The Works of the Right Honorable Edmund Burke, Τόμος 11

Little, Brown,, 1867

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Σελίδα 142 - An Act for establishing certain Regulations for the better Management of the Affairs of the East India Company, as well in India as in Europe...
Σελίδα 16 - That by the law and usage of parliament in prosecutions for high crimes and misdemeanors, by writing or speaking the particular words, supposed to be criminal, are not necessary to be expressly specified in such impeachment.
Σελίδα 130 - And the Lords declared, that they have power enough to proceed to trial, though the King should not name an High Steward." On the same day, " it is declared and ordered by the Lords Spiritual and Temporal in Parliament assembled, that the...
Σελίδα 13 - As every court of justice," says Lord Coke, "hath laws and customs for its direction, some by the Common Law, some by the Civil and Canon Law, some by peculiar laws and customs, &c., so the High Court of Parliament suis propriis legibus et consuetudinibus subsistit.
Σελίδα 225 - There is but one law for all, namely, that law which governs all law, the law of our Creator, the law of humanity, justice, equity : — the law of nature and of nations.
Σελίδα 13 - And this is the reason that judges ought not to give any opinion of a matter of Parliament, because it is not to be decided by the common laws, but secundum legem et consuetudinem parliamenti, and so the judges in divers Parliaments have confessed...
Σελίδα 11 - ... managed, adjudged, and discussed by the course of parliament, and in no sort by the law civil, or by the common law of the land, used in the other lower courts of the kingdom, which claim liberty, and franchise, the king graciously allowed and granted to them in full parliament.
Σελίδα 13 - Parliaments, that all weighty matters in any Parliament moved, concerning the peers of the realm, or Commons in Parliament assembled, ought to be determined, adjudged, and discussed, by the course of the Parliament, and not by the Civil Law, nor yet by the common laws of this realm used in more inferior courts.
Σελίδα 77 - ... the judges and sages of the law have laid it down that there is but ONE general rule of evidence, — the best that the nature of the case will admit...
Σελίδα 142 - Pa. 418. Answer. — The Lord Chief-Baron of the Court of Exchequer delivered the unanimous opinion of the Judges upon the question of law put to them on Friday, the 29th of February last, as follows : — " That, when a witness produced and examined in a criminal proceeding by a prosecutor disclaims all knowledge of any matter so interrogated, it is not competent for such prosecutor to pursue such examination, by proposing...

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