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hands of the Constitutional adminis- Emperor of the United Kingdom and tration. His favourites, the Arch- me King of Brazil.” Such is the bishop of Saragossa, and the Bishops pith of the letter. Under these cirof Malaga and Ceuta, are sentenced cumstances the Portuguese Cortes tobanishment; the Duke del Infantado have issued an address to the people is exiled to the Canaries, and other of the Brazils, offering them a full parpowerful Grandees to Ibiza and Se- ticipation in the advantages of their ville. In addition to this, the Gene- newly acquired constitutional sys. ral Don Francisco Laviec Elio, the tem, the residence of a local regal persecuting Ultra Champion of Va- authority in their country, and those lencia, has suffered death by the numerous blessings which must result garotte. This is the second trial and from the union of the countries. condemnation of Elio; but on the first From France the intelligence is of occasion the congenial spirit of the such a nature as, from recent events, then predominant authority saved might have been expected-the de him. On the 28th of August the velopment of fresh plots against the new administration presented a writ- existing government, counteracted by ten demand to the King for the con- such practices on their part, that it vocation of the Extraordinary Cortes, would be more than wonderful if 'asthe only means of giving confidence such plots did not exist. Of this the to the nation amid surrounding dis- trial of Berton and his associates at orders. The demand has been of Poitiers presents a memorable incourse complied with, and the Cortes stance. We might say the mock stand convoked for the 25th of Sept. trial, for certainly a greater mockery Not in Madrid alone, however, does was never exhibited in any Court of the Constitutional spirit seem to be Justice; at least, according to our triumphant. Espinosa and Mina, antiquated English notions of juriswith large bodies of regular troops, prudence. When Berton was put are advancing into the disturbed dis- upon his trial, and on a charge sotricts. The Trappist, in an attempt lemnly affecting his life, he naturally to join Quesada, has been overtaken, selected an advocate in whom he routed, and obliged to fly, with the placed confidence, to defend him. loss of all his baggage, artillery, and But not only was this just request ammunition. Quesada himself, with refused, but a young advocate, who the army of the faith, has been com- never held a brief before, and who pletely defeated near Jaca.

loudly protested his incompetence to In Portugal, on the 26th of Au- the task, was forced upon the acgust, the King laid hefore the Cor- cused, in defiance of his vehement tes two letters, which he had re- remonstrances ! The progress of ceived from the Prince Regent of the this proceeding was worthy its com· Brazils, by which it appears, that mencement. The Advocate-general the King, anticipating, no doubt, the seems to have acted all through with ordeal he was to undergo in Portugal, sufficient zeal. His struggle was advised the Prince to shift for himself two-fold ; first, to convict the acin his American dominions. Accord- cused, and next, if possible, to imingly the Prince now dutifully an- plicate some of the leading Liberals nounces the approaching separation in their alleged treason. For this latof the Brazils from the mother coun- ter purpose every mention of the names try; and declares his intention of fol- La Fayette, B. Constant, General Foy, ·lowing the paternal advice. The pás- Manuel, Lafitte, and Voyer d'Au*sage is really curious-“ Under these genson, made by the conspirators, in circumstances," says he, “ recollect- the absence of the parties thus sought ing what your Majesty said to me in to be involved, was studiously elicitRio, that in case of a separation it ed, and sedulously dwelt on. Upon would be better that I should be with these persons, it was said, the conspithat kingdom, rather than an adven- rators had fixed as a provisional goturer, I have adhered to what the in- vernment, in case of success; and habitants of Brazil wished, the greater the casual acquaintance which, from part of the provinces having already his rank in life, General Berton might recognized me as their perpetual de- very innocently have had with them, fender, and having made manifest was assigned as strongly suspicious. their desire to proclaim your Majesty The conclusions of the Advocate-ge

