Εικόνες σελίδας
Ηλεκτρ. έκδοση

ho ly

dos y

i sig nal

sig net

vis age

vo cal wo ful

tow ard
tro phydrop sy

flor id
flor in

fod der Bob bin fog #gy bud kin follow bog gle bon net fon dle bottle bot tom for est

fos sil

mo dish

fol ly

for age

no ble

bod y bon ny

no ted

gob ble

spig ot spin et spirit

syl van

o pen

vic tor

lo cal
vis cid

lo cust
sil ver
vis it

lone ly sin per viv id

low er e simple

vis en

low ly sin ew viz ard sin ful wick ed mol ten sin gle wick er

mo ment sin ner

wid on most ly
sis ter wil ful
sniv el wil low nu bly

win dow
win dy

no tice win now

0 men stip gy

win ter on ly swiv el wis dom опух

with5 er o pal · sym bol wit ly


Bro ker
thin ly lcho ral
tick et Icho rus po em
tic kle

clo ven
tim ber
tim id co gent port al
tin der
co hort

port er colt er

port ly tin' ker

po sy
tin man

cro nyi
tin sel
tin" kle

smo ky tip pet

dro ver tip ple flo ral tip sy

flo ret

fo rum isto ry tit ter

glo ryto ken tit tle

bor row gob let clos et

gob lin cob ble

gos sip cob web

got ten coc kle

grot to cof fer

grov el cof fin hob ble col ic col lar hol low com bat com et

synod sys tem

o ral o val

hob by



hol ly hom age hop per

clo ver

po lar

com ic

com mon hor rid com ma

hoy el joc key

tin" gle

con ic con sul

cro cus

Joc und

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so ber so fa so lar

con vex joggle con voy

jolly cop per сор у

tip toe

gol den

go ry vic tim

cor al

lock er cot ton

lock et doc tor

lop per dock et mod el dog ma dol lar

mod est dor ic mon ster


sto paz to ry

vic ar


to tal

[blocks in formation]


fun gus

mur der mus ket muslin mus ter

fun nel fur row

stu pid

mus ty

vol ley

ob ject ob long

su et tru ant

tru ly

mut ter mut ton muz zle num ber

tu inult

gug gle gul let gul ly gup nel gur gle gus set gut ter

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bu gle

tu lip

put meg.

tu mid tu tor

nuz zle pud dle

mor al

sor rel mot ley sor ron mot to nod dle

top ic nog 'gin tor rid nov el

tot ter nov ice

vom it

ū of fal Bru tal of fer of fice

cru el of fing

cru et olive

cu bic om bre on set curate on ward dru id

du cal
du el

duly ost ler

du ring ot ter du ty pocket

flu ent fluid

fru gal pop ру

fu el

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u nit use fal

guz zle

pun ish



pur ser

or ange os pray


pon der pop lar

bus sy

fu ry

hud dle

pup pet ů

hum ble puppy Bub ble

hum bly purple buck et hun

gry buc kle hup 3ger put ty budget hun ter buf fet bur dle rud der bum per hur ry

rud dy bun dle hur tle ruffle bun" gle husky

rug Sged bur röw

rum ble bur den hus tle ruin ple bus kin jug gle bus tle

run net but ler

jun to rus tic but ter

just ly rus tle but ton lub ber rus ty bux om

scur vy crus ty

lum ber smutty cud' gel lus tre spun gy

stud y mud dle stur dy mud dy

suc kle custom

mug $gy sud den cutler

pot ter prof it prop er

run dle

fu tile

jum ble

gru el

prox y rob ber rob in rock et

hu man hu mid ju ror ju ry lu cid


rock y

[blocks in formation]

mui let suf fer cut tle mum ble sul len

lu nar

ros in rot ten

lu rid

slop py sock et sol äce sol id

mu sic plu ral pu ny pu pil

[blocks in formation]

