John Filson, the First Historian of Kentucky: An Account of His Life and Writings, Principally from Original Sources

Filson club, 1884 - 132 σελίδες

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Σελίδα 35 - Thou shalt also consider in thine heart, that, as a man chasteneth his son, so the LORD thy God chasteneth thee. Therefore thou shalt keep the commandments of the LORD thy God, to walk in his ways, and to fear him. For the LORD thy God bringeth thee into a good land, a land of brooks of water, of fountains and depths that spring out of valleys and hills...
Σελίδα 109 - Nothing doubting but at the General Resurrection I shall receive the same again by the mighty power of God and as touching such worldly estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me in this life I give devise and dispose of the same in the following Manner and form...
Σελίδα 109 - Mind the Mortality of my Body, and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die, do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament...
Σελίδα 109 - Testament that is to say principally and first of all I give and recommend my Soul into the hands of God that gave it and for my...
Σελίδα 31 - To which is added an Appendix containing: I. The Adventures of Col. Daniel Boon, one of the First Settlers, comprehending every important Occurrence in the Political History of that Province.
Σελίδα 116 - Governor, or his successor or assigns: To the which payment well and truly to be made and done, we bind ourselves, our heirs, executors and administrators.
Σελίδα 63 - O friends, a thousand ways frail mortals lead To the cold tomb, and dreadful all to tread; But dreadful most, when by a slow decay Pale hunger wastes the manly strength away. Why cease ye then t' implore the powers above, And offer hecatombs to thundering Jove?

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