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houses have made an immense speculation, 'vance has taken place; Greenland new which, imless a rise takes place, may end may now be stated at 281. and old oil 261. in utter ruin. The disastrous accounts of Rum, Brandy, and Hollands.- The rum the whale fishery are much in favour of market has lately been in such a languid these speculators, and they have been con- and depressed state, that purchases may tinuing

their operations at St. Petersburgh ; now be made at prices a shade lower ; no but we have all along been inclined to sus. general reduction has yet, however, been pect that this speculation will ultimately submitted to.-Brandy is lower ; the best fail, since, considering the stock of old tal- marks are offered at 3s. 4d. but we believe low which these houses have on hand, the there have been no purchases. The Geprice it originally cost them, the deteriora- neva lately landed on the quay is offered at tion by keeping, the expense of warehouse- · a reduction of 1d. per gallon without facirent, and that the supply of tallow in Rus. litating sales. sia is this season unusually large, it does not seem possible for any manœuvres to raise

FOREIGN COMMERCE. the prices so as to make it answer. In fact,

Riga, August 29.-Flax has been less the market has become heavy ; few sales in demand for this week past. The prices have been reported this week, and in con

last paid were Marienburg crown 46 r.; sequence of vessels arriving off the coast

Thiesenhausen and Druiana Rackitzer with considerable cargoes, and the languid

white 45 r.; for grey 42 r. are asked; state of the trade, the prices have been

Badstub cut is at 38 r.; Risten Threeband, gradually giving way, and the nearest price 30 r.; Tow 11r.-Corn. Only a little heavy for yellow candle tallow to-day is 39s. and Courland barley has been purchased for for late arrival, nearly the same price may Holland at 47 r. to 50 r. according to quabe quoted.

lity. The consignments of corn to St. Pea Oils. At the conclusion of last month tersburg continue, but are not considere : the prices of whale oil were nearly nomi- able enough materially to affect the prices, nal; the holders would not sell for arrival at which may be called nominal, as follows, less than 221. which the trade would not viz. Rye, 57 r. to 56 r.; wheat, 80r. to 96r.; accede to; but there were considerable oats, 42 r. to 45 r.—Hemp. There is less buyers at 21). Though the season was ad- doing, but the prices keep up, because our vanced, no detailed statements had been stock is small, and for the most part in the received direct of the result of the fishery; hands of solid holders. The prices last and the reports through Bremen, Ham- paid were, Ukraine clean, 961.; Polish burgh, &c. were considered to be wholly do. 98 r.; Ukraine outshot, 86 r.; Polish undeserving attention.

At the com- do. 88r. to 87 r. Ukraine Pass, 79 r.; mencement of this month, however, un

Polish do. 82 r. to 81 r. Torse 48 r. favourable accounts were received by two to 47 r. Hemp Oil. As our stock is small vessels, one from Greenland, and the other it is held at 105 r.; and in small parcels, from Davis's Straits, which had a great paid for at that rate. -Linseed Oil is worth effect on the market, the holders refusing 140r.-Seed. Very little doing in crushto sell, unless at a considerable advance, ing Linseed, and the prices according to and the buyers still hanging back ; but as nó quality (nominally) 12 r. to 18r. That of further accounts were received for above Hempseed, 12 r. to 13r. The shipments another week, the prices rose only to 221. of sowing seed are expected to begin un108. and 231. for arrival ; but the greater commonly early this year, perhaps even number of holders refused to sell till the at the commencement of next month. If result of the fishery was known. On Fri- the weather remains as favourable as hi. day the 13th, however, the market was therto, we expect seed of good quality, but thrown into great confusion, by accounts it is apprehended that the crop will be small. received from the Davis's Straits fishery, up Talloro, white crown may be bought at to the 16th of August ; seven ships were 110 r.; yellow, at 105 r. lost, about twenty beset with ice, and the re- Riga, September 6.-Since the precedmainder only averaging two to three fishing report no great change has taken place each : immediately 30%. was demanded, in our market, except that the prices of but it could not be realised ; 261. was obé hemp have risen in consequence of a brisk tained with facility. The accounts since re- demand for England. The prices now ceived are up to the 19th ult.; they con- asked are Ukraine clean, 98 r.; Polish, firm in a great measure the first accounts, 100 r.; Ukraine Outshot, 87 r.; Polish do. but are not quite so unfavourable. De 88 r. to 90 r.; Ukraine Pass, 80 r.; Polish tails were given on the 16th respecting do. 82 r. to 83 r.; Torse, 47r. 37 ships ; they had 147 fish, four were Hamburg, 14th Sept.-Coffee. Except beset with ice, and one stove.

