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of them is on the point of visiting the Chief gelical Society of Geneva, and to the afof the Zoulas. Brother Roland, not finding fectionate concern of Christians in genesufficient work at Motito, has thought ral. it to be his duty to quit that station, and This enumeration of the labours and lay the foundation of a new Mission be enterprises of the Society, in various tween Caledon and Morijah, which he calls places, undertaken for the glory of God, is Beersheba. There are already assembled matter of rejoicing to the faithful. No there a number of people. The coun- doubt there is mixed with it much of hu. try belongs to Moschesch, who is well man weakness and unfaithfulness. This was disposed towards Missionaries. The acknowledged by most of the speakers. work of Pelissier, at Caledon, prospers, Nearly all of them complained of their so that he requires help. He has three lukewarmness, and requested the prayers natives who are candidates for baptism of the church for themselves and their Com. one of whom, who is remarkable for his mittees. This enumeration was made, not knowledge of the Gospel, is the presump- to the praise of men, but to the glory of tive heir of the King of the country. God, who condescends to employ such Bisseux, of Wagenmakers-Valley has feeble instruments to extend his kingdom baptized four Hottentot slaves, and he upon earth. Christianity truly evangeli. hopes soon to baptize more. The Rev. cal is alone active and expansive ; it Mark Wilks spoke again of the wants alone is living, because it alone is from of France, not of money, but of work. God. Heresy, when it relates to the men. He made a powerful appeal, espe- fundamental points of our faith, renders cially to the Vaudois Ministers. France, the soul indifferent to the salvation of in her spiritual poverty, has founded five others. Hence, it labours not, it evanMissionary stations in Africa: cannot, gelizes not; it has no workmen in the then, the Canton de Vaud, which is só field of Missions; it leaves its votaries in rich, spare, of its abundance, a few Min sleep and in death! nisters to France ?

It now only remains that we speak of M. Hoffinann, Evangelist of Châlons, the reception and fraternal hospitality answered to this appeal. The work which which all the friends of the Evangelical has begun in France has the greatest Society experienced among the brethren need of support. The servants of Christ at Geneva. We do not presume to thank now in the work are insufficient. The them, because they have done it for the work is threatened with ruin if assistance Lord, and because they regard it as a pri. be not speedily sent. M. Hoffmann men vilege and a duty to receive into their tioned some of the blessings with which houses friends and strangers. Two days God has recently favoured the ministry in succession one of the members of the of his word in France. M. Hirschfeld, Evangelical Committee received all the a converted Jew, had laboured as an brethren, being in number more than Evangelist in Ireland, where he had cighty persons; who were happy to see preached daily to about a thousand per. themselves surrounding the same table, sons. He exhorted his brethren to culti- united in the same faith, previously to vate inore and more the spirit of the citi. that day in which they will all, we hope, zens of the New Jerusalem.

by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, M. Moureton, a Deacon of the Evan- sit together at the same table in the kinggelical Church at Lyons, recommended dom of God, with Abraham, Isaac, and that large town, and the Christians who Jacob, and all the Prophets, and righte. dwell there, to the attention of the Evan- ous men of old.

WESLEYAN PREACHING IN PARIS We are glad to hear of the rapidly.in

ENGLISH WESLEYAN CHAPEL, creasing attendance at the enlarged place

No. 6, Rue d'Anjou, Faubourg Sl. of worship occupied bythe Wesleyan Methodists in Paris. As many friends from

Honoré. England visit the French metropolis, we Divine service is held at the above publish for their information the sub- place of worship (transferred from the joined card, which we have received from Rue de Bouloi) every Sunday morning at Mr. Newstead, the respected English twelve,-evening at seven; and W'edinesPreacher who is resident there :

day evening at seven.

Relating principally to the FOREIGN Missions carried on under the

direction of the Methodist Conference.

MISSIONS IN INDIA AND CEYLON. Madras.Extract of a Ictler from the Rev. Robert Carver, dated April

Ilth, 1835. I see good done every day, and re- of Heathenism, and become a follower joice in it, whether done by us or others. of Jesus. She was, after due proba. I care nothing who are the instruments, tion, baptized last Sunday in Royapetta so that God glorifies his name by true chapel, before a large congregation, conversions.

