Statement and Inference, with Other Philosophical Papers, Τόμος 2

Clarendon Press, 1926 - 901 σελίδες

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Σελίδα 859 - Speak to Him thou for He hears, and Spirit with Spirit can meet — Closer is He than breathing, and nearer than hands and feet.
Σελίδα 588 - The process is delusive and insufficient exactly in proportion as the subject-matter of the observation is special and limited in extent. As the sphere widens, this unscientific method becomes less and less liable to mislead; and the most universal class of truths, the law of causation for instance, and the principles of number and of geometry, are duly and satisfactorily proved by that method alone, nor are they susceptible of any other proof.
Σελίδα 558 - Upon the same base, and on the same side of it, there cannot be two triangles that have their sides which are terminated in one extremity of' the base, equal to one another, and likewise those which are terminated in the other extremity.
Σελίδα 623 - Hence the inconceivableness of its negation is that which shows a cognition to possess the highest rank — is the criterion by which its unsurpassable validity is known.
Σελίδα 610 - In distant parts of the stellar regions, where the phenomena may be entirely unlike those with which we are acquainted, it would be folly to affirm confidently that this general law prevails, any more than those special ones which we have found to hold universally on our own planet.
Σελίδα 501 - Modes I call such complex ideas which, however compounded, contain not in them the supposition of subsisting by themselves, but are considered as dependences on, or affections of substances; such as are the ideas signified by the words triangle, gratitude, murder, &c.
Σελίδα 501 - Combining several simple ideas into one compound one, and thus all complex ideas are made. 2. The second is bringing two ideas, whether simple or complex, together, and setting them by one another, so as to take a view of them at once, without uniting them into one ; by which way it gets all its ideas of relations.
Σελίδα 604 - Nor again must the communication of Heat, or its transitive nature, by means of which a body becomes hot when a hot body is applied to it, be confounded with the Form of Heat. For heat is one thing, heating another.
Σελίδα 621 - I must protest against adducing, as evidence of the truth of a fact in external nature, the disposition, however strong or however general, of the human mind to believe it.
Σελίδα 604 - When I say of Motion that it is as the genus of which heat is a species, I would be understood to mean, not that heat generates motion or that motion generates heat (though both are true in certain cases), but that Heat itself, its essence and quiddity, is Motion and nothing else...

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