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neral, drawn from such premises, They were then sentenced to ime are admirable,-“ Moral proofs,” prisonment for various periods, from said he, “ abound in the cause, but a year downwards,—to very consithe material proofs are wanting !derable fines, and to exclusion from -The Court'then called upon M. the publication of any judicial proDrault, the young Advocate to whom ceeding whatever for a certain term. we have alluded, to proceed with In such a state of the French press the defence of Berton. M. Drault the only wonder is, how it gives us declined the office, inasmuch as he even the feeble glimmering by which had not only not been selected, but we can discern the surface of the rejected by the accused. This raised country. the wrath of the Advocate-general, Our domestic intelligence this who foresaw that the whole proceeds month is of very little interest. The ings against Berton must become nul- principal topic is the change which ·lified by the French law, if it should has taken place in the ministry, in appear upon the record that he was consequence of the death of Lord not defended by Counsel. In this Londonderry. His place has been dilemma the President interfered, supplied by Mr. Canning, who, of and called on the Advocate to pro- course, relinquishes the government ceed. M. Drault's reply does him of India. It would be useless here honour: “ I declare from my soul,” to recount all the flying rumours said he, “ that I would rather be sa- which preceded this event, the princrificed myself, than sacrifice the in- cipal of which were the obstacles terest of the accused-in fact, I am which rendered it unlikely. A dounot prepared for his defence under ble antipathy, on the part of the such circunstances !”—The Court Lord Chancellor and a higher personwas then adjourned for three quarters age, was assigned as insurmountable. of an hour, in order that the elder However, if such really existed, it members of the bar might advise has been overcome. One of the their colleague. But M. Drault great sources of discontent, on the would not learn, even from the more part of the Chancellor, was said experienced, that the best way to to be Mr. Canning's adherence to the rise in his profession was to sacrifice Roman Catholic question; how this his principles, and he deliberately re- has been got rid of, the next session fused. The consequence was, that will show. The other was some verbal he was afterwards struck off the listskirmishing about the New Marriage of Advocates, for not doing that Act, and in this we are bound to say which, if he had condescended to do, the Chancellor seems to have been he ought to have been proscribed right in his doubts. From all parts of from the society of every man of con- the country there is an universal outscience. Berton indignantly declaim- cry against its continuance; and Scoted upon the injustice with which he land and Ireland are become the was treated. The result was a con- scenes of many an unlooked-for hoviction ; but Berton has appealed neymoon in consequence.

In one to the Court of Cassation; on the week there landed in Dublin no less ground of informality; and there than twenty-three pair of candidates seems to be little doubt that he must for wedlock, who preferred even have a new trial. The editors of the the love-repelling sympathy of seaConstitutionnel, the Courier Fran- sickness, to the “ standing rubric” çais, the Journal du Commerce, and upon a church-door, and swearing the Plote, all Liberal papers, were themselves by wholesale out of their summoned before the Court of Assize single blessedness.” It is quite at Paris, and charged with untrue clear that the act can only survive reports of the proceedings in the till the commencement of the session. case of the Rochelle conspiracy. The We are sorry to hear that the cares Editors offered to prove, by credible of the new arrangements are said to witnesses upon oath, the truth of have preyed considerably upon his their reports; but this was refused, Majesty's health, and to have caused on the ground that the accusation of a great depression of his spirits. the Attorney-gencral was quite suf- 25 Sept. ficient proof of their culpability.

Agricultural Report.



OCTOBER 1, 1822.

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AGRICULTURAL REPORT. THERE is something like a pause in the the increased consumption which a low state of landed property and of farming price of subsistence and active employment produce which indicates an uncertainty of the manufacturing population occasions, a suspension, as it were, between hopes and which will ultimately tend to raise the fears. The undecided question, as to the price. He has now the complete monotrue relation of domestic growth to demand poly of the home market, and now or never

