Laws of the State of Illinois Enacted by the General Assembly


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Σελίδα 53 - The stockholders in every bank, or banking company, shall be individually responsible to an amount over and above their stock, equal to their respective shares of stock, for all debts or liabilities of said bank or banking company.
Σελίδα 227 - ... by the board of supervisors, and in such sum as they shall direct, conditioned that such person shall faithfully execute the duties of his office, and shall pay over, according to law, all moneys which shall come to his hands as treasurer, and render a just and true account thereof to the board of supervisors when thereunto required.
Σελίδα 143 - If a majority of the votes cast at such election shall be in favor of...
Σελίδα 76 - All fines, forfeitures, and penalties imposed or incurred in any court of record or before any justice of the peace...
Σελίδα 53 - ... such note, bill, or obligation, or the person or persons entitled to demand and receive such moneys as aforesaid, shall respectively be entitled to receive and recover interest on the said bills, notes, obligations or moneys, until the same shall be fully paid and satisfied, at the rate of twelve per centum per annum from the time of such demand as aforesaid...
Σελίδα 66 - States, or either of them, by any creditor, or creditors, of the said corporation, and may be prosecuted to judgment, and execution, any condition, covenant, or agreement, to the contrary notwithstanding. But, this shall not be construed to exempt the said corporation, or the lands, tenements, goods or chattels of the same, from being also liable for, and chargeable with, the said excess.
Σελίδα 216 - All questions upon motions made at town meetings shall be determined by a majority of the electors voting, and the presiding officer shall ascertain and declare the result of the votes upon each question.
Σελίδα 219 - ... shall be a lien on all the real estate held jointly or severally by the collector or his sureties within the county at the time of the filing thereof, and shall continue to be such lien, until its condition, together with all costs and charges which may accrue by the prosecution thereof, shall be fully satisfied.
Σελίδα 40 - Albany, and also the circulating notes of other incorporated banks, banking associations and individual bankers, in such manner and under such regulations as may be agreed upon, and to employ such agents and clerks as they may deem necessary to carry on the business of such common agency ; but nothing in...
Σελίδα 52 - Such as shall have been purchased at sales upon judgments, decrees or mortgages obtained or made for such debts; and it shall not be lawful for any company incorporated as aforesaid to purchase, hold or convey real estate in any other case or for any other purpose...

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