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And as the Victor hov'ring o'er him stood,
With Arms extended, thus the Suppliant su’d.
When Honour's lost, 'tis a Relief to die;
Death's but a sure Retreat from Infamy.
But to the lost, if Pity might be shown,
Reflect on young Querpoïdes thy Son;
Then pity mine, for such an Infant-Grace
Smiles in his Eyes, and flatters in his Face.
If he was near, Compassion he'd create,
Or else lament his wretched Parent's Fate.
Thine is the Glory, and the Field is thine;
To thee the lov'd * Dispens'ry I resign.
At this the Victors own such Extasies,
As Memphian Priests if their Osyris sneeze:
Or Champions with Olympic Clangour fir'd;
Or simpring prudes with sprightly Nance inspir’d;
Or Sultans rais'd from Dungeons to a Crown;
Or fasting Zealots when the Sermons done.

Awhile the Chief the deadly Stroak declin’d,
And found Compassion pleading in his Mind.
But whilst he view'd with Pity the Distress'a,
He spy'd + Signetur writ upon his Breast.
Then tow'rds the Skies he toss'd his threatning Head,
And fir'd with more than mortal Fury, said;



* See the Allusion. Virg. Aen.

Those Members of the College that observe a late Statute, are calld by the Apothecaries Signetur Men.


319 as ] whilst 1_4 324 Think on Querpoides thy darling Son;' 325 Mine's small as He, just such an infant Grace, ' || mine; 11 Infant-Grace, 326 Smiles ] Sports 1-4. 6 327 near, ] by 1-4 330 Thee 1_4

331–336 fehlen in 14. 6 331 Ecstasies 9-10. W 337 Awhile the Chief ] The Chief at this 1-4.6 340 He 1-+ || pity Die Bemerkung: Those Members etc. in 1–4 nach V. 342 in Kursivdruck beigefügt, in 6 – 11. Wi als Fußnote. 341 He 1 – 4.6 11

ning 1.-4 342 more than mortal Fury, ] mortal Indignation, 1-4


Sooner than I'll from vow'd Revenge desist,
His Holiness shall turn a Quietist,
Jansenius and the Jesuits agree,

The Inquisition wink at Heresie.
Warm Convocations own the Church secure,
And more consult her Doctrine than her Pow'r.

With that he drew a Lancet in his Rage, To puncture the still supplicating Sage.

350 But while his Thoughts that fatal Act decree, Apollo interpos'd in form of Fee. The Chief great Paean's golden Tresses knew, He own'd the God, and his rais'd Arm withdrew. Thus often at the Temple-Stairs we've seen

355 Two Tritons of a rough Athletick Mien, Sourly dispute some Quarrel of the Flood, With Knuckles bruis'd, and Face besmear'd in Blood; But at the first Appearance of a Fare, Both quit the Fray, and to their Oars repair.

360 The Heroe so his Enterprize recalls, His Fist unclinches, and the Weapon falls. 345 La Chase shall with the Jansenists agree, The Jesuits and the Jansenists agree,

346 Heresy. 347 Faith stand unmov'd (unshook thro' S-fleet's [S—88_4 St-fleet's Stillingfleet's W]

348 And L-k (Locke W] for Mystery abandon

347 nach 1-4 und 348 nach 1-4. 0 in Wi als Zusatz zu V. 346 unter dem Text. 349 With that, unsheathing an Incision Knife, 1-+ || his ] full 6 350 He offer'd at the prostrate Stentor's

351 Act ) stroke W1 353 Chief nicht kursiv gedruckt

355 the fehlt 9–11. W || we've ] I've 3 357 Sowrly 1 quarrel 1-4 358 Blood. 1-4 359 appearance || Fare 16 361 so ] thus ' | Enterprise

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Defence, 1-4.6
Senge. 1-4. 6

Life. I_A in 1.-4. 6


The Dispensary.

Canto VI.

While the shrill Clangour of the Battel rings,
Auspicious Health appear'd on Zephir's Wings;
She seem'd a Cherub most divinely bright,
More soft than Air, more gay than Morning Light.
A Charm she takes from each excelling Fair,

And borows C-le's Shape, and G-ton's Air.
Her Eyes like R-agh's their Beams dispense,
With Chill's Bloom, and B-kley's Innocence.
On Iris thus the differing * Beams bestow
The Die, that paints the Wonders of her Bow,
From the fair Nymph a vocal Musick falls,
As to Machaon thus the Goddess calls.

