Pennsylvania Archives

Samuel Hazard, John Blair Linn, William Henry Egle, George Edward Reed, Thomas Lynch Montgomery, Gertrude MacKinney, Charles Francis Hoban
A collection of documents supplementing the companion series known as "Colonial records," which contain the Minutes of the Provincial council, of the Council of safety, and of the Supreme executive council of Pennsylvania.

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Σελίδα 513 - ... released on probation of good conduct, the Court may, instead of sentencing him at once to any punishment, direct that he be released on his entering into a...
Σελίδα 135 - Bay, where the said river falleth into the sea ; and on the north by the line of the Massachusetts plantation ; and on the south by the sea; and in longitude as the line of the Massachusetts colony, running from east to west, that is to say, from the said Narraganset Bay on the east, to the south sea on the west part, with the islands thereunto adjoining...
Σελίδα 616 - April 30, 1963, and as the same now appears of record in my office. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of said ward of supervisors this 2d day of May 1963.
Σελίδα 297 - Land of New England beginning at a certain place called or known by the name of St Croix next...
Σελίδα 615 - Q. in the Peace of God and our said Lord " the King, then and there being, did make an "assault...
Σελίδα 685 - To the end that laws, before they are enacted, may be more maturely considered, and the inconvenience of hasty determinations as much as possible prevented, all bills of public nature shall be printed for the consideration of the people...
Σελίδα 685 - ... nature shall be printed for the consideration of the people, before they are read in general assembly the last time for debate and amendment; and, except on occasions of sudden necessity, shall not be passed into laws until the next session of assembly; and for the more perfect satisfaction of the public, the reasons and motives for making such laws shall be fully and clearly expressed in the preambles.
Σελίδα 663 - It will be necessary, that their claims should be ascertained by a proper examination. Be it therefore enacted, by the authority aforesaid, That all persons having such claims to lands, which will be affected by the operation of this act, shall be, and they are hereby required, by themselves, guardians, or other lawful agents .within twelve months from the passing of this act, to present the same to the board of property, therein clearly describing those lands, and stating the grounds of their claims,...
Σελίδα 629 - We are unanimously of opinion, that the state of Connecticut has no right to the lands in controversy. We are also unanimously of opinion, that the jurisdiction 12 and pre-emption of all the territory lying within the charter boundary of Pennsylvania, and now claimed by the state of Connecticut, do of right belong to the state of Pennsylvania.
Σελίδα 171 - Proprietaries shall prefer joining in an Application to his Majesty for Commissioners to settle said Line, then said Committee are authorized and directed to join in Behalf of this Colony in such Application.

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