the sale of about 50,000 lbs. of Brazil and By public sale the 13th instant.--About some parcels of Triage, nothing worth 120 tuns Southern Oil, 171. 58. to 181. 10s. notice has been doing, but the prices As the vessels are daily arriving with very remain firm, and the general opinion small quantities of oil, a considerable ad favourable to this article.-Cocoa. The

Works Preparing for Publication.

53 prices being so very low, speculation has at 10d. In raw goodkly nothing of imbeen excited, and several parcels of Ma- portance has been done, because the ranham have been sold.—Dyewoods, fc. prices of the finer descriptions fit for exThere has been little doing these two weeks, portation have been held too high; the and the prices remain unchanged.Spices. orders for fine white Havannah being for Some pepper has been purchased at the the most part limited to only 9fd. and for present low prices. Pimento is in good fine middling ditto to 9d. to 91d. For the demand, and the price for good middling is use of our refiners white Brazils have been steady at 114d. ; for the best, 12d. are bought at 7d. ; middling brown ditto, at paid.—Rice of all descriptions maintains 54. Fine brown Brazils are held at 64d.; its price.- Tobacco has not varied ; 30,000 and Havannah ditto, at 7td. lbs. of Porto Rico in the leaf have been Germany.The measures adopted by sold by private contract. The new sup- the Southern German States, by way of replies are from St. Thomas-two ships, prisal against France, had at first rather an 370,000 lb. Porto Rico, roll and leaf; from unfavourable influence on the Franckfort Baltimore, 220 casks of Maryland ; and fair ; but, contrary to expectation, business from New Orleans, 250 casks of Kentucky. became afterwards very brisk, and large - Tea maintains its price. We have re- sales were made of some goods, especially ceived from New York, 879 quarter chests, woollens, which caused raw wool to rise and 84 one-eighth chests of Haysanchin, considerably in price. Fourteen of the and 154 quarter chests of Haysan.-Sugars. 22 Swiss Cantons have resolved to impose Hamburg refined are still in demand, and import duties on French wines, spirits, tosome kinds may be stated at an advance of bacco, linens, and cotton manyfactures of 4d; strong middle lumps are readily sold, all kinds, &c. from the continued want

of sufficient choice, France.--A Commercial Treaty has been at rather better prices, in some instances concluded on liberal terms between France even at 84d. ; Treacle maintains its price and the United States of North America.


The Essays of Elia, in One Volume Gleanings and Recollections, to assist the
small 8yo.

Memory of Youth. Dedicated by a Father
The Adventures of Mark Macrabin, the to his Son.
Cameronian. By Allan Cunningham. In A New Translation of the Tragedies of
two Volumes.

Sophocles; the object of which has been to
The History of Spanish and Portuguese render the various Metres of the Greek
Literature. By Frederic Bouterweck. Trans. Tragedian by Measures, as nearly corre-
lated from the German, in 2 Vols. 8vo. sponding with the Original as the Genius of

An Inquiry into the Action of Mercury the English Language will permit. By on the Living Body. By Joseph Swan, Esq. T. Dale, B. A. Author of the Widow of

Travels through the Holy Land, by Nain, &c.
William Rae Wilson, Esq.

Memoirs of the Life and Writings of
Legendre's Elements of Geometry ; Mrs. Catharine Cappe, of York. 1 Vol.,
translated from the French. Edited by 8vo.
Dr. Brewster.

The Cento; a Volume of Prose SelecSixty Ancient Ballads, translated from tions from the most approved living Authe Spanish. By J. G. Lockhart.

thors. Life of the Rev. Arthur O'Leary. By Lives of Philanthropists, Political and the Rev. T. R. England.

