The engineers' manual of the Local marine examinations

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Σελίδα 46 - An Improper Fraction is one whose numerator is equal to or greater than its denominator ; as, f , -J.
Σελίδα 67 - Thus, reducing the two fractions to a common denominator, we multiply the numerator of the dividend by the denominator of the divisor, and the numerator of. the divisor by the denominator of the dividend ; (Art.
Σελίδα 143 - RULE. from half the sum of the three sides, subtract each side separately; multiply the half sum and the three remainders together, and the square root of the product will be the area required.
Σελίδα 3 - ... custody of the law, having been convicted of some felony, or for the space of six calendar months before the time of executing the indenture has deserted such child, or for such space of time has been in the service of Her Majesty, or of the East India Company, in foreign parts, such parent, if the father, shall be deemed to be disqualified "as hereinbefore stated, and if it be the mother, no such consent shall be required.
Σελίδα 1 - Boards, and arrangements have been made for holding the examinations at the undermentioned ports, upon the days specified against them ; and these days are so arranged for general convenience, that a candidate wishing to proceed to sea, and missing the day at his own port, may...
Σελίδα 60 - It is however impossible to find such a fraction unless all the given fractions be first expressed with a common denominator : for, since the denominator of a fraction expresses the number of equal parts into which the unit is divided, it follows that in two fractions which have not a common denominator the unit is not divided into the same number of equal parts : therefore in endeavouring to...
Σελίδα 241 - ... stroke have been performed, and the steam be at the same time throttled in the steam pipe, the full pressure of the steam within the cylinder cannot be maintained except near the beginning of the stroke where the piston travels slowly ; for as the speed of the piston increases, the pressure necessarily subsides, until the piston approaches the other end of the cylinder, where the pressure would rise again but that the operation of the lap on the valve by this time has had the effect of closing...
Σελίδα 239 - ... on the exhausting side, the port before the piston will be closed before that behind it is opened ; and the interval between the closing of the one and the opening of the other, will depend on the quantity of lap on the exhausting side of the valve.
Σελίδα 3 - If the applicant passes, he will receive a document from the examiner, which will entitle him to receive his certificate of competency from the shipping master at the port to which he has directed it to be forwarded.
Σελίδα 1 - Certificate as the Act requires, or who employs any person as master, or first, second or only mate of any Foreign-going ship, or as master or first or only mate of any Home Trade Passenger ship...

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