-the impossibility of ascertaining, even will the effects of the depression in driving with an approach to truth, whether the vast poor soils out of cultivation be seen. Cerimportations of the years 1817-1818 have tain it is, that the provincial newspapers yet ceased to affect the market - the were never so full of advertisements for the abundance of four successive harvests-and, disposal of farms and farming property as finally, the early period at which this last at present. In one of the Norfolk papers year's crop has been brought into consump- (the Norwich Mercury) there were, during tion—all these circumstances render the each of the three last weeks, not less than possible advance or depression in wheat a 150 of this nature—this too, in one of matter of the greatest doubt, while there the most opulent agricultural districts ! is a struggle between necessity and hope, The excess above common years in the that in some instances forces the production ordinary course of time may be taken at of the farm to sale, and in others pro- one-third of the whole number. duces a desire to withbold as long as possi. The writer of this article has known, at ble. There never was a time perhaps when no remote period, no less than fifty-four opinion was so completely unsettled and applications made for one farm of no pecuunformed. We know merchants in the liar excellence within four days after it was out-ports who are at this moment actually announced to be vacant. Now the columns speculating in wheat on the following prin. of the newspapers are occupied by “ farms ciple. The capital set loose by the depres- to let.” The consequence, not the least sion of the general price of commodities destructive, is the enormous depression wants employment, and the choice of the which attends the sale of stock ; for alcapitalist falls upon wheat this year; first, though where one man goes out another on account of the excellence of the quality; comes in, generally speaking, yet no one and secondly, from a belief that things can cares to buy, because every one knows if go no lower ; therefore if a profit be not he be not supplied to-day at one sale, he realised, no loss is likely to be incurred; can be to-morrow at another. This augwhile the mere act of buying for specula- ments the tenant's loss in a way neither felt tion will, probably, by withholding a con- nor computed by the landlord. siderable quantity from the central market All these facts demonstrate how mo(the metropolis), raise the price. This mode mentous will be the transactions of this of reasoning will consequently affect both year upon the general bearing of the agrithe supply and the price for a time at least cultural question, at the sam etime, proving --perhaps till Christmas, and thus add that the grand changes wrought by dimipro tempore to the uncertainty as to final nished price are now only beginning to and general results. Wheat is now reduced operate upon an extended scale. From this so nearly to the continental level, that it we infer that speculation will be briskly at cannot go much lower in any event; and work, and some considerable fluctuations with respect to quality, the following facts are probable during the coming year ; but may be relied on. Eight bushels (or one until the next harvest, at the very soonest, quarter) were last year required to manu. the final consequences cannot completely facture a sack of flour, six bushels and a develope themselves. half of the present year's produce will yield Great exertions are every where making a sack, and the flour will absorb more to increase the consumption of barley, by water, and consequently give a heavier the sale of malt at a low rate, and by the weight of bread. These facts are immensely introduction of domestic brewing among important; for so soon as they are univer- the agricultural labourers, as well as by sally known, the effect will be to create a the farmers making allowances of beer in distaste for the old stock, and a great dif- part payment of labour. These endeavours, ference between the value of the old and together with the deficiency of the crop, its

mixed growth and inferior quality, on the The hopes of the farmer are placed on whole, will probably give it an indefinitely

Vol. VI.-Mon. Reg.



high value if not counteracted by the appearance, having got hard and sticky, “ chemic arts ” of the brewer's druggist, so that when the rains fall it is probable who can and does, unquestionably, extract they will not take their after-growth by a copious proportion of the public beverage any

means so well as usual. The supply from other and cheaper articles than malt of winter food will therefore be scanty. and hops. But in spite of these mixtures, The same cause has impeded the progress happy is the farmer who holds any quan- towards wheat sowing, which is, however, tity of barley.

in some places not only done, but we have The harvest, it is now 'admitted, has some wheats already considerably been as generally well got up as was ever above the ground. This breadth, however, known, and the state of the crop is under is very small indeed. Mark Lane has stood to be as we have related in our late been rather scantily supplied, and has ex. reports. The weather during the month hibited a rise, and the meat markets the has been uncommonly dry-scarcely any

The principal marts have been showers having fallen. The consequence abundantly supplied during the same pe. is, that the turnips, which were before an riod. The average of wheat for the week exceedingly partial, not to say a failing ending September 7, was as low as 38s, 8d. crop altogether, wear now a much worse Scpt. 21.




