Εικόνες σελίδας
Ηλεκτρ. έκδοση

rupt, Cic.

stituit, tollet eadem, makes, constitutes, Cic. Cor. omen ; pretio addictam habere fidem, to be cort pus bene constitutum, a good constitution, Id.

DESTITUERE aliquem, to forsake ;. spem, to CondicERE operam alicui, to promise assist. deceive; propositum, to give over, Ovid. deos ance ; cænam alicui, v. ad cænam, to purpose pactâ mercede, to defraud, Hor.

supping wilh one without invitation. INSTITUERE aliquem secundum hæredem filio, ÉDICERE alicui, to order; delectum, to appoint to appoint, Cic. collegium fabrorum, sacra, to a lery ; prædam militibus, to promise by an edict; institute, to found, Plin. aliquem doctrinà Græcis justitium, diem comitiis, vel comitia consulibus literis, lo instruct; navos, to build, Cæs. ser creandis, to appoint. monem, to enter upon, Id. animum ad cogitan INDICERE bellum, justitium, to proclaim war; dum, to settle ; antequam pro Muræna dicere legem sibi, to appoint, Cic. cætus in domos triinstituo, I begin, Cic.

bunorum, to summon, Liv. indicare, to shoro; InPRÆSTITUERE petitori, qua actione illum uti dictus, an adj. not said ; causâ indictâ, . non oporteat, 10 prescribe to the prosecutor what form cognità condemnari, to be condemned without of process he should use, Cic. tempus ei, to deter being heard ; me indicente, hæc non fiunt, not mine.

telling, Ter. RESTITUERE exules; virginem suis, lo restore ;

INTERDICERE alicui, aliquid v. aliqua re; oppida vicosque, to repair ; aciem inclinatum, to fæminis usum purpuræ, to forbid or debar from; rally ; prælium, to renew, Liv.

ei aquâ & igne, v. aquam et ignem, to banish; SUBSTITUERE aliquem in locum ejus, pro male rem gerentibus, bonis paternis interdici altero, to subititute, or put in the place of, solet, Cic. interdici non poterat socero gener, Cic.

discharged the company of, Nep. STRUERE epulas, to prepare ; insidias, men PRÆDICERE alicui aliquid, de aliqua re, id in dacium, to contrive ; odium, crimen alicui, vel in hac re, to foretel, to forewarn. aliquem, to raise against.

DUCERE in carcerem v. vincula, to lead ; BO.

exercitum, to command; spiritum, animam, vitam, SCRIBERE suâ manu, bene, velociter, epis to breathe, to live ; fossam, murum, sulcum, to tolam alicui, v. ad aliquem; bellum, v. de bello; make or draw; bellum, lo prolong, also to carry milites, to enlist ; supplementum militibus, to on, Virg. ætatem, diem, to spend ; uxorem, to recruit them ; hæredemn, to make one his heir ; take a wise; in jus, to summon before a judge ; dicain ei, to raise an aclion against one ; num aliquem, & vultum alicujus, ære, ex ære, de auro, mos, lo give a bill of exchange ; de rebus suis marmore, &c. to make a statue ; genus, nomen ab scribi cupivit, Cic. Decemvir legibus scribendis, v. ex aliquo, to derive ; omnia pro nihilo, infra Liv.

se; id laudi, laudem, v. in laudem, (oftener the ASCRIBERE aliquem civitati, in civitatem, v.-e, first,) to reckon it a praise to him ; in conscientiam, to make free.

to impute to a consciousness of guilt ; in gloria, DESCRIBERE aliquem, to describe and not to Plin. in crimen, Tacit. centesimas, sc. usuras, name; partes Italiæ, pecuniam, populum ordini vel fænus centesimis, to compute interest at one bus, to distribute, to divide ; vectigal civitatibus, for the hundred a month, or at 12 per cent. per i. e. iinperare; jura, i. e. dare v. constituere; annum; binis centesimis fænerari, to take 24 per censores binos in singulas civitates, i. e. facere, cent. per annum, Cic. ducere, longas voces in Cic.

fletum, to draw oul, Virg. ordines, to be a centuINSCRIBERE literas alicui, to correct a letter; rion, Liv. ilia, to pant like a broken-winded horse, librum, to entille or name ; ædes mercede, to put Hor. a ticket on one's house to lel, Ter.