Private, suggested by Foster's Essay on DeGoethe's Gedicht, “ Hermann und Do. cision of Character. rothea," aus Hexametern in Prosa um- Sequel to an Unfinished Manuscript of gebildet von Karl T. Kersten. I Vol. Henry Kirke White's, designed to illustrate 18mo. with 10 Wood Engravings.

the Contrast afforded by Christians and The Maid's Revenge, a Summer Even. Infidels at the Close of Life. ing Tale; and other Poems. By John Fifty Lithographic Prints, illustrative of Villiers.

a Tour in France, Switzerland, and Italy, The Portfolio ; a Collection of Engrav. during the Years 1819, 20, and 21, from ings from Antiquarian, Architectural, and Original Drawings taken in Italy, the Alps, Topographical Subjects, curious Works of and the Pyrenées. By Marianne Colston. Art, &c. &c. with Descriptions.

8vo. An Inquiry into the Expediency of ap- A Second Volume of Specimens of the plying the Principles of Colonial Policy to Russian Poets. By Mr. Bowring. the Government of India, and of effecting Lectures on Genesis, a Course of Plain an essential Change in its Landed Tenures, Historical Discourses. By Jaines Rudge, and in the Character of its Inhabitants. DD. FRS.


Fine Arts.

and the Operations of the Cortes for 1820 Views on the Thames, engraved by W. and 1821, and pointing out their future B. Cooke and George Cooke, from Draw- consequences. By the Citizen Jose More. ings by Dewint, Barrett, Owen, &c. royal na Guerra, Deputy for the Province of 4to. 8l. proofs 121.

Cordova. Translated from the Spanish,

28. Od. Medicine.

Poetry. Popular Directions for the Prevention Sir Marmaduke Maxwell, a Dramatic and Cure of Head Aches, Colds, and In- Poem; The Mermaid of Galloway; The digestion, with Medical Prescriptions and Legend of Richard Faulder ; and Twenty Cases. By a Medical Practitioner. 18mo. Scottish Songs. By Allan Cunningham. 28. 6d.

Second Edition. 8vo. 88. 6d. A Treatise on the Utility of Sangui-suc- Poems by Bernard Barton. A new Edition, or Leech-bleeding. By Rees Price, tion. Foolscap 8vo. 7s. M.D. 12mo. 38. 6d.

The Royal Jubilee, a Scottish Mask. A Practical Treatise on Diseases of the

By the Ettrick Shepherd. Royal 8vo. Heart. By Henry Reeder, MD. Physi- 38. Od. cian to the South London Dispensary, &c. Erin, and other Poems. By Thomas &c.

Bayley, Esq. 8vo. 58.

Cumnor, or the Bugle Horn, a Tragedy, Confessions of an English Opium Eater; with other Dramatic Pieces and Poems. originally published the London Maga- By Elijah Barwell Impey. 12mo. 8s. zinc. I Vol. Foolscap 8vo. 58.

Verses on the Death of Percy Bysshe Walton and Cotton's Complete Angler; a Shelley. By Bernard Barton. 2s. new Edition, with 15 Plates from original Politics and Political Economy. Designs. 8vo. 185.- with Portraits only 12s.

A Compendium of Finance ; containing Documents relative to the Reception at an Account of the Origin and Present State Edinburgh of the Kings and Queens of of the Public Debts, Revenue, ExpendiScotland, A. D. 1561-1650. 4to. 12s.

ture, &c. By Bernard Cohen. Royal 8vo. Bibliotheca Heraldica Magnæ Britanniæ, 11.-15. an analytical Catalogue of Books on He

Thoughts on the Greek Revolution, By raldry, Genealogy, &c. &c. By Thomas Charles Brinsley Sheridan. 8vo. 3s. Moule. Royal 8vo. Il. 163.-royal 4to. A Letter to the Earl of Liverpool on 38. 38.

the Subject of the Greeks. By Thomas, A New Geographical, Historical, and Lord Erskine. 8vo. 3s. Religious Chart ; showing at one View the Principal Places of the Known World ;

Theology. the prevailing Religion, Form of Govern

Twenty Sermons, by the Rev. Henry ment, Degrees of Civilization and Popu. Martyn, BD. 8vo. 10s. 6d. lation, together with the Missionary Sta

Sermons on important Points of Faith tions in each Country. By the Rev. and Duty, by the Rev. R. P. Buddicom,

MA. 2 Vols. 10s.
T. Clark.
The Modern Art of Fencing. By J.S.

Essays on the most important Subjects Forsyth. Gs. boards.-10s. Od. bound.

in Religion, by Thomas Scott. 2s. 6d. The Life of William Penn, abridged

Asaph, or the Herrnhutters; being a and adapted to the Use of Young Persons. Rhythmical Sketch of the llistory of the By Mary Hughes. 12mo. As. 6d.