(London, September 21.) Having no introductory remarks of any at an advance of Ad. to Jd. per lb. The importance to make this month, we pro- purchases for several days had averaged ceed to the usual particulars of our Report. nearly 2000 bags.

Cotton. If the market has been on the Sugar. For a week or ten days subsewhole in a depressed state throughout the quent to our preceding report, the demand month, it cannot excite any surprise, as the for Míuscovades continued steady, and prices prices have naturally been kept down by were improved a little ; but the holders the announcement of a great sale at the beginning to ask an advance, the market India House on Friday the 27th of this became languid, and continued heavy, month, and by very extensive public sales at though without any reduction being subLiverpool. The low taxed price too of the mitted to. Towards the close of second cotton intended for sale, naturally depressed week of this month the demand for Musthe market. The sales in London in the covades considerably revived, the prices four weeks ending the 17th, have been about were a shade higher, and the market very 5300 bags. Though the accounts from firm, with every appearance of further ima Liverpool had become rather more favoure provement. On Tuesday last (the 17th) able, the market here was not much aifecte the general demand for Muscovades still ed by them ; the holders asked higher continued ; the purchases at the close of prices, but there were no sales at any im. the day exceeded 1500 casks; the prices provement. The India Company altered 6d. to 1s. higher than on the Tuesday prethe taxed price from 5d. to 54d. The ceding, the market exceedingly firm. A prices in the fortnight ending the 17th sale of 111 hogsheads of Barbadoes sold were, Pernams, 9 d., ordinary, up to 10d. well. for good fair ; Paraibas middling 9fd.; The quantity of refined offered for sale Orleans, 7 d.; 8d. ordinary; and 83d. has been inconsiderable, but sufficient for good fair ; Boweds, 7d. to 73d., middling the demand, excepting low lumps, which fair to good fair, 6 d. to 6d.; ordinary have been scarce, so that last week 768. Surats, good 6d.; ditto, ordinary to good was readily obtained for the few parcels fair 54d. to 6d. ; Madras, fair 6d. ; Ben- offered ; fair small lumps and grocery were gals, fair 5d. to 5 d.; good fair 5 d. in good supply and in proportion lower.

At Liverpool, the sales in the four weeks Molasses were brisk at 28s., and on the ending September 14th, were 45,130 bags, 17th 298. were obtained. At the beginthe arrivals 38,430 bags : the report of ing of this month there was a brisk dethat day (14th) was however more favour- mand for white Havannah sugars, the prices able, the market appearing more steady, advanced 2s. to 3s. per cwt. though without any remarkable change in The prices of Brazil Sugars advanced the prices. Yesterday the market prices considerably early in last week, but, in were nearly nominal on account of the India consequence of the quantity brought forsale next week. The Company have ward, the market again gave way to the altered the taxed price from 5d. to 54d. previous currency: above 400 chests were The accounts from Liverpool are more brought to public sale-White, fine refavourable than for some time pasi : the alized 38s.; ordinary to good 28s, to 358.; Boweds lately sold by public auction were yellow 25s.; brown 195.

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Commercial Report.

51 The demand for Muscovades has conti- 873 casks and 591 bags, which all sold nued very considerable during this week, heavily at a reduction of 2s. to 38. On and an advance of 6d. to Is. per cwt. must Tuesday last (17th) there were three public be quoted since last Friday in the pur- sales of 353 casks and 212 bags; all the chases by private contract. The public ordinary sold heavily at a reduction of sale yesterday consisted of 701 hhds. 5 28. to 3s. since the preceding Tuesday ; tierces 43 barrels St. Lucia and Demerara Demerara and Berbice 38. to 4s. lower. Sugars, generally of a very good quality; Good ordinary valued at 110s. to 1128. the whole went off freely at prices higher sold at 106s. to 1088. ; fine ordinary, vathan could be obtained by private contract : lued at 116s. sold at 110s. ; good ordinary the market exceedingly firm ; dry brown mixed Jamaica went also exceedingly low. 51s. to 53s. 6d. the greater proportion 54s. A few lots of ordinary to good ordinary St. to 60s.; a few lots with much colour Domingo 1008. Od. to 1023. ; good ordina68s. Cd. to 69s. 6d.

