Annual Report of the State Horticultural Society of Missouri, Τόμος 27


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Σελίδα 265 - For nought so vile that on the earth doth live But to the earth some special good doth give...
Σελίδα 329 - We may live without poetry, music, and art ; We may live without conscience, and live without heart ; We may live without friends ; we may live without books ; But civilized man cannot live without cooks. He may live without books, — what is knowledge but grieving ? He may live without hope, — what is hope but deceiving ? He may live without love, — what is passion but pining ? But where is the man that can live without dining ? XX.
Σελίδα 10 - The constitution provides that "this constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members present at any regular meeting...
Σελίδα 323 - Through the harsh noises of our day A low, sweet prelude finds its way ; Through clouds of doubt and creeds of fear A light is breaking calm and clear.
Σελίδα 322 - Through present wrong the eternal right; And step by step, since time began, We see the steady gain of man, — That all of good the past hath had Remains to make our own time glad, Our common, daily life divine, And every land a Palestine.
Σελίδα 10 - The payment of ten dollars at one time shall constitute a person a life member, and honorary members may be elected at any regular meeting of the society. And any lady may become a member by giving her name to the Secretary. ART. III. The officers of this society shall consist of a President...
Σελίδα 13 - The annual election shall be held at the regular meeting of the Society on the Saturday in December, where the general business of the Society shall be transacted. Vacancies may be filled at any regular meeting of the Society. Art. V. The regular meeting of this Society shall be held on the Saturday of each month, at 1 o'clock...
Σελίδα 175 - Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised. Give her of the fruit of her hands; and let her own works praise her in the gates.
Σελίδα 10 - VI. As soon after each regular annual meeting as possible, the president shall appoint the following standing committees, and they shall be required to give a report in writing, under their respective heads, at the annual and semiannual meetings of the society, of what...
Σελίδα 325 - Blessed is the man who has found his work ; let him seek no other blessedness.

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