ADDUCERE aliquem in judicium, arbitrium PROSCRIBERE bona alicujus, ædes suas, auc meum, to bring to a trial; in suspicionem regi, tionem, to publish to be sold, to set to sale ; ali- Nep. arcum, to draw in; habenas, to straiten quem, to banish, to outlaw.

the reins. RESCRIBERE alicujus literis v. ad literas, alicui CONDUCERE aliquem ex loco, to convey; navem, ad aliquid, to write an answer ; pecuniam, to pay domum, coquos, to hire; columnam faciendam, money by bill ; legionem ad equum, to set foot to engage to make at a certain price; Conducit soldiers on horseback, Cæs.

hoc tuæ laudi, in v. ad rem, is of advantage. SUBSCRIBERE exemplum literarum, to write DEDUCERE naves, to launch ; classem in præbelow; causæ, lo join or take part in an accusa lium, to bring, Nep. equites, to make to alight; tion; Cæsaris iræ, to favour, Ovid.

Liv. eum domum, to accompany, to carry home; CO.

de sententia, Cic. coloniam, to transplant ; lacum, DICERE aliquid, v. de aliqua re, ex aliquo to drain. loco, alicui, ad v, apud aliquem; in aliquem, EDUCERE gladium e vagina, to draw ; florem against ; ad aliquid, in answer to; sententiam, Italiæ, to lead out ; copias in aciem, Cic. filium, to give an opinion ; jus,.lo administer justice, to to educate, oflener educare; in astra, to extol, pronounce sentence; mulctam ei, to amerce or Hor. cælo, Virg. fine; diem ei, to appoint a day for his trial be INDUCERE tenebras clarissimis rebus, to bring fore the people; prodicere, to put it off ; causam, on, Cic. animum, v. in animum, to persuade him. to plead ; testimonium, to give evidence; non self; senta pellibus, to cover, Cæs. soleas pedibus, idem, loqui est ac dicere, to harangue, Cic. sacra v. in pedes, to put on; colorem picturæ, to varmento, seldom sacramentum, to take the military nish, Plin. nomina, to cancel or rase, to rub out. oath.

OBDUCERE exercitum, to lead against ; callum ADDICERE aliquid ei, to call out at an auction, dolori, to blunt it; sepulchrum sentibus, to cover; to sell ; servituti, v. in servitutem, to sentence or REDUCERE aliquem in memoriam alicujus, vel adjudge to bondage ; bona, to give up the goods alicui aliquid in memoriam, to bring back to one's of the debtor to the creditor; se alicui, to devote remembrance ; in gratiam cum aliquo, to reconhimself to one's service : aves non addixerunt, v. cile. Vallis reducta, retired or low. abdixerunt, the birds did not give a favourable PRODUCERE testes, to bring out ; funus, to

attend ; sermonem in noctem, to prolong, to con oculos, potestatem, &c. in morbam, & incidere, tinue; rem in hiemem, to defer ; servos venden Cic. Non cadit in virum bonum mentiri, is in dos, to bring to market.

capable of, Cic. Homini lachrymæ cadunt, quasi SUBDUCERE se a custodibus, to steal away ;

puero, gaudio, Ter. naves,

to draw up on shore; cibum ei & deducere, ACCIDERE genibus, v. ad genua, to fall at ; to take from ; summam, rationes, to reckon, to auribus v. ad aures, to come to ; alicui, casu, cast up accounts.

præter opinionem, to happen ; accidit in te istud PARCERE sibi, labore, to spare, &c. a cædi. verbum, applies, Ter. bus, to forbear ; aurum natis, Virg.

TENDERE vela, to stretch ; insidias, retia, ASSÚESCERE rei alicui, v. re aliqua, in v. plagas, &c. to lay snares ; arcum, lo bend ; iter, ad hoc, to be accustomed; mentem, pluribus & cursum, to direct ; ad altiora, in cælum, to aini assuefacere, Hor. Animis bella, Virg. to accustom. at; extra vallum, sc. tabernaculum, to pitch a So, insuesco rei v. re; insuevit hoc me pater, Hor. tent : Manibus tendit divellere nodos, tries, Virg.

