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Hinds, Noble & Eldredge, 1899 - 421 σελίδες

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Σελίδα 254 - And the people with one accord gave heed unto those things which Philip spake, hearing and seeing the miracles which he did.
Σελίδα 109 - The pressure per unit of area exerted anywhere upon a mass of liquid is transmitted undiminished in all directions, and acts with the same force upon all surfaces, in a direction at right angles to those surfaces.
Σελίδα 237 - Definitions. 1. A cylinder is a solid described by the revolution of a rectangle about one of its sides, which remains fixed.
Σελίδα 163 - Tic-tac ! tic-tac ! go the wheels of thought ; our will cannot stop them; they cannot stop themselves; sleep cannot still them; madness only makes them go faster; death alone can break into the case, and, seizing the ever-swinging pendulum, which we call the heart, silence at last...
Σελίδα 254 - Thou hast brought a vine out of Egypt: thou hast cast out the heathen, and planted it. Thou preparedst room before it, and didst cause it to take deep root, and it filled the land. The hills were covered with the shadow of it, and the boughs thereof were like the goodly cedars. She sent out her boughs unto the sea, and her branches unto the river.
Σελίδα 246 - The names of the persons voted for, and the number of votes received...
Σελίδα 200 - A number is divisible by 3 if the sum of its digits is divisible by 3.
Σελίδα 123 - Equal volumes of all substances, in the gaseous state and at the same temperature and pressure, contain an equal number of molecules.
Σελίδα 104 - The product of the mass and velocity of a body is called its momentum.
Σελίδα 243 - No person shall be eligible to the office of clerk of the court of appeals, unless he be a citizen of the United States, a resident of the state...

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