Fundamentals of Fighter Design

Airlife, 2000 - 205 σελίδες
This book provides an in-depth review of the progress made in fighter aircraft design since World War I. Ray Whitford examines present and future design solutions against the historic background of fighter evolution that occurred whenever science and engineering increased the aircraft designer's parameters. Each chapter focuses on an aspect of fighter technology, chronologically tracing its progress. Major design topics such as requirements, aerodynamics, avionics, armaments, and tactics are all covered in this invigorating study. Anyone who wants to gain an understanding of the fascinating interplay of forces that has sculpted the modern fighter should read this book.

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Ray Whitford is a chartered engineer and has been Senior Lecturer in Aerodynamics and Aircraft Design with Cranfield University at the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom for twenty years. He won the Rolls-Royce Award for Best Propulsion Submission in the Royal Aeronautical Society's 1997 Aerospace Journalist of the Year Awards and a similar prize in 2005 for Best Technology Submission. He is the author of over sixty papers and articles on aircraft design.

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