SCISCERE legem, to vote, to decree ; hence ATTENDO te, Cic. tibi, Plin. de hac re, ad hanc plebiscitum.

rem, to take heed; animum ad rem; res hostium, ASCISCERE regium nomen, to assume ; socios

Sall. sibi, ad societatem sceleris, to associate ; ritus CONTENDERE nervos, omnibus nervis, to exert peregrinos, to adopt.

one's self ; aliquid ab aliquo, to ask earnestly ; ConsCISCERE mortem v. necem sibi, to kill inter se; amori, poet. for cum amore, to strive ; one's self; fugam sibi, to flee, Liv.

causas, sc. inter se, to compare, Cic. Aliquid ad DISCERE aliquid ab aliquo, v. apud aliquem, aliquid, cum aliquo, & alicui. ex aliqua re, or without ex: Dediscere, to forget COMPREHENDERE naturam rerum, to underwhat he hath learned ; Ediscere, to get by heart. stand; rem pluribus & luculentioribus verbis, to

DESCENDERE de palatio, præsidio, ædibus ; in express ; aliquem humanitate, amicitia, to gain ; forum, curiam, campum; ad accusandum, ad rem fictam, to discover. omnia, ad extrema, to have recourse to, Cic. INTENDERE animum rei, ad v. in rem, to apply: DO.

Intendi animo in rem, Liv. Vocem, nervos, to LUDERE aleâ, v. -am, to play at dice ; par exert; arcum, to bend; actionem, v. litem alicui impar, at even and odd ; operam, to lose one's v. in aliquem, also impingere, to raise a law suit labour.

against one ; telumi ei, v. in eum, to shoot at; maALLUDERE alicui, ad aliquem : Colludere ei, num v. digitum in aliquid, to point at ; aliquo, sc. cum eo; illudere ei, eum, in eum, in eo; id, to ire, to go to ; officia, to overdo, to do more than mock.

is required, Sall. EVADERE insidias, -iis, vel ex, to escape ; in

OBTENDERE velum rei, v. rem velo, to cover, to muro, to mount : Hæc quorsum evadant, nescio, veil. to what they will turn out ; clarus evasit, became. PENDERE pecuniam, to pay; penas, to suf

CEDERE multa multis de suo jure, Cic. Bona fer; id parvi, to value it little. creditoribus, to yield, whence cessio bonorum; SUSPENDERE aliquem arbori, de, in, v. ex alicui loco, de, a, ex loco, v. Jocum, to give place; arbore, to hang ; expectatione, vel suspensum vità, e vita decedere, to die ; foro, to turn bank- detinere, to keep in suspense; ædificium, to arch rupt: Hæreditas cedit mihi, falls to ; Cedit in a house ; naso adunco, to sneer at, Horat. proverbium, becomes.

ABDERE se literis, in literas, to hide or shut up ACCEDERE oppidum, -do, ad v. in oppidum, to one's self among books ; se domum, rus, &c. approach ; ad conditiones, to agree to ; Ciceroni, domno, Virg. in silvas, tenebras, &c. sententiæ, v. ad sententiam ejus, to agree with ; CONDERE urbem, to build ; fructus, to lay up; ad Ciceronem, to go to ; ad rempublicam, to bear in carcerem, to imprison ; carmen, to compose the questorship, or the first public office ; ad ami lumina, to close, Ov. Jura, to establish; terrâ, citiam Philippi, to gain the friendship of, Nep. sepulchro, in sepulchro, to bury. Ad hæc mala hoc mihi accedit etiam, added, Ter. DEDERE se alicui, in ditionem alicujus, ad Robur accessit ætati, Cic. Animi accessere hosti, aliquem, to surrender : Deditus præceptori, & Liv. Ad corporis firmitatem plura animi bona studiis, fond of ; vino epulisque, engaged in, Nep. accesserant, Nep. Accedit plurimum pretio ; dedità operâ, on purpose. huc, ed, accedit quod, is added.

EDERE librum, & in lucem, to publish ; ovum, ANTECEDERE alicui rei; aliquem, rarely alicui, to lay; sonos, cantus, risus, gemitus, questus, to excel.

hinnitum, pugnam, stragem, to sound, sing, &c. CONCEDERE ei aliquid & de aliquo; paulum de munus gladiatorium, to exhibit a show of gladiasuo jure; tempus ad rem, to grant ; ab oculis, fors ; nomen, to mention ; fætus, to bring forth ; ad dextram, in exilium, in hiberna, to retire, to extremum spiritum, to die; exempla cruciatas go; fato, naturæ, vitâ, lo die ; in sententiam ejus, in aliquem, to inflict exemplary torture. to come into one's measures; in conditiones, lo OBDERE pessulum foribus, to bolt the door.

