With a Hammer for My Heart: A Novel

University Press of Kentucky, 23 Απρ 2014 - 224 σελίδες

“A story rich in precise, gorgeous language . . . Tragedies old and new weave a tiny Kentucky town into the center of the universe.”—Booklist (starred review)
With a Hammer for My Heart is the story of Lawanda, a precocious, poverty-stricken fifteen-year-old girl from Cardin, Kentucky, who dreams of attending college. When Lawanda’s friendship with an alcoholic World War II veteran named Garland is misinterpreted by their fellow townspeople, a tragedy calls her future into question.
“A compelling, skillfully told story . . . Lyon’s finest achievement.”—Lexington Herald-Leader
“[A] rich tale of healing, redemption, and social responsibility.”—Publishers Weekly
“Lyon consistently reveals in her work an ability to render the peculiarities of the people and the places she knows best, while at the same time exploring concerns that lend her stories and poems universal appeal. The same is true of With a Hammer for My Heart, a powerful first novel that catapults Lyon into the ranks of other well-respected contemporary novelists.”—The Southern Register
“The dialogue in this wonderful story is moving, often funny, and always true to life. YAs will find in Lawanda a revealing picture of a young woman struggling to become her own person in the midst of a loving family whose members think they know what’s best for her.”—School Library Journal


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George Ella Lyon is the award-winning author of more than thirty books for children and adults. She is the recipient of the Publishers Weekly Book of the Year Award for Who Came Down That Road? and the Appalachian Writers Association Book of the Year Award for Catalpa.

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