Practical Steam and Hot Water Heating and Ventilation: A Modern Practical Work on Steam and Hot Water Heating and Ventilation, with Descriptions and Data of All Materials and Appliances Used in the Construction of Such Apparatus; Rules, Tables, Etc

N.W. Henley Publishing Company, 1908 - 396 σελίδες

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Σελίδα 411 - This is one of the latest and most comprehensive reference books published on the subject of refrigeration and cold storage. It explains the properties and refrigerating effect of the different fluids in use, the management of refrigerating machinery and the construction and insulation of cold rooms with their required pipe surface for different degrees of cold; freezing mixtures and non-freezing brines, temperatures of cold rooms for all kinds of provisions...
Σελίδα 408 - COMPRESSED AIR COMPRESSED AIR IN ALL ITS APPLICATIONS. By GARDNER D. Hiscox. This is the most complete book on the subject of Air that has ever been issued, and its thirty-five chapters include about every phase of the subject one can think of. It may be called an encyclopedia of compressed air. It is written by an expert, who, in its 665 pages, has dealt with the subject in a comprehensive manner, no phase of it being omitted.
Σελίδα 411 - A work of 555 pages and' 673 illustrations, describing in every detail the construction, operation, and manipulation of both hand and machine tools. Includes chapters on filing, fitting, and scraping surfaces; on drills, reamers, taps, and dies; the lathe and its tools; planers, shapers, and their tools ; milling machines and cutters ; gear cutters and gear cutting; drilling machines and drill work; grinding machines and their work; hardening and tempering; gearing, belting and transmission machinery:...
Σελίδα 411 - A large part of the information given has been drawn from the author's personal experience. It might well be termed an Encyclopedia of Die-Making. Punch-Making. Die-Sinking, Sheet-Metal Working, and Making of Special Tools. Subpresses, Devices and Mechanical Combinations for Punching, Cutting. Bending. Forming, Piercing, Drawing, Compressing and Assembling Sheet-Metal Parts, and also Articles of other Materials in Machine Tools.
Σελίδα 409 - ... contemplating the erection of modern shop buildings, the rebuilding and reorganization of old ones, or the introduction of modern shop methods, time and cost systems. It is a book written and illustrated by a practical shop man for practical shop men who are too busy to read theories and want facts. It is the most complete all-around book of its kind ever published.
Σελίδα 408 - Simple, instructive, and right up-to-date. The only complete work on the subject. Tells all about the running and management of gas, gasoline and oil engines, as designed and manufactured in the United States.
Σελίδα 409 - The only work published that describes the Modern Machine Shop or Manufacturing Plant from the time the grass is growing on the site intended for it until the finished product is shipped. Just the book needed by those contemplating the erection of modern shop buildings, the rebuilding and reorganization of old ones, or the introduction of Modern Shop Methods, time and cost systems. It is a book...
Σελίδα 410 - An indispensable work to all interested in electrical science. Suitable alike for the student and professional. A practical handbook of reference containing definitions of about 5,000 distinct words, terms and phrases. The definitions are terse and concise and include every term used in electrical science. Recently issued. An entirely new edition.
Σελίδα 410 - This work treats of the making at home of electrical toys, electrical apparatus, motors, dynamos, and instruments in general, and is designed to bring within the reach of young and old the manufacture of genuine and useful electrical appliances.
Σελίδα 411 - This is a book which will prove of interest to many classes of people; the manufacturer who desires to know what product can be manufactured successfully in the electric furnace, the chemist who wishes to post himself on the electro-chemistry, and the student of science who merely looks into the subject from curiosity.

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