PRODERE arcem hostibus, to belray; aliquid DISCEDERE transversum, & latum unguem, v. posteris, v. memoriæ, to hand down ; genus ab digitum a re, to depart in the least.

aliquo, to derive ; flaminem, interregem, to ap. INTERCEDERE legi, to give a negative against, point ; aliquot dies nuptiis, to put off, Ter. exem. to oppose a law; pecuniam pro aliquo, to become plum, to give to posterity, Liv. surety : Intercedit mihi tecum amicitia vel inter REDDERE animum, se sibi, to revive ; animam nos, there is, &c.

v. vitam, to die ; Lativè, verbum verbo, to transSUCCÉDERE ei, in locum ejus, to succeed; muro, late ; mairem, i. e. referre, to resemble ; episto6. murum ; ad urbem'; sub primam aciem; in lam alicui, to deliver. pugnam, to come to.

SUBDERE calcar equo, to spur; spiritus alicui, ČADERE altè, ab alto, in terram, to fall ; to encourage. causâ, formulâ, in judicio, & litem perdere, to CREDERE rem ; homini, to believe ; aliquid lose one's cause, to be cast ; in 4. sub sensum, alicui, to trust ; pecuniam ei per syngrapham,

agree to, Liv.

to lend on bond or bill; rumoribus credi non Annos, to spend ; aliquid ad normam, to try or oportet: Itaque credo, si, &c. I suppose, Cic. examine ; columnam ad perpendiculum, to apply

FUNDERE aquam, to pour out; hostes, to the plummet, to see if it be straight; monumout.

mentum, to finish, Hor. tempus & modum, to EFFUNDERE fruges, copiam oratorym, to pro- settle. Virg. comædiam, to disapprove, to hiss off, duce ; ærarium, to spend ; odium, i. e. dimittere, Ter. to drop; gratiam collectam, i. e. perdere: omnia, REDIGERE aliquid in memoriam alicujus, to quæ tacuerat, to tell.

bring back; pecuniam ex bonis venditis, to raise GO.

money; hostes sub imperium, to reduce. JUNGERE se cum aliquo, alicui, & ad aliquem, LEGERE oram, littus, to coast along ; vela, dextram dextræ; equos currui; amnem ponte, to to furl the sails ; halitum, to catch one's breath; make a bridge.

milites, to enlist ; aliquem in scnatum, in Patres, ADJUNGERE accessionem ædibus, to build an to choose ; sacra, to steal, to commit sacrilege, addition to one's house ; animum ad studia, to Hur. apply.

HO. . STRINGERE cultrum, gladium, ensem, to TRAHERE obsidionem, bellum, to prolong draw; frondes, to lop of ; glandes, baccas, to purpuras, to spin ; aliquid in religionem, to beat down ; rem, to wasté one's fortune, Hor. Scruple ; navem remulco, to tow. littus, to touch, to brush or grase upon, Virg. DETRAHERE aliquem, to draw down ; alicui vel

TANGERE rem acu, to hit the nail on the de aliquo, de fama, lo detract from, to lesson one's head.

fame ; aliquid alicui, to take by force ; laudem, ATTINGERE Brittaniam navibus, to reach; re v. de laudibus : novem partes multæ, to take from ges, res summas, to mention, Nep. Aliquem cog the fine, Nep. natione, affinitate, to be related to; forum, to EXTRAHERE diem, ta spin out, to spend ; cer. reach manhood, Cic. Res non te attingit, concerns. tamen, bellum, judicium, to prolong. FINGERE orationem, to polish ; oratorem, to

VEHERE, vehens, invehens, invectus qurru, form; se ad arbitrium alterius, to adopt : Vultus quadrigis, &c. riding in a chariot ; invehi in por. a mente fingitur, lingua fingit vocem, Cic. Sui tum ex alto, to enter ; in aliquem, to inveigh cuique mores fingunt fortunam, Nep.

against ; provehi longiùs, to proceed too far.. FRANGERE nucem, to break; navem, to suf.