Moravians. 12mo. 3s. 6d. A Concise and Practical Treatisc on the

A Sermon preached at St. Paul's, on Growth and Culture of the Carnation, Pink, Monday July 1st, at the Visitation of the &c. By Thomas Hogg, Florist. 8s.

Bishop of the London. By Charles God. Remains of the late Alexander Leith dard, DD. Rector of St. James's, Garlick Ross, A. M. with a Memoir of his Life. Hythe. Printed by his Lordship's Desire.

1$. 6d. 8vo. 10s. Od. An Historical Review of the Spanish Rev. T. Gisborne, MA. on laying the

Substance of the Speech delivered by the Revolution. By Edward Blaquiere, Esq. Foundation-stone of the New Church at 8vo. 18s.

The Practical Confectioner. By James Burton-upon-Trent, Sept. 11th, with a Cox. 12mo. 8s.

particular Account of the Ceremony. 6d. A Manifesto to the Spanish Nation, and

Voyages. especially to the Cortes of 1822 and 1823, A Journal of a Voyage to Greenland in respecting the Causes which have paralyzed the year 1831. By George Manby, Esq. the Progress of the Spanish Revolution, 4to. with Plates. 11. 113.6d.


Where the Town or City in which the Bankrupt resides is not erpressed, it rrill be alunys in London or the Neighbourhood. So also of the Residences of the Attorneys, whose names are placed after a [.

T distinguishes London Commissions, C those of the country. Guzelte-Aug. 24 to Sept. 24. Sept. 7.-Browning, T. sen. East Malling, Kent, Allen, S. and T. C. Noble, Bristol, hosiers. (Poole, Davis, T. Minories, sta:ioner. [Thomson, George

farmer. (Clutton, High-street, Borough. T. 12, Gray's-inn-square. C.

street, Minories. T. Candler, 1. Jewry-street, Aldgate, flour-factor.

Day, J. and R. Day, Camberwell-green, stone(Druce, Biliter-square. T. Felton, R. sen. High-street, Southwark, hop-mer- Gribbell, N. and M. Hellver, East Stone house,

masons. (Shuter, Millbank-street. T. chant. Townshend, 239, St.-Margaret's-hill. T.

Devon, builders. (Makinson, 3, Elm-court, Fletcher, P. C. and T. Fletcher, Qucenhithe, coal.

Middle-Temple. C. merchants. (Stevens, Little St. Thomas Apostle, Harris, J. Biriningham, nail-factor. (Long, HolQucen-street. T.

born-court, Grass-inn. C. Golding. T. and S. Golding, Dittoo, Kent, paper- Harris, T. jun. Rauland, Jionmouth, cordwainer. inanufacturers. [Cranch, Union-court, Bread.

[King, Serjeants-inn, Fleet-street. C. street. T. Hayton, W. and M. Douglas, Sunderland, Durham,

Humphries, C. Bishopsgate-street, linen-draper.

[Jones, Sise-lane. T. coal-fitters. (Blakiston, Simond's-inii. C. Jones, R. Newport, Monmouth, wine-merchant. Leah, S. H. old-street, watch-maker. Hatton-court, Threadneedle-street.

fBrowning, (Bourdillon, Bread-street, Cheapside. C. Leah, S. H.jun. Old-street, spirit-merchant. [Hill,

Lucas. W. Burpham, Sussex, farmer. [Freeman,

47, Coleman-street. C. Rood-lane, Fenchurch-street. T.

Peyton, J. Christchurch Twyneham, Southampton, Pasley, J. Bristol, master-mariner. (Vizard, Lin. coln's-inn-tields. C.

inerchant. (Castleman, Wienborne. C.

Smith, W. H. Faversham, Kent, linen-draper. Porter, J. Swinford, Leicester, butcher. (Harris, [Jones, Sise-lane. T.

Rugby. C.
Stridle, T. Quarley, Southampton, dealer. [Ed-

Tomlinson, W. Chester, wille merchant. [May.

hew, Chancery-lane. T. munds, Exchequer-office, Lincoln's-inn. c. August 27.—Brain, Rev. T. Much Wenlock, Salop, Sept. 10:-Barratt, T: Dartford, Kent, papercarthenware-manufacturer. [Dax, Guildford

inanufacturer, (Collins, Dartford. T. street. C.