sul ly

ur gent sul tan

ush er sul try sum mer vul gar

fros ty

ut ter

gau dy
gos pel

war ble
war den

out law out let powder pow er ro el


Boil er

show er

tow el

law yer lof ty

au dit

tow er

haw ser

ward er hor net oi law ful

foi ble

hoi den
lord ly joy ful

loi ter
mor selloy al
mor tar
off set

trus ty

sum mit
sum mon Also
sun dry al ways

au 'ger sur ly

au thor tom ble au turin tun nel

aw ful tur bid

awning tur gid baw ble tur key bor der tur nip iur ile

cost ly ud der cor ner ug ly cor net

mor bid

trow el vow el


noi sy

oil y

Boo by boo ty cool er

oft en

oys ter

cof fee

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or bit" or der

coop er

Bounty bow er

[blocks in formation]

woo ing or gani

४४ or gies coun ty

Bo som or phan

bul let
sau cer
dow las bush el

full er


drow sy pul ley taw dry flow er pul pit

fow ler

dow ny

sau cy saw yer soft en stor my

up per

fork ed
for mal

pul let

up roar up ward ur chin

for mer for ty

taw ny


Why standest thou afar off O Lord? why hidest thou thyself in times of trouble ?

Arise, O Lord : 0 God, lift up thine hand : forget not the bumble.

Lord thou hast heard the desire of the humble : thou wilt prepare their hearts, thou wilt cause thine ear to hear.

I will call upon the Lord, who is worthy to be praised : so shall I be saved from the wicked one.

In my distress I called upon the name of the Lord, and cried unto my God : he heard my voice out of werrrrnowworcom his temple, my cry came before him, even unto his ears.

The Lord is my Shepherd : I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures : he leadeth me beside the still waters.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life : and I will dwell in the bouse of the Lord forever.

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Did youth but know the pleasures that arise from an early culture of the mind, I am led to believe they would never waste, in useless pursuits, the many hours they do. And could they be induced to be come wise in season, they might escape thuse bitter regrets which await the idle and the vicious.

How many have I been a witness to, who would have given life almost to redeem mispent time, when they have seen others of their own age and rank in life, who, by making virtue, and a right use of time their first object, have risen to honour and riches in the world.

crorrosissons Mark that parent hen, dear children. With what kind care does she call her offspring, and cover them with her wings. The kite now dying in the air, seeking his prey, may perhaps dart upon her, and bear her off in his talons.

Does not this sight suggest to you the kindness of your mother, and her watchful tare over you in the helpless state of childhood, when she fed you with her milk, taught your limbs to move, and your tongue to lisp its unformed accents ?

At that time she mourned over your little griefs ; was pleased with your calm delighis; sought for you the healing balm in sickness; and planted in your mind the love of truth, of virtue, and of wisdom. Oh! cherish every idea of respect for such a mother; she merits your warmest favour, esteem, and love.

Words of two Syllables accented on the Second.

un fair

al ly

es py

em pale en gage en rage

A gree

al lay af fray

en tail

ap peal

here by

es cape es say

im ply

as sail

bu mane
in hale
in lay
in sane

po lite

de gree

be nign

de mean

e late

en tire A base

ē ad mire a bate

ad vice

es cise
ac cede
ad vise

ex cite
ad here · ap ply ex“ ile
a fraid
e rase

a rise ex pire a gain

ap pear

ar rive a main ar rear as pire

ig nite a maze es tate be lief as sign im bibe a pace e vade bo hea

as size
ex* hale
ca reer at tire

in cite
co here
a while

in vite a stray

de ceit be hind o blige at lain

de cree

be lie Ća vail

de feat be mire

re cite a wake in vade

re fine c be came o bey

be side re ly be have ob tain

en dear
be ride

re mind be lay or dain es teem ca nine

re pine be take

ex ceed coin ply reply pur vey im pede de cide

re side be wail re bate in deed

re sign re gain

de file

re tire cre ate re gale ma rine

re vile de base re cede

re vise de bate re main

re deem
de mise

re vive re lief

su pine bi de face

re peal de ride

sup ply de fame

re peat
de rive

u nite
.e date
re veal

sur vey
re vere

A bode
de tait
at se rene

de sire

a lone de tain Af fair se vere

de vice

af ford a ware i de vise

a float be ware A bide di vide

a dore do main im pair

a like
di vine

a tone ef face re pair a live,

be hold

en tice

pa rade

be tray

de cry

[blocks in formation]

de fine

re late

de fy

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