LO. fer shipwreck; fædus, fidem, to violate ; senten CONSULERE rem, v. de re, to consult about, tiam ejus, to refule, Cic. hostem, to subdue. eum, to ask his advice; ei, to consult for his

AGERE gratias, to give thanks; vitam, to live; good ; de salute sua; gravius in aliquem, to pass prædas, to plunder ; fabulam, io act a play; a severe sentence against ; in commune, publicum, triumphum de aliquo, ex aliqua re, to triumph; medium, to provide for the common good ; verba nugas, to trifle ; ambages, to beat about the bush; boni, to take in good part ; ego consulor, my adstationem, custodiam urbis, to be on guard ; ri vice is asked; mihi consulitur, my good is conmas, to chink, to teak, to be rent; causam, to sulted ; mihi consultum ac provisum est, for a pleud ; de re, lo speak ; radices, to take root; me, I have taken care. Cic. cuniculos, to undermine; undam, to raise a steam; APPELLERE classe in Italiam, vel classem, animam, to be at the last gasp ; alias res, to be to land on; se aliqud, Ter. ad villam nostram inattentive ; festum diem, natalem, ferias, &c. navis appelletur, Cic. animum ad philosophiam, to keep, to observe; actum, v. rem actam, to labour lo apply. in vain; censum, & habere, to make a review of ANTECELLERE ei, rarely eum: excellere the people, their estates, &c. forum, to hold a court aliis, super, inter, præter alios aliqua re, v. in re, to try causes ; lege in aliquem, & cum aliquo, to to excel. go to law with one ; hence actor, a plaintif ; in TOLLERE animos suos, to take courage, hæreditatem, to claim; cum populo, to treat with, animos alicui, to encourage ; aliquem laudibus, 10 lay before ; decimum agit annum, he is ten & laudes ejus in astra, to extol ; inducias, to break years old; id agitur, that is the question; libertas a truce ; clamores, to cry; filium, to educate ; agitur, v. de libertate, is at stake ; actum est de de vel e medio, to kill. libertate, is lost ; actum est ilicet, all is over;

MO. actum est de pace, was treated about ; cum illo ADIMERE claves uxori, to divorce ; annulum bene actum est, he has been lucky or well used; v. equum equiti, to take away from a knight the hoc age, mind what you are about : Civitas læta ring or horse given him by the public, to degrade. agere, for erat, Salt.

DIRIMERE litem, controversiam, to determine. ADIGERE milites sacramento, ad v. in jusju EXIMERE aliquem servitio, noxæ e vinculis, a randum, in sua verba, per jusjurandum, to force culpa, de numero proscriptorum, obsidione, to to enlist; arbitrum, i. e. agere v. cogere aliquem free; de dolio, to draw out; diem dicendo, lo ad arbitrum, to force to submit to an arbitration, waste in speaking. Cic.

INTERIMERE se, to kill. COGERE copias, to bring together; ad militiam, REDIMERE captivos, to ransom; pecuaria de to force to enlist ; senatum, to assemble; in sena censoribus, to take or form the public pastures. tum, sc, minis pignoribus captis, &c. to force to SUMERE in manus ; diem, tempus ad deliattend ; agmen, to rally, to bring up; lac, to berandum ; exemplum ex, v. de eo, to take ; curdle ; jus civile diffusum & dissipatum, in certa pænas, supplicium de aliquo, to punish ; pecugenera cogere, to digest, to arrange.

nias mutuas, to borrow; togam virilem, to put on EXIGERE foras, to drive out, to divorce; aliquid the dress of a man; sibi inimicitias, to get ill ab aliquo, to require; sarta tecta, sc. et, i. e. sarta will; operam in re, vel in rem insumere, to bestow et tecta, ut sint bene reparata, to require that the pains ; sumo tantum, vel hoc mihi, I take, this public works be kept in good reparation, Cic. sup upon me. plicium de aliquo, to inflict; sua nomina, to PREMERE caseum, to make cheese ; vocem, demand or call in one's debts; ævum, vitam, to be silent ; dolorem corde, to conceal; vestigia

ejus, to follow; littus, to come near; pollicem, ERUMPERË ex tenebris, castris, &c. se portis, to save a gladiator ; librum in nonum annum, lo to break out ; stomachum in aliquem, to vent delay publishing, Hor.

passion ; nubem, to break, Virg. EXPRIMERE succum, lo press out ; risum alicui;

RO. pecuniam ab aliquo, to force from ; effigien, lo QUÆRERE bonam, gratiam sibi, td seek or draw to the life; verbum verbo, de verbo, e verbo, gain, Cic. sermonem, to beat about for conversaad verbum, de Græcis, &c. to translate word for tion, Ter. rem mercaturis faciendis, to make a word.

fortune by merchandise; ex aliquo, & in aliquem, IMPRIMERE aliquid animo, in animo, v. in ani. de re aliqua per tormenta, to put to the rack , mum, to imprint.

in dominum de servo quæri noluerunt Romani, REPRIMERE se, & reprendere v. retinere, to Cic. check.