“ in the name of the Father, the Son, Since Mrs. Carver landed at Madras, and the Holy Ghost," and received into she commenced a girls' school, under her Christ's visible fold. During the serown eye. The results of this school are vice, she wept much; we rejoiced over appearing. Much conversation has taken her as a kind of first fruits of many that, place among the Heathen near us about we trust, may follow her cxample. Mrs. some of these children. An improvement Carver has, of course, felt encouraged by in their behaviour was presently visible. this token of God's goodness. I may They were clothed, appeared at prayer conclude by observing, that never, in my neat and clean, began to learn to read, whole Missionary life, had I more real joined in singing, and delighted to repeat comfort in the work, nor more hope of parts of hymns which they had sung. At fruit to our labour. We are, I confess, prayer, instead of the giddy way in which bound in trammels in many matters, where they once behaved, now they became se- money is wanted, in order to enable us rious. On the Sabbath-day they were to enter more effectually among the Heaorderly during divine service, and several then; and at times it appears very mysof them were evidently under a sense of terious to us, that, while the fields seem reverence for God's name and worship. white to the harvest, more assistance

This state of things continued some cannot be allowed us. May you all be time, when one girl, aged fifteen, of a convinced of God's designs of mercy to heathen family, begged to be instructed the millions of India, and may you send in order to her receiving baptism; for us speedy and effectual help! she had resolved to leave the pollutions

Madras.-Extract of a Letter from Christian Aroolappen, (Assistant-Mission

ary,) dated April 3d, 1835. My principal duties are, preaching, Catechisms which they are daily reading. catechising, class-leading, and conversing. A good number of the boys have made a With reference to preaching and exhorl. pleasing progress in the knowledge of ing, I have indeed often been assisted the Gospel of our Saviour, and several of from above in publishing the truths of them have manifested a desire to be further the Gospel to my fellow-sinners; and, if taught. Two or three of the latter have I may believe the acknowledgments of a occasionally visited me for the purpose few serious persons, my sermons, not of conversing on divine things, when, unfrequently, have been blessed by God in compliance with their wishes, I have to the awakening and edifying of some, recommended, upon my knees, their while others have been offended at their cases to God who is in heaven. Their plainness and faithfulness.

friends, perceiving their serious deportThe schools under my inspection are ment, took measures to prevent their going on much as usual. Besides their coming near me. One of the boys, who weekly examination, a great portion of was more serious and steady than the my attention and time has been devoted rest, was persecuted by his relations. to the catechisation of the children. I But these troubles had only tended to have, by this means, endeavoured to in- strengthen his resolution to become a struct them in the history of the Bible, disciple of Christ. Though he has not and instil into their minds the blessed joined with our society, yet it rejoices me truths contained in the Scriptures and to know that he has joined the people of God of another Mission establishment, which is several miles distant from Madras, whither he fled when persecuted at home.

Conversations with the Heathen and others have been always held, both at home and abroad ; and our gracious Saviour has often cheered us with his presence while we were engaged in this prominent part of our combat with the great adversary of mankind. It is true, we have often found reason to complain, “ Who hath believed our report ?"- and it is equally true too, that, on many occasions, the results of our conversations were triumphs to our blessed cause. For some time past, one heathen young man, of a very respectable family, has been an inquirer after truth ; and recently he has discovered more than usual attention and anxiety with regard to the things unseen and eternal." Such was the intense interest he appeared to take in the Gospel of Jesus, that, however pecu. liarly circumstanced, he waited upon me at late hours at night, for several days in succession, to hear about the atonement of Jesus Christ, and the history of his redeem. ing acts,-I mean, his birth, life, suffer. ings, death, &c. The Heathen are now mire favourably disposed towards us than before ; and it is no exaggeration to assert that many of them are convinced of the absurdity and vanity of Hindooism, and of the truth and excellency of Christianity.

An observer of “the signs of the

times” cannot, I think, help noticing
that, in reference to the work of God in
India, the light of Christianity is spread-
ing over this benighted peninsula, not
only by Missionary agency, but also by
the exertions of the Hindoos themselves.
Schools are both publicly and privately
organized by the natives ; and, with the
elements of the English language, their
children imbibe those of Christianity also.
An invisible, all-powerful hand is thus
preparing the way; and, ere long, divine
knowledge will prove the bane of Heathen-
ism, and the destruction of idolatry. A
spirit of inquiry is awakened among some
of their Pundits ; not, however, as it re-
gards the way of salvation, but whether
their craft is not in danger. A writer in
the public prints calls upon the principal
Hindoos to arouse themselves from their
fatal indifference, and to oppose the pro-
pagation of Christianity before it shall
have overspread the whole of India.
And, O that opposition were given !_for
it is in such times, especially, that the
religion of the Gospel works best. As
for me, I am ashamed I am not so
self-denying, devoted, and zealous as I
should be. O that I could often urge
to myself the searching inquiries, What
have I done ? what am I doing ? and
what must I do? I pray earnestly
that the Head of the church would pour
out abundantly the influences of his
Holy Spirit on me, and all the messen-
gers of peace !

