The new army list, by H.G. Hart [afterw.] Hart's army list. [Quarterly]

Henry George Hart

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Σελίδα 44 - Waterloo, has been pleased, in the name and on the behalf of His Majesty...
Σελίδα 16 - Oporto, and afterwards at the battle of Talavera. In Aug. 1809, the local rank of Lieut.'Gen. was conferred upon him; and, early in 1810, he was appointed to the command of the whole allied cavalry under the Duke...
Σελίδα 181 - Mooltan, including the capture of the city and surrender of the fortress ; also present at the surrender of the fort and garrison of Chcniote, and battle of Goojerat (M«dul and Clasps).
Σελίδα 177 - Badajoz (dangerously wonnded iu the head); action at Castrajon, capture of forts at and battle of Salamanca, capture of Madrid and the Retiro, affairs of San Muñoz and San Milan, battles of Vittoria, and - the Pyrenees from 26th to 80th July, passage of the Bidassoa, Nivelle, and Nive ; battle near Bayonne, 13 Dec.
Σελίδα 179 - Guadeloupe and adjacent islands in 1810. Served in the Peninsula and France from July 1813 to July 1814, including the passage of the Bidassoa, Nivelle, Nive, and four days...
Σελίδα 229 - Hope in 1806, and proceeded from thence on the expedition to Buenos Ayres, where he was twice severely wounded and taken prisoner; served in the Peninsula and South of France, from June, 1809, to July, 1814, including the battles of the Coa and...
Σελίδα 127 - Served afterwards in the American war, and was present at the battle of Bladensburg and capture of Washington. Slightly wounded In the head and very severely in the groin at Bladensburg.
Σελίδα 204 - Fox" during the action with the stockade batteries, and destruction of the Burmese war-boats in the Rangoon river, on the 10th January, 1852 ; commanded the Royal Marines at the destruction of the same stockades on the 4th April ; landed in command of the Marines during the whole of the operations against Rangoon, from the llth to the 17th April ; commanded the Marines on the expedition to Mobee against the army of the Governor...
Σελίδα 13 - Toulouse, besides numerous minor affairs. Served also the campaign of 1815, and was present at the battle...
Σελίδα 179 - Bay, 1795, and afterwards in the West Indies, including the attack on Porto Rico, the brigand war in St. Lucia, and capture of Surinam.

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