INQUIRERE aliquid, to search after ; aliquem NO.

capitis, v. -te, to accuse or try for a capital crime. PONERE spem in homine v. re, & habere; GERERE res, to perform ; negotium malè, to castra, to pitch ; vitem, to plant; vitam, to die ; manage ; consulatum, to bear, to manage; se ova, to lay; insidias alicui; panem convivis, not bene vel malè, to behave ; exercitum, to conduct, ante; personam amici, to lay aside the character Sallust. morem ci, vel morigerari, io humour; of a friend ; præmia, to propose; pocula, to stake civem, se pro cive, personam alicujus, to pass for, or lay; studium, tempus, multum operæ in aliqua to bear the character of; inimicitias vel simultalem re, to employ, to bestow; aliquid in laude, in vitiis, cum aliquo, to be at enmity or variance with. in loco beneficii, to reckon ; ferocia corda, to lay INGERERE convicia ei, in eum, lo inveigh uside ; aliquem in gratiam v. gratia, i. e. efficere against. gratiosum apud alterum, Cic. ventos, to calm ; SUGGERERE aliquid ei, to suggest, to hint ; hominem coloribus, saxo, to paint, engrave, Hor. sumptus his rebus, to supply or afford; Horatium pecuniam in fænore, to lay out at interest ; tem Bruto, to choose in place of, to put after, Liv. pla, to build, Virg. Venti possuere, are hushed, SERERE crimina in eum, to raise, to spread Virg. Pone esse victum eum, Ter. Positum sit, accusations. Suppose, grant, Cic.

CONSERERE manus, manu, certamen, pugnam, COMPONERE carmen, literas, &c. to compose ; cum hostibus, inter se, lo engage. lites, to settle ; bellum, to finish by treaty ; parva ASSERERE aliquid, to affirm ; aliquem manu, magnis, dicta cum factis, to compare ; manus ab injuria, in libertatem, to free; in servitutem, manibus, to join, Virg.

to reduce ; divinam majestatem, to claim. DEPONERE v. ponere togam prætextam, to lay

TO. aside the dress of a boy; imperium & demittere, PETERE aliquid alicui; id ab eo, rarely eum; to lay down a command.

in beneficii gratiæque loco, Cic. to ask; urbem EXPONERE rem, to set forth or explain ; fru Romam, murum, montes, to go to, to make for; mentum, to expose to sale, Cic. pueros, fætus, to aliquem sagittà, lapide, to aim at; consulatum leave to perish, Liv. exercitum, sc. in terram, to pænas ab aliquo, repetere, to punish. land.

COMPETERE animo, to be in one's senses; in IMPONERE onus alicui v. in aliquem : aliquem eum competit actio, an action lies against him, in equum, to set upon; personam v. partes du Cic. riores ei, to lay a task or duty on one ; alicui, to REPETERE res, to demand restitution; bona impose on, to deceive, Nep. honorem ei, to confer; lege, v. prosequi lite, to recover by law; castra, vadimonium ei, to force to give bail, Nep. manum oppidum, huc, to return to ; aliquid memoriâ, to summam v. extremam rei alicui, in aliqua re, to call to mind; altè, to trace from the beginning, finish ; pontem Alumini, to make a bridge, Curt. Mihi nihil suppetit, multa suppetunt, I have ; si Hoc loco libet interponere, lo insert, Nep. vita suppetet, if life shall remain, Cic.