Dipper, F. Worcester, Silk-mercer. [Becke, 36, Hill, T. Thornbury, Gloucester, linen-draper. Edwards, T. Tarvin, Chester, corn-dealer. {Phil.

Devonshire-street, Queezy-square. c. (Poole, 12, Gray's-inn-square. C. Parker, C. Colchester, Essex, merchant. (Stevens,

pot, 3, Southampton-street, Bloomsbury. C. Little St. Thomas Apostle. C.

Hedge, J. Little Compton-street, Soho, builder. Poole, T. Middlesex, dealer. (Cathcart, 80, Chan.

(Maugham, Great St. Helens, Bishopsgatecery-lane. T.

street. T. Shillítoe, T. York, ironmonger. [Wigglesworth, Sept. 14.--Bateman, A. Bristol, victualler. [Poole,

5, Gray's-inn-square. C.
Taylor, A. M. Southampton, victualler. [Roe, Bevil, C. P. Ipswich, Suffolk, jeweller. (Williams,

Gray's inn. C.
Temple-chambers, Fleet-street. C.
Tweddell, W. Tarraby, Cumberland, common-

1, Gray's-inn-place, Gray's-inn. T. carrier. (Ciennell, Staple's-inn, C.

Braim, Rev. T. Much Wenlock, Salop, earthen

ware-manufacturer. [Dax, Guildford-street. C. August 31.-Dalton, J. Tottenham-court-road,

Carter, H. Ratcliff-highway, linen-draper. (Jones, merchant. (jennings, 9, Cary-street, Lincoln's

Sise-lane. T. inn. T.

Cripps, J. Wisbeach, Cambridge, draper. (Jones, Dent, J. Stone, Stafford, cheesemonger. [Benbow, Firmio, J. Bulmer, Essex, farmer. (Wiglesworth,

Sise-lane. T.
Lincoln's-inn. C.
Edwards, T. Liverpool, merchant. (Wheeler, 28,

5, Gray's-inn-square. C. Castle-street, Holborn. C.

Flack, E. D. Manchester, merchant. (Makinson, Elmore, R. Birmingham, corn-dealer. [Turner,

Temple. c. 5, Bloomsbury-square. C.

Griffin, w. Hay-green, Worcester, victualler. Emery, J. Clerkenwell, victualler. (Cokayne,

[Smith, 31, Basiughall-street. C. Lyon's-inn. T.

Hewson, J. and W. Robinson, Carlisle, manufacCiregg, T. R., and W. Phone, jun. Watling.street,

turers. (Clennell, Staples-inn. C. confectioners. (Osbaldeston, London-street, Fen

Higgin, R. Liverpool, Mar ner. [Lowe, Southchurch-street. T.

hampton-buildings, Chancery•lane. C. Norris, T, Bishopstone, Wilts, shoe-maker. (Hil. King, W. Cavendish, Suffolk, grocer. (Fawcett, lier, 2, Middle Temple-lane. T.

Jewin-street, Aldersgate-street. T. Richards, T. W. Great George-street, Euston.

Tomkins, H. Bromyard, Hereford, innholder. square. New.road, merchant. (Kniglit, Basing- Townsend, W. B. Little Chelsea, brewer. (James,

(Beverley, 3, Garden-court, Temple. C. hall-street. T. Rose, T. Cafe Royale, Regent-street, Pall Mall,

Bucklersbury, Cheapside. T. wine-merchant. [Robinson, 6, Half Moon-street,

Wall, J. Biriningham, dealer. (Smith, 31, Basing• Piccadilly. T.

hall, C. Sharp, T. Cheapside, pastry.cook. (Harding, More timer-street, Cavendish-square. T.

Sept. 17.-Hawkins, J. and J. Hawkins, Notting. Turney, J. Sedgebrook, Lincoln, and W. Bates, bam, timber-merchants. [Knowles, New.ipn. Č.

Halifax, York, merchants. (Stocker, New Bos. Jackson, G. Manchester, drysalter. (Whitlow, well-court. C.

Manchester. C.

Jones, 0. Newport, Monmouth, coal-merchant. Sept. 3.-Hesseltine, R. Thirsk, York, innkeeper. [Meredith, 8, Lincoln's-inn. c. Highmoor, 3, Scotts-yard, Bush-lane, Cannon. Mitchell, T. Bow, linen-draper. (Jones, Sise. Street. C.

lane. T. Low, H. A. Sunderland, Durham, merchant. Percival, R. jun. Eve, Hereford. wheelwright. [Plakiston, Symond's-inn. C.