CEYLON.—Extract of a Letter from Mr. Gogerly, dated Colombo, February

19th, 1835. I AM at present here, supplying for Belligam to Matura, where he did his Mr. Clough, who is on his way to the best to keep up the work. These cir. District-Meeting at Jaffna. I hope soon cumstances must not, however, lead to to return to my own station at Matura the conclusion that Matura is a district of -Matura has frequently laboured un- little importance: quite the contrary; for der disadvantageous circumstances, hav- the villages are numerous, the population ing been on several occasions united to considerable, and it is, without exception, the Galle station, although it is absolutely the place where Budhism most flourishes. impossible for any man, however active, No part, either in the maritime districts, to superintend them both effectively; or in the interior of the island, acfrom Amblangodde, the extreme of the cording to the best accounts I have been Galle station, to Naurannu, the opposite able to obtain, can compare with it in extreme of the Matura station, being a this respect : it is, in fact, the strongdistance of fifty-four miles. At these hold of Budhism; the principal wealth times Matura has been the residence of of the district is devoted to it, and its an Assistant-Vissionary, who has been priesthood, more than seven hundred in removed for this purpose from Belligam, number, are active ; while its members are the westerly extreme of the station. Dur. regarded as ranking with the most learned ing the latter part of 1832, and the whole of their profession. In all parts of the of 1833, these were its circumstances :- island a little relaxation of exertion on Brother Toyne, at Galle, held a general the part of the Missionaries or their As. superintendency over it, occasionally visit. sistants leads to the most disastrous reing it ; and Mr. Pereira was moved from sults, as the most promising prospects

soon disappear ; for, to secure any thing them capable of reading the word of life ; like prosperity, the labourers in every part and, during the past year, I have been must be all at it, and always at it. Inter- able to furnish several of those who left mitted labour, however, is peculiarly in the school with copies of the New Testajurious on the Matura station, where our ment, which they received with great enemies are numerous, skilful, and active. thankfulness, and solemnly promised to The temples generally in this part have only read therein daily ; and I hope they ful. a very small quantity of land attached to fil their promise. But I regard our schools them, so that the Priests have, in a great as peculiarly valuable as so many testimeasure, to depend upon the contribu. monies for Christ in this land of darktions of the people: this reuders them ness, and as the means of spreading diligent, and almost every village of im- among both old and young a knowledge portance has its Priest. In addition to of the only true God, and of Jesus Christ, Budhism, demon-worship prevails exten- whom he hath sent. For all the children sively, as also the worship of the Bra. upon entering the school are taught by minical gods : those connected with the dictation the Lord's Prayer ; after which former are called “yakaduro," or exor- they commit to memory the digest of cists, who profess, by offerings and in- Christianity contained in the Apostles' cantations, to expel demons from the Creed; then the Ten Commandments, sick; the latter are called “cappoas," and and afterwards the Catechism. In adare Priests of the gods : to these may be dition to this, in their first reading-book, added the “ bilikarayo,” whose profession compiled by brother Hardy, all the lesis to avert the malignant influence of the sons, with the exception of the reading stars. It is not necessary to point out lessons in two syllables, are extracted how these various systems differ from from the Scriptures, principally from each other: it is sufficient that their influ. the Book of Proverbs, concluding with ence is combined against Christianity; the Parables of our Lord. When they “ the devil thus," as Bishop Latimer ex- have gone through this book, so as to presses it, “ being always at his plough.” read it fluently, they are admitted into It is true, very many are baptized persons, the Testament-class; and when able to in conformity with the regulations of the read well in the Testament, they are old Dutch Government; but, as they stated formed into a Bible-class, and are taught a short time since, (when the conflicting arithmetic. It is impossible that seven claims of Budhism and Christianity were bundred children (the number in the warmly discussed, in consequence of our Matura schools) should be thus conschoolmaster having made a public re. stantly instructed, without many rays of nunciation of Budhism, and all other divine light penetrating the thick darkkinds of Heathenism,) “ Our ancestors ness. The circumstances detailed in the baptized in obedience to the orders of School Report will explain the reasons Government, and in this respect we have why it was deemed necessary that our followed their example; but they were schoolmasters should, in the most public Budhists, and so are we.” So that, with manner, declare their adhesion to Chris. the exception of those raised up by the tianity, and their entire renunciation of Mission, there is only the small burgher Budhism and every species of Heathenpopulation of Matura who profess the ism. The formula you will see in the religion of Christ, and to oppose the hosts District-Minutes. In this, therefore, I of the enemy's teachers. There are at rejoice, that it is now clearly understood present one Missionary, two Assistant, throughout the Matura station that our Missionaries, and two Catechists.