OPPONERE se periculis & ad pericula, to ex MITTERE alicui, v. ad aliquem; in suffragia, pose ; pignori, to pledge ; manum fronti, ante to send the people to vote ; aulæum, mappam, to oculos, to put, Ovid.

drop the curtain ; talos, to throw the dice; senaPROPONERE aliquid sibi facere, exempla ei ad tum, to dismiss ; timorem, to lay aside ; in acta, imitandum, to propose, to set before; edicta, to register, to record ; sanguinem, vel emittere, to legem in publicum, i. e. publicè legenda effigere: let blood ; noxam, to forgive ; signa timoris, 10 congiarium, to promise a largess, a gift of corn show ; vocem, to utter, to speak; habenas, v. reor money.

mittere, to slacken; manu, et emittere, to free a SUPPONERE ova gallinæ, to set a hen; testa slave; filium, emancipare, to free a son from the mentum, v. subjicere, to forge.

power of his father ; sub jugum, to make to pass CANERE aliquem, to praise ; signa, classi under the yoke ; inferias manibus diis, to sacrifice cum, bellicum, i. e. ad arma conclamare, to to the infernal gods; reni, v. de re, to omit; mitto sound an alarm, to give the signal for battle ; rem, I say nothing of fortune, Ter. in possesreceptui, rarely um, to sound a retreat ; tibia, to sionem bonorum, to give the possession of the play on the pipe ; ad tibiam, to sing to it; pali- debtor's effects; misit orare, ut venirem ; i. e. nodiam, to utler a recantation.

aliquem ad orandum, Ter, STERNERE lectos, to spread or cover the AMITTERE litem, v. causam; vitam, sedem, couches; equos, to harness; viam, to pave; lumina, aspectum, to lose, Cic. æquora, to calm, Virg.

ADMITTERE in cubiculum, to admit : equum PO.

immittere, & permittere, to gallóp; delictum in CARPERE agmen, to cut off the rear ; som se, to commit a fault ; aves non admiserunt, have nos, quietem, to sleep; viam, iter, to go, Virg. not given a favourable omen, Liv. opera alterius, to censure ; labores, virtutes, to COMMITTERE facinus, to commit ; se alicui, v. diminish or obscure, Hor.

in fidem alicujus, to entrust; prælium, to engage ; RUMPERE fidem, fædus, amicitiam, to vio exercitum pugnæ, rem in casum ancipitis eventùs ?ate ; vocem v. silentium, to speak, Virg. prælii, to risk a battle; Liv. iv. 27. aliĝuem cum

aliquo, homines inter se, to set at variance or by ANTEVERTERE ei, to come before ; damnathe ears; rem eo, to bring that to pass ; gladiatores, tionem veneno, to prevent ; rem rei, to prefer, pugiles, Græcos cum Latinis, to match or pair; Plaut. committere, ut, to cause; incommoda sua legibus INTERVERTERE pecuniam alicujus, & aliquem & judiciis, to seek redress by law.

pecuniâ, to embessle, to cheat ; candelabrum, lo COMPROMITTERE. Candidati compromiserunt, steal, to pilfer ; promissum & receptum, sc. DoH. S. quingenis in singulos apud M. Catonem lobellæ consulatum intervertit, ad seque transtudepositis, petere ejus arbitratu, ut qui contra lit, treacherously withheld, Cic. fecisset, ab eo condemnaretur, made a compro, PRÆVERTERE, & -ti, dep. ventos cursu, to outmise or agreement, &c.

strip; desiderium plebis, to prevent; metum supDIMITTERE exercitum, to disband; uxorem, & plicii morte voluntariâ, Liv. Aliquid alicui rei, to repudiare, nuntium v. repudium ad eam remit put before, Id. tere, to divorce.

SISTERE vadimonium ; se in judicio, to apPROMITTERE id ei, to promise ; capillum, bar- pear in court at one's trial ; nec sisti posse, nor bam, to let grow, Liv.

could the state be saved, Liv. PERMITTERE alicui, to allow ; divis cætera, to ASSISTERE ei, to stand by; ad fores; contra, leave, Horat. se in fidem v. fidei ejus; vela

super eum. ventis ; equum in hostem ; rem suffragiis populi, CONSISTERE in digitos, to stand on tiptoe; in to let the people decide ; tribunatum vexandis anchoris, ad anchoram, to ride at anchor; friconsulibus, to give up, to employ, Liv.

gore, to be frozen, Ovid. Spes in velis consiste. REMITTERE animum, to ease; calces, tela, to bat, depended on; virtus in actione consistit, throw back ; ex pecunia, de supplicio, tributo,

Cic. &c. to abate; debitum, iras alicui, to give up, to INSISTERE jacentibus, to stand upon; vestigiis forgive ; justitium, to discontinue ; pugnam, to ejus; viam, v. viâ; in re aliqua, in rem, v. rei; slacken ; remittit explorare, neglects, Sallust. in dolos, negotium, to insist upon, to urge, SUBMITTERE fasces populo, to lower ; se v.