[Bach, 2, Southampton-court, Holborn. C. Papps, G. North-street, Lambeth, horse-dealer. Thuriell, J. Bradwell, Suffolk, merchant. [Swain, (Richardson, Golden-square. T.

Frederick's-place, Old Jewry: C. Sinith, J. F. Regent-street, linen-draper. (Jones, Westerdale, J. Kingston-upon-Hull, grocer. [TaySise-lane. T.

lor, Clementis-ina. C. Yates, W. Bristol, baker. [Edmonds, Exchequer. Wilkinson, R. London, merchant. (James, Buckoffice, Lincoln-inn. C.

lersbury, Chcapside. T.

Sept. 21.- Baker, S. Liston, Essex, miller. [Wig- SCOTCH SEQUESTRATIONS

lesworth, Gray's-inn-square. C. Denbam, C. R. Fetter-lane, ironmonger. [Tubb,

Gazette-Aug. 24 to Sept. 17. Lamb's Conduit-street. T.

Gillies, J. and Co. merchants, Glasgow. Frost, J. Derby, saddler, [Barber, Fetter-lane. c. Watt, J. jun. merchant, Edinburgh. Higginbotham, N. Macclesfield, Cheshire, malt- Gillies, J. merchant, Glasgow. merchant. [Ellis, Chancery-lane. C.

Carmichael, D. drover, island of Islay, Argyl). Sharp, M. Liverpool, master mariner. [Chester, Cochran, J. builder, Ricker's Bar, near Paisley. Staple-inn, C.

Kerr, W. and Son, mercbants, Leith.
Mackay, A. grazier, Laggan, Argyllshire.

M'Neill, N, grazier, Argyllshire. Sept. 24.--Braithwaite, W. Leeds, manufacturer. Mann, J. cattle dealer, Glacktown. (Makinson, Middle Temple. c.

Love, J. haberdasher, Glasgow. Chapman, C. Old Bond-street, fruiterer. [Swain, Menzies, W. distiller, Glasgow. Frederick's-place, Old Jewry. T.

Bowsie, J. merchant, Crail. Cuff. J. Regent-street, Westminster, jeweller. Finlayson, T. jeweller, Glasgow. [Mayhew, Chancery-lane. T.

Hart, T. W. merchant, Greenock. Prideaux, P. C. Plymouth, timber-merchant. Maclaws, R. A. spirit-dealer, Glasgow, (Wright, King's Bench-walk. C.

Walker, R. innkeeper, Dumbarton. Wake, R. B. Morton, Gainsborough, timber-mer. Love, A. haberdasher, Glasgow,

chant. (Allen, Carlisle-street, Soho, C. Maclachlan, P. merchant, Glasgow,


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that part of Bucks. After the ceremony the August 20.-At Hinton St. George, Countess Pou

party retired to a lane adjoining the village, lett, a son.

where they partook of an excellent dinner, 26. At Hampstead, the lady of Captain Dallas, &

served partly on solid plate, and partly on fine oriental china. The novelty of such a banquet

attracted a great number of respectable specta-28. At Duffield, Derbyshire, the lady of Sir tors.

Charles H. Colville, a daughter. - At Springfield Lodge, Cranbrook, the lady of

26. At Mary-le-bone church, Sir Edward West, John Watson, Esg, a daughter.

Recorder of Bombay, to Lucretia Georgiana, 20. At Harrow, the lady of the Rev. Dr. Butler, a

youngest daughter of the late Martin Browne daughter.

Folkes, Bart. of Hillington-ball, Norfolk. 30. In Baker-street, Portman-square, the lady of

29. At St. George's, Hanover-square, Lord Visthe Right Hon. Donald Ogilvy, a son and heir.

count Chetwynd, to Mary, only surviving daugh

ter of the late Robert Moss, Esq. - At Greensted, the lady of Major Ord, KH. of the Royal Artillery, a daughter.

31. At Trinity church, Exeter, J. H. Reynolds, 31. At Park-house, near Maidstone, the lady of

Esq. Solicitor, of Great Marlborough-street,

London, to Eliza Powell, eldest danghter of the Sir Henry Calder, Bart. a son.