ry Brazil 103s. Only 40 casks of ordina. In the Refined market the purchases are ry middling coloury but foxy Jamaica supstill confined to low lumps, to Bastards, and ported the previous prices, selling for Molasses ; the latter have advanced to 30s. 122s. to 124s. 6d. Coloury descriptions

The request for white Havannah Sugars were still in demand, and maintained their continues considerable ; several parcels are prices. We add the report of yesterday's reported to be disposed of by private con- market:-The public sales early in the week tract. Yellow and brown descriptions are went off very heavily, the ordinary descripin plentiful supply, and rate low in pro- tions of Jamaica at a very considerable reportion. No public sales of Foreign Sugars duction, the Demerara and Berbice at a dehave been brought forward this week. cline of 38. to 4s. per. cwt.

There were Average prices of raw sugars from Ga- two public sales this forenoon, consisting of

196 casks and 27 bags, a great proportion Aug. 24...

.27s. Gyd.

middling and good middling Jamaica, 31

.27s. 7d. which participated in the late general depreSep. 7. •.29s. 3 d. ciation in the prices, the whole of the fine

293. od. selling 28. to 48. per cwt. lower, good and 21.. .29s. ld.

fine middling Jamaica 139s. to 143s. Cd.; Coffee. The importers had been so ca.

middling St. Lucia 124s. 6d. ; the ordinary ger to sell, in order to realize the good descriptions of coffee sold rather higher toprices for some weeks previous to the com

day. mencement of this month, that all their Hemp, Flax, and Tallow'.- 'The tallow cargoes were brought forward as soon as market has presented some interest during they were landed ; so that the public sales the course of this month. The prices hav. being very extensive, the market began ing been for some time low, the trade was to be but sparingly supplied with good and induced, towards the beginning of this fine descriptions. In the last week of Au month, to commence laying in their stock, gast, though 570 casks, and 800 bags wcre by which an advance of 3 to 4s. the cwt. brought forward, almost the whole was un- was effected. The great speculators, too, it clean, ordinary, or damaged, so that it sold was reported had made large purchases at heavily at a reduction of 2s. to 3s. per cwt. St. Petersburgh, to prevent a sufficient supthat is, the inferior or rank Coffee. Good ply from reaching the houses in London parcels fetched high prices, and middling who have sold largely for arrival; the unand finer qualities were much sought after. favourable accounts of the fisheries likewise The sales on the 3d were 247 casks, and tended to raise the price of ta!low. 41$. 361 bags ; the latter all Brazil. There was obtained for parcels of yellow candle was no general alteration in the prices ; hut here, and for arrival 41 s. 6d. and 428. some descriptions were a shade lower. In The demand afterwards became more lanthe course of the following week the sales guid, and, on the 7th, yellow candle here were 1077 casks, and 559 bags ; the whole had declined to 39s. ; but, in the tegin. of the British plantation sold with brisk. ning of the next week, the sellers on speciiness, fully supporting the previous prices. lation and the trade were alarmed by the The St. Domingo were taken in, ordinary in accounts froin St. Petersburgh, confirming casks at 1045.; good and fine ordinary, in the previous statements, that the great spebags, at 110s. A public sale of 192 casky culators, who have so long swayed this marof British plantation on the 10th went off ket, had purchased to a great amount at St. with much briskness. 32 casks of fine or- Petersburgh (10,000 casks), and that tho dinary Jamaica sold at 114s. to 115g. prices there had risen froin 97 rubles to 100 which was rather higher than the prece- and 102 rubles. The market here immeding week; the remainder of the sale diately became brisk, but very few scllers without variation--good ordisary Jamaica appeared, and the nearest price of yellow 109s.; ordinary dingy 101s. 6d.; low candle tallow was 4i)s. 61. "It is certainly middling Demerara 1238, to 1278. The a critical moment in the tallow-market. sales in the remainder of the week were It is well known, that certain great

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