Plaut. animum, to submit, to humble; percussores alicui, OBSISTERE ei, to stop, to oppose. to suborn assassins.

RESISTERE ei, to resist. TRANSMITTERE in Africam, neut, to pass over. SUBSISTERE, to stand still ; sumptui, to bear. VERTERE in fugam, to put to fight ; terga,

VO. to fly; ab imo, to overthrow; solum, to go into SOLVERE pecuniam ei, to pay; versurâ, to banishment ; id ei vitio, v. crimini, & in crimen, pay a debt by borrowing from another, Ter. Fito blame; in superbiam, to impute ; Platonem, dem, to break a promise, or according to others, Latinè Græca, Græca vel ex Græcis in Latinum, to perform, Ter. And. IV. 1. 19. litem æstimatam, to translate ; pollicem, to doom a gladiator to to pay the fine imposed on him, Nep. Votum, to death by turning up the thumb; terram, to plough; discharge ; obsidionem urbis, v. urbem obsidione, crateram, to empty, Virg. Stilum, to correct, to raise a siege ; navem e portu, to set sail ; epis. Horat. Salus vel causa in eo vertitur, depends ; tolam, v. resignare, to break open; aliquem legifortuna verterat, Liv. Annus vertens, a whole year, bus, legum vinculis, to free from ; solvitur in Nep. Res bene vertat, Di bene vertant, prosper. somnos, Virg. Oratio soluta, i.e. libera, numeris

ANIMADVERTERE id, to observe ; in eum ver non astricta & devicta, prose ; solve metus, disberibus, morte, &c. to punish.

miss, Virg. ADVERTERE agmen urbi, to bring up to, Virg. DISSOLVERE societatem, to break. oras, to arrive at; aures, mentes, animum v. RESOLVERE vocem, v. ora, to break silence, animo ad aliquid, monitis, to attend to ; in aliquem, Virg. jura, to violate ; vectigal, to take off taxes, oftener animadvertere, to punish.

Tacit. In pulverem, to reduce to

FOURTH CONJUGATION. AUDIRÉ aliquem, aliquid ex v. ab aliquo, to convenient, will meet together; convenit mihi hear from one; de aliquo, about one, also from cum fratre de hac re, inter me et fratrem, inter one, as, sæpe hoc audivi de patre, for ex patre, nos; hæc fratri mecum conveniunt, I and my Cic. Audire bene v. malè apud socios, ab omni brother are agreed ; sævis inter se convenit ursis, bus, to be well spoken of, to have a good charac Juv. Ipsi secum non convenit, vel ipse, he is inter; rexque paterque audîsti, have been called, consistent ; pax convenit, vel conventa est, is Hor. Antigonus credit de suo adventu esse agreed upon; rem conventuram putamus, Cic. auditum, Nep.

conditiones non convenerunt; mores conveniunt, VENIRE ad finem, aures, pactionem, certa agree ; calcei pedibus v. ad pedes conveniunt, fit, men, manus, nihilum, &c. in suspicionem, odium, suit; hoc in illum convenit. Catilinam interfecgratiam, &c. in jus, to go to law, Liv. in circu. tum esse convenit, ought to have been slain, Cic. lum, into a company, Nep: Hæreditas ei venit, Convenire in manum,

the usual form of marriage, he has succeeded to an estate ; ei usu venit, hap- named Coemptio, whereby women were called pened, Nep. Quod in buccam venerit, scribito, matres-familias.

SENTIRE sonorem, colorem, &c. to perceive; ADVENIRE & adventare ei, urbem, ad urbem, cum aliquo, to be of one's opinion; bene vel to come to.

malè de eo, to think well or ill of him. ANTEVENIRE aliquem, et antevertere, Sall. rei, CONSENTIRE tibi tecum, inter se ; alicui rei, de Plaut. tempus, consilia et itinera.

v. in aliqua re; ad aliquid peragendum, to agree CONVENIRE in coHoquium; fratrem, to meet So dissentire ; et ab aliquo, to disagree ; ne vita with, to speak to; ego et frater conveniemus,copiæ orationi dissentiat, Senec.

occurs, Cic.

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