Jate W. Drewe, Esq. of South-street, Exeter. Sept. 3.-At Ryde, in the Isle of Wight, the lady At St. John's, Hackney, T. N. Talfourd, Esq. of the Hon. Capt. Rodney, RN. 4 son.

Barrister at Law, of the Middle Temple, to At Winnington-hill, Cheshire, the lady of

Rachel, eldest daughter of J.T. Rutt, Esq. of R. Apsdell, Esq. a son.

Clapton, Middlesex. 4. At Holwood, Kent, the lady of W. Heygate, Esq. - At Wotton, Surrey, by the Rev. J. Evelyn Bos. MP. and Alderman, 4 son.-And on the same

cawen, Charles, eldest son of Rear-Admiral Sir day, the lady of James Heygate, jun, Esq. a

Charles Rowley, KCB. and KMT. to Frances, daughter.

only daughter, of John Evelyn, Esq. of Wotton. At Exeter, the wife of Mr. Christopher Rowe, - At Reigate, J.N. Shelley, Esq. to Julia Dorcas, Jinen-draper, of three fine boys, who are likely only daughter of James 'Bell, Esq. of Hooleyto do well. They have been christened, Mat.

park. thew, Mark, and Luke.

Lately, at Seven Oaks, the Rev. George Randolph, 5. They lady of the Hon. Captain Dawson, RN, a youngest son of the late Bishop of London, to son.

Catherine Elizabeth, daughter of the late Rev. 6. At Holdon-house, the lady of Sir Lawrence V. H. Drummond, of Fawley, Herts.

Palk, Bart. MP, a son. 7. At Adlestrop-house, Gloucestershire, the lady Sept. 1..-At Mary-le-bone church, Joseph Edward, of Chandos Leigh, Esg: a daughter.

eldest son of Sir George Leeds, Bart. of Croxton. At Boyle Farm, the Right Hon. Lady Caroline park, to Marian, only daughter, of the late W.T. Ann Macdonald, a daughter.

Stretton, Esq. 9. At Exmouth, the lady of Col. Payne, a daughter.

- At Berkeley, Gloucestershire, John Y. Bed- At Huish-cottage, Devonshire, the lady of H. ford, Esq. of Birmingham, only son of J. Bed. Carew, Esq. a daughter.

ford, Esq. of Abbey-house, Pershore, to Cathe11. In Portman-square, Countess Manvers, a

rine, only daughter of E. Jenner, MD. FRS. daughter.

3. At Mary-le-bone church, by the Rev. R. Baker, 19. At Dr. Munro's, Bushcy, Hants, the lady of

the Rev. Richard Bathurst Greenlaw, of IsleAlex. Munro, Esq. a son.

worth, to Harriet, eldest daughter of Sir Robert 22. The lady of C. Richmond, Esq. of Doughty

Baker, of Berner's-street. street, a son.

By Special License, in Great George-street, IN SCOTLAND.

Westminster, Francis Bradley, Esq. of GoreAt Edinburgh, Countess Kintore, a son.

court, in the County of Kent, to Mary Jane, At Edinburgh, Lady Ann Wardlaw, a son,

youngest daughter of the Right 'Hon. Lord Har.

ris, of Belmont, in the same coupty. IN IRELAND.

7 At Pannel, near Harrowgate, Francis Hag. Dublin, the lady of Richard Bacon, Esq. after be.

gitt, DI), Prebendary of Durham, and Rector of ing married 18 years, two daughters.

Nuneham Courtenay, to Lucy, daughter of the

late W. Perry, Esq. of King-street, in the county ABROAD.

of Hereford, and niece of Archdeacon Prosser, At Boulogue-sur-Mer, the lady of Lieut.-Gen. Sir

DD. Prebendary of Durham. Richard Jones, KCB, a son.

10. John Leycester Adolphus, Esq. Barrister-at

law, to Clara, eldest daughter of the late RowMARRIAGES.

land Ricbardson, Esq. of Streatham.

- At Ham, J. Dawkins, Esq. MP. of Upper Nor. August 14.-At Lower Winchendon, Bucks, by the ton. Oxfordshire, to Maria, daughter of General

Rev. T. Hayton, John Fletcher, to Teanaah Gordon Forbes. Buckland, danghter of Edward Buckland, head 17. At the Bishop's Palace, Norwich, by the Right of a tribe of gypsies, who have long frequented Rev. the Lord Bishop of Norwich, Denis Mahan,

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