schools are not only professedly Christian, Notwithstanding, we go on ploughing but decidedly anti-Budhistical : they als and sowing in hope ; and, knowing that ways were so in reality; but the people He who is for us is greater than those who did not so regard them. All our schools are against us, we rejoice in expectation are preaching-places ; and in each place a of seeing the power of the enemy destroy- small number, and in some a larger num. ed. In endeavouring to accomplish this, ber, of the adult population attend to we regard our schools as having a very hear preaching. Neither is the word important influence. As institutions for preached altogether without producing its learning, I confess they do not give me legitimate results, as some few souls are satisfaction ; the improvement of the gathered from among the Singhalese, and scholars by no means coming up to my from the female part of the population wishes. The principal causes of this you too, who, we firmly believe, are seeking will find in the School Report for 1834. salvation through Christ alone. In the Yet, as seminaries of learning, they are discussions resulting from the schoolnot useless, many every year leaving master's declaration against Budhism

an interesting, and to us an important, these congregations hear the word with fact was ascertained. It is well known much attention, and several of them evi. that Budhism is founded on the non- dently with profit. existence of a Creator ; and if this one A Society has been lately formed here, point is gained, the system must fall called “The Ladies' Benevolent Society by the arguments founded on his ex. for the Relief of Indigent and Sick Fe. istence. This point is gained. The males," connected with which is an Ingreat majority, upon being pressed on firmary ; which I hope will be a means of the subject, which we made a principal good both to the poor people, and to the point in our disputations, acknowledged ladies who are the Visiters. . Of this Sothat there must be a Creator. It is true, ciety I am the Secretary and Treasurer. they have not yet so followed up the Compared with other places, the East. consequences of this concession as to re- ern Missions appear unproductive. Our nounce Budhism; but having gained this circumstances are different from theirs. ground, it is our business to exhibit these We have a refined metaphysical systein consequences, and press them upon their to oppose, upheld by men of considerable consciences. This is our effort. It is oriental learning, and of great acuteness ; true, that, without the influence of the who also make great professions of sancHoly Spirit, no good can be effected; tity. We have, however, gained a little but we trust that influence will not be ground: what we have gained me endeawithheld, and thus we labour in hope. vour to hold fast, and by every possible The Budhists wish us to occupy a kind means to make encroachments on the of neutral ground, teaching the Christian territory of the enemy. Did we not know system, but not attacking theirs. This that the work is the Lord's, we shonld we have declined, and in all places strive despond; as it is, we are at times cast to act on the offensive.

down; but, conscious that the Lord of In addition to the Singhalese preaching Hosts is with us, we renew our strength, in the various schools, we have an Eng and go on with the assurance that even lish service every Sunday forenoon, held these strongly-fortified holds of Satan in the Dutch church at Matura, and a shall be pulled down, and genuine Chris. Portuguese congregation on the Sunday tianity established among this people. evening at the Mission-house. The Eng. We have Singhalese preaching in eleven lish congregation is of necessity small, villages, viz., l. Naurunna ; 2. Dondra; varying from twenty-five to thirty-five 3. Matura ; 4. Weheragampitta; 5. L'yanpersons, besides the children attending W'atte; 6. Kadawidia; 7. Noopey; 8. the English school. The Portuguese Pombaraney ; 9. Mirissa ; 10. Pellene; congregation is larger, and, for so small 11. Belligam. We might preach in a place, encouraging; varying from forty- other villages also, but our strength has five or fifty to seventy or eighty. Both not been equal to it.

MISSIONS IN SOUTH AFRICA. CAPE-Town and SOMERSET.-Extract of the Journal of the Rev. Barnabas

Shaw, from Nov. 1st, 1834, to May 31st, 1835. Nov. Ist. A few days ago, His Ex. people. In the evening I had the ples. cellency the Governor sent for me, to ask sure of tolling the passing-bell for slavery, some questions respecting our open-air declaring that, on the clock striking services. A Magistrate, in a letter to twelve, it would expire. the Governor, had referred him to an old

" The end is near.- it will not wait, Dutch law, made about thirty years ago,

Bands, yokes, and scourges have their date: and wished Sir Benjamin D'Urban to let Slavery itself shall pass away, him know whether he should act upon it. And be a tale of yesterday." Having satisfied His Excellency as to the Dec. Ist.--I awoke about two o'clock necessity of occasionally preaching in the this morning with the words, “ Africa is open air, he immediately said, “We must free!strongly impressed on my mind. stop nothing which is in any way calcu. May this circumstance tend to the spread lated to be useful.” Thanks be to God of the Gospel amongst them, that they for the change which has taken place may be “free indeed!” since our first arrival on these shores! March 1st, 1835.- I arrived at the Com

30th.—Simon's Town.--I preached in pany's Drift by one o'clock, an hour before Dutch this morning, showing that the the time appointed for the commencehouse of God is a house of prayer for allment of the service. Many people were

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