Reading Freud's Reading

NYU Press, 1 Ιουν 1995 - 324 σελίδες
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Perhaps nothing is more revealing about a person than what he or she reads. In 1938, when Freud was forced by the Nazis to flee Vienna, he brought with him to London a large portion of his annotated personal library. Reading Freud's Reading is a guided tour of this library, the intellectual tools of the genius of Sigmund Freud.

Specialists from a wide range of areas—from the history of medicine, to literary scholarship, to the history of classical scholarship—spent two months working on questions raised by Freud's reading and his library at the Freud Museum in London. These specialists are joined here by internationally renowned scholars including Ned Lukatcher, Harold P. Blum, and Michael Molnar to apply a wide range of critical approaches, from depth psychoanalysis to cultural analysis. Together, they present a detailed look at the implications of how, and what, Freud read, including the major sources he used for his work.


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Freuds Debut in the Sciences
Freuds Reading of Classical Literature and Classical
A Second Reading
Reading the Look MICHAEL MOLNAR
Freuds Uncanny Woman PHILLIP MCCAFFREY
The Moses of Freud
The Case of Leonardo Da Vinci
Freuds Macbeth
Freuds Readings of Daniel Paul Schrebers
Freuds Pompeian Fantasy PETER L RUDNYTSKY
Freud and Physics
A Slant on Freuds Light Reading
On the Sources of Moses and Monotheism
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Sander L. Gilman is the Goldwin Smith Professor of Humane Studies at Cornell University. He is a cultural historian whose more than 30 books range from the history of literature to the history of medicine. He is a coeditor of Reading Freud's Reading, also published by New York University Press.

Jay Geller is Senior Lecturer of Modern Jewish Culture at the Vanderbilt Divinity School.

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