de

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