Enough th' Atchievement of your Arms you 've shown, You seek a Triumph you shou'd blush to own. Haste to th' Elysian Fields, those bless'd Abodes, Where Harvy sits among the Demi-Gods.



* See Newt. of Col.

1 clangour 1-4 || rings; 1-4.6 6 CIl's 1–3 Cl's + Cicel's Will Grafton's W1 7 Ranelagh's Wi|| dispence, 8 Churchill's W1|| Berkley's Wi 9–10 fehlen in 1-6 11 From the fair Nymph ] From her bright Lips 146 12 Whilst 1 13 Kein neuer Abschnitt 1 || th' atchievement 1-4 15 Hast 1–4 || abodes,

Consult that sacred Sage, soon He'll disclose
The Method that must mollify these Woes.
Let Celsus for that Enterprize prepare,
His Conduct to the Shades shall be my Care.

Aghast the Heroes stood dissolv'd in Fear,
A Form so Heav'nly bright They cou'd not bear;
Celsus alone unmor’d, the Sight beheld,
The rest in pale Confusion left the Field.

So when the Pigmies, marshall'd on the Plains, 25 Wage puny War against th’invading Cranes; The Poppets to their Bodkin Spears repair, And scatter'd Feathers flutter in the Air; But when the bold imperial Bird of Jove Stoops on his sounding Pinions from above,

30 Among the Brakes the Fairy Nation crowds, And the Strimonian Squadron seeks the Clouds.

And now the Delegate prepares to go And view the Wonders of the Realms below; Then takes Amomum for the Golden Bough.

35 Thrice did the Goddess with her Sacred Wand The Pavement strike; and strait at her Command The willing Surface opens, and descries A deep Descent that leads to nether Skies. * Hygeia to the silent Region tends;

40 And with his Heav'nly Guide, the Charge descends. Thus Numa, when to hallow'd Caves retir'd, Was by + Ægeria guarded and inspir’d.

* Health, celebrated by the Ancients as a Goddess.

* See Ov. Met. B. 15. 17 He'll soon disclose 1-4 18 method 14 || mollify ] terminate 6 || 20 conduct 1 - 4 || care.

21 fear, 1-4

22 heav'nly 24 confusion 1-4 25 marshald 1-4 || Plains; ' 27 bod28 Air. 1-4

29 But soon as e'er th' imperial Bird of 37 straight 38 The willing ] Th' obedient 40 Higeia || Die Note fehlt 1–3; in 4 lautet sie einfach: Health 42–43 fehlen in 1_4.6




Il bear, 1-4 kin I. Jove 14



Within the Chambers of the Globe they spy The Beds were sleeping Vegetables lye,

45 'Till the glad Summons of a Genial Ray Unbinds the Glebe, and calls them out to Day. Hence Pancies trick themselves in various Hew; And hence Junquils derive their fragrant Dew; Hence the Carnation, and the bashful Rose

Their Virgin Blushes to the Morn disclose.
Hence the chast Lilly rises to the Light,
Unveils her snowy Breast, and charms the Sight.
Hence Arbours are with twining Greens array'd,
T oblige complaining Lovers with their Sbade.
And hence on Daphne's Laurel'd Forehead grow
Immortal Wreaths for Phoebus and Nassau.

The Insects here their lingring Trance survive:
Benumb'd they seem, and doubtful if alive.
From Winter's Fury hither they repair,

And stay for milder Skies and softer Air.
Down to these Cells obscener Reptils creep,
Where hateful Nutes and painted Lizzards sleep.
Where shiv'ring Snakes the Summer Solstice wait;
Unfurl their painted Folds, and slide in State.

65 Here their new Form the numb'd * Erucae hide, Their num'rous Feet in slender Bandage ty'd: Soon as the kindling Year begins to rise, This upstart Race their native Clod despise, And proud of painted Wings attempt the Skies.

Now, those profounder Regions They explore, Where Metals ripen in vast Cakes of Oar.

* See Godort on Caterpillars and Butterflies. 45 lie: lie,

48 Hew,
49 Dew. 1-4. 6

52-53 fehlen in 1–4 54 array'd. ' 56 Laurel’d Forehead ] verdant Temples 1-4 57 Wreaths, 1-4 59 Benum'd 2–4 60 fury 1-4 62 creep;1 63 Where hateful ] And there the 1 64 Where ) There 1 66–70 fehlen 69 Rase ? Druckfehler race Wi



71 they 1